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Marketing in a Digital World MicroMasters® program | CurtinX on edX

great changes happening in the marketing field at the moment. RALPH BATES: The power now
lies with the customer. SONIA DICKINSON: The skill
set that marketers now need has also transformed. NIGEL DE BUSSY: Adobe did a poll
amongst marketing professionals and found, firstly, that marketers
could see the opportunities ahead. But marketers were also
anxious at the same time because they felt that they weren’t
necessarily equipped with the skills that they needed to seize
those opportunities. SONIA DICKINSON: Marketing
jobs are projected to grow because there’s
obviously significant demand. NIGEL DE BUSSY: But the people
who seize those opportunities will have to be the very best. RALPH BATES: And this is what the
MicroMasters will enable for everybody. SONIA DICKINSON: The MicroMasters
in Marketing is an advanced program. Learners are going to gain knowledge
in a variety of marking areas– brand development and
sustaining a brand, understanding about marketing
across digital channels, understanding about
consumption behavior. They’re also going to learn
about marketing metrics and how those metrics can
inform business decision-making and how we respond to
the needs of our market. Participants will also gain expertise
in digital communication management as well as managing
reputations in a digital space. NIGEL DE BUSSY: The
MicroMasters in Marketing is designed to give the students
the skills, the knowledge that they will need to be competitive in
the 21st century marketplace.


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