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Mark Cuban – 3 essential rules for entrepreneurs – Insights for Entrepreneurs – Amazon

– I’m gonna give you some
quick and dirty rules that every entrepreneur
needs to be aware of. Number one, sales cures all. There’s never been a company
in the history of companies that’s ever succeeded without sales. Anybody who’s ever told you
“Don’t worry about sales, you can grow it and then
worry about sales later,” they’re lying to you. They
will fail; you will fail. You have to be able to
sell. And, do you know who the biggest sales person in
your company has to be? You. Number two, selling is not
convincing; selling is helping. A lot of people, particularly
if you don’t have a sales background or this is
your first time into sales, think it’s like, “Oh, I’m
selling ice to Eskimos,” right? “I’m doing something
where I have to convince somebody to buy something
they otherwise wouldn’t buy.” Wrong! That has nothing
to do with anything. When you’re selling, you’re helping. The whole concept of
being a great sales person is not about who can talk
the fastest, even though I am talking kind of fast. It’s not about who can
talk the most nonsense. It’s about taking the time
to understand the needs of the person you’re selling to. Because if you can’t
create a benefit for them, if you can’t show them why
your product is gonna be better for them and their
life, then the other options out there, or what
they were doing before – you are not gonna have
a company. The third message is all
entrepreneurs lie to themselves. We all go through the same process, we tell ourselves “This is
the best, everybody loves us. Everybody. No one’s gonna
not like my product.” Of course that’s not true. What I like to tell people
is, when you have a company, when you’re an entrepreneur,
you have to figure out how to kick your own ass
before someone else does it for you. You have to look at your
own company and be brutally honest with yourself and
say, “What do we do well?” That’s great, but also be honest, and say, “What do we not do well? Where are our challenges?” And then, “How can we improve them?”


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