MASSIVE FALL THRIFT HAUL (so many amazing finds!!) ♡
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MASSIVE FALL THRIFT HAUL (so many amazing finds!!) ♡

(Intro Music) Hey babes it’s Jess, welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are having an amazing day so far for today’s video I am doing my fall thrift haul with the pieces that I picked up from the largest thrift store in Los Angeles I feel like this video is long awaited even though it’s only been a week But you guys have just been so excited to see it. So I’m very excited to share it with you guys I love the pieces I picked up in this haul I think they’re stunning and gorgeous and so fun and I wanted to share them with you guys So I actually have a giveaway for you guys coming towards the end of the video So stay tuned for that The last thing before I get into the video is a lot of you guys wanted to know How much all of this cost so I want to be straight up with you guys. I never want to front with you I just want to be you know transparent So the thrift store actually invited me out To their thrift store to go shopping in exchange for sharing it with you guys the amount they let me shop for it was three hundred dollars with product at 50% off equaling six hundred dollars total So the grand total of this haul was a little under $600. So that’s the deal on that I hope that clarified it all and to wrap up this intro if you’re not subscribed yet Don’t forget to subscribe down below and without any further ado. Let’s hop on into it first item that I picked up is this sleeveless Brown ribbed turtleneck and I picked this up with the intention of it being great for fall outfits as well as the holiday season Especially if you’re going over to family’s house a lot this style of top is the perfect thing to wear to any family holiday get-together Because it looks put together enough to where you look like you have your life together You have 401k going things at work are going great But the fabric is comfortable enough to where you don’t feel like you’re suffocating like the way you suffocate under your family’s unrealistically high expectations Next we have a top that I picked up specifically to recreate someone’s Instagram photos What I picked up is this sleeveless blue and white striped top despite the fact that I picked this up specifically for a video purpose In mind, I actually quite like this top. It is something I would wear Next we have a top that I am crazy about and it is this pink cropped button-up. I think this is such a fun piece I love the fact that it is styled already cropped. I am not one of those people who can just crop anything I always feel kind of uncomfortable Cropping things but cropped items are so much more flattering on me because I have an incredibly short torso So I like cropped items, but I don’t like to crop items myself The next piece I have is very much in line with a fall trend that I have been loving. I think I love it So much because I can finally live out my cheetah girl dreams that I never got to experience as a little girl I’m living for this cheetah print trend and this next blouse is a cheetah print top It is a flowy blouse with a tie front It has I guess 3/4 length sleeves such a look if you guys saw my summer thrift haul that happened a couple months ago You guys know that I was so jazzed to find that gorgeous gold satin shirt And I have been on the hunt for shirts like that ever since I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them So I was ecstatic to find this gorgeous teal button-up shirt. I think it’s so beautiful Obviously this still has to get steamed. It’s looking a little crazy. Yes I have already washed all my pieces, so don’t fret guys I wash them as soon as they’re home this is just wrinkled because my husband dumped out the clean clothes onto the bed and they kind of all just Wrinkled Next up we have another top that I picked up with the intention of using for a video I picked up this red rib tank top and this is a top I’m going to be using for my 90s lookbook I think it’s very very cute. This piece I love it’s a super simple piece, but it’s fun It is the perfect yellow t-shirt from my come thrift with me video I don’t know if any of you guys watch bigmouth. If you don’t I highly recommend it if you enjoy cringey Raunchy comedy. It’s a very funny show But Missy one of the characters on that show wears a minion costume basically every day I might be her for Halloween if I can’t think of anything else to be Uh hi Andrew My bow Alrighty next we have a USC t-shirt It’s just a basic college t-shirt from USC. Go Trojans. I did not go to USC I went to UC Riverside. I am always on the hunt for just regular t-shirts to just wear Next up we are getting into dresses I picked up this semi off the shoulder cream floral dress and It’s actually quite short the thrift store that I got this from did not have dressing rooms, so I didn’t get to try it really short to the point that I might be a questionable length this next dress. I love I think it’s very beautiful. It’s in this gorgeous kind of rush shade I just like this dress I think it would be a very cute dress for church with a denim jacket over it This next dress is just additional proof that I really love the cheetah print trend This is just a fun sleeveless cheetah print dress The skirt is kind of more of a skater skirt which is fun and flowy and I like that because I like things that are fun and flowy As the holiday season rolls around I Find myself having to dress up quite a bit more than I usually do which in turn means I am always on the hunt for nice kind of classy holiday pieces The next thing I picked up is this lovely little black dress with beading going all around the neck to the back This dress is so classy and simple but it has a very timeless look to it The next dress we have is a dress that I wore in a video the other day and it says it’s a size medium But it definitely does not fit like a size medium It fits very small the next dress we have is this orange button up dress that has kind of a cheetah micro print going on The top fit fine, but the bottom was incredibly taut. It’s really cute. I like it I wish I could keep it but it just does not fit me So I think I will be listing this on my Poshmark The next dress I picked up. I love it’s beautiful It is the sleeveless colored navy and white polka dot dress I just think it’s so cute and so fun and I am so excited to wear this and the last dress I picked up is This light brown printed flowy dress. I think it’s incredibly cute. I love the little details on it I love the fact that they took the time to put additional fabric to hide the zipper All righty, moving on to sweaters. I have quite a vast array of sweaters that I picked up The first one that I did is my favorite I think out of all the sweaters I picked up and it is this dark purple to the point that it’s almost black sweater I like the color and I like the fit. I think it just looks very cute. It’s Totally my style and it’s the perfect cozy sweater The next sweater I picked up is one that you guys can win in the giveaway It’s one of the items I think there’s like 15 items and it’s this olive green Oversized thermal sweater what I like about this sweater is it’s a very cozy fall looking sweater Without being one of the main fall colors. It’s a nice fall shade that’s fun and different The next sweater I picked up is another one you can win and it is this brown collared pull over. This sweater is so soft I feel like this sweater would look so cute styled a multitude of ways One final thing about the sweater is it’s from the brand Debbie Morgan Which is funny because if you’ve seen the show Dexter Dexter sister’s name Debra Morgan, and I just thought it was funny because yeah, the next sweater I picked up is actually not a sweater It’s a Cardigan. What I picked up is the zip up llama cardigan. This was in my come thrift with me I was very excited to see it because I like llamas I like cozy things and I like the design of this quite a bit. Next up is another sweater You guys can win and I think you guys are really going to love it I am sad to let it go one of you guys is gonna love it so much that I just I have to give it Away, and the sweater is this very funky cool 90s dad sweater. I am in love with it. It’s so cute. It’s fun It’s different It’s like the perfect thing to wear to school on like a day where you want to look cute But you don’t really want to like try The next sweater I picked up I thought was a very kind of classic winter looking sweater and it’s just this black and white knit kind of cropped sweater Next we have a Calvin Klein piece that you guys can also win it is this lightweight, knit sweater and It’s just kind of dark grey and it’s got stripes going across the front and the last sweater before we move on to other pieces Of outerwear that I am very excited about. I really love them. It’s this brown mock neck knit sweater I don’t have too much to say on this other than it’s soft. Alright other outerwear. I am so excited about the thrift store I went to for this haul is in Los Angeles and in Los Angeles. It’s always warm. There’s always nice weather So people don’t actually have a real use for legit outerwear So oftentimes you can find amazing outerwear at the thrift store because nobody buys it most times that section is very overlooked So pro tip if you’re thrifting in LA Check out the coat section or like the outerwear section because often times it’s not as picked over as things like high-waisted jeans Which are incredibly picked over this first jacket I am very excited about picked out this lovely beige corduroy jacket with kind of like a Not fleece maybe it’s Sherpa Sherpa lining going all along the collar as well as the front of the jacket from the brand espree I finally learned how to say it guys. Next up we have another pullover it is this orange ribbed pullover I love the way this fits. I think it looks very cute And this is another thing you guys can win in the giveaway Next up is another piece that I love and I don’t want to let go of it But I know you guys someone’s gonna really love this, but I’m not going to put it in this giveaway I’m going to put it in a future Upcoming giveaway, so you guys should watch my videos. I’m probably gonna low-key slip it in there So keep an eye out What I picked up that is just so cool is this red and black Oversized pullover. I think this is so gosh darn cool-looking. It’s from the brand descent-a? Descente? I don’t know I’ve never heard of it this pullover is just so in line with the huge and 90s trends going on right now the Next thing I picked out is actually for my younger brother. It’s a gift. He just had his birthday He just turned 21, my baby brother is old now My younger brother is also an avid thrifter. So I thought he would really appreciate this piece. It’s like in line with his style He would just look really handsome in it. I picked him out this red white and black jacket I don’t know if the person who owned this jacket ever actually wore it because it Looks like it’s never ever ever been worn It looks like he or she got it took a look at it was like mmm and then just donated it and then I bought it we’re gonna take a little break from outerwear and move on to some pieces that I somehow missed so first up I have these two dresses that are like the like the same kind of style, but they’re different colors The first one is this lovely navy and gold tweed dress I think it would look super cute paired with some tights with my hair straightened and something fun is this dress is actually new with Tags, this was originally $27.90. So then the other style of the Tweed dress is kind of this Mavi pink with the gold threading There’s also new with tags. Also $27.90 next up. We have this black velvety mock neck blouse and It’s pretty simple. There’s not too much to say about it It’s just a really nice basic. One more blouse before we go back to the outerwear And this one is one of my favorite purchases from this haul I was pleasantly surprised to find out something about this shirt when I got home So the blouse that I picked up is another one of those satiny looking tops and this one is in this beautiful Light gray color the pleasant surprise that I had with this top Was when I went to go wash it I was looking for the care label and when I found it I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this shirt is 100% silk I thought it was really neat a super great find for such a beautiful piece. Alrighty moving on We have another piece that you guys can win in the giveaway This one is a Tommy Hilfiger piece because I know we all love Tommy Hilfiger on here What we have is this white Tommy Hilfiger sports jacket. It is a super cute sporty piece A nice third piece to just throw on next up We have something from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics when I saw this at the thrift store I knew it was something special by how it looked and then after I posted the video my father-in-law watched it and he was like Hey, that’s from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and I was like no way how cool this is seriously such a neat find and Honestly such an accurate representation of why I love thrifting so much just the fact that you can go thrifting and find such unique Different fun things at the thrift store that you won’t just like find it really anywhere else. I I love that about thrifting I just love finding the finds I can find it’s just it’s fun. Whoo. Yes We love in alliteration the next piece I picked up. I really love I it’s beautiful. It’s this powder blue Ralph Lauren blazer It’s it’s just gorgeous. I love it. I love a good blazer. Very excited to style this piece for sure It was only eight dollars I was very jazzed about it and something I would like to note that I really love is the minimal shoulder pads Because shoulder pads don’t look too cute on me. Let’s be honest next up We have another thing you guys can win in the giveaway and it is this navy colored blazer It has a bit of an oversized fit on me This blazer is yet another great third piece to just throw on to any outfit. Okay so this next piece I feel like some of you guys are gonna be like, ew Jessica that’s ugly and some of you guys are gonna be like, oh my gosh. Yes, girl. That is so cute I just have a feeling that this coat is going to garner a wide variety of mixed responses, but we’ll see So what I picked up is this very kind of early 2000s looking Brown Snakeskin print jacket piece is a very funky piece. I feel like it’s very different. I don’t know There’s something about this that I really liked. Okay, I really like this jacket. I think it’s so gosh darn cute It’s very fun. So what we have is this incredibly cozy looking denim jacket, it has this faux fur lining all inside I love a good denim jacket. I love fun takes on basics And this is for sure a fun take this jacket is super heavy. So it’ll be really nice for while We’re still here in Minnesota because it’s starting to get cold. And this California girl does does not do that Well in the cold I just stay inside and freeze. Here we go again with another funky piece. They just have such fun outerwear I could not not go for the funkiness because I don’t really ever see fun funky outerwear like this So I was like I’m gonna go for it because why the heck not so what we have is this black purple and gray almost Snowboarding looking jacket, but my husband said it’s not and he snowboards so I trust him either way It’s definitely for colder weather because it is thick with like 60s now in this haul we are moving to like my prized section of this hall because they are truly stunning and so beautiful and such just Such amazing finds. I’m so jazzed about them. So ecstatic we’re moving on to like legit coats The first coat I have is so just stunning I really love it kind of reminds me of some things that Jackie Kennedy would wear because it looks very classic FLOTUS the first coat we have is this gorgeous cream coat. I think this is stunning. I love this piece It is truly such a treasure. I’m so happy I found it this coat as well as the next couple of coats were definitely pricier, but I think it’s just because they are Legit vintage very quality fabric. So you’re paying for vintage you’re paying for high quality fabric a well-made piece Okay, next up. We have another coat that I am seriously like heart eyes for I am so in love with it This one I think is my favorite My absolutely favorite out of this whole haul such a special find and I think this may have been the most expensive item in this Haul it’s definitely expensive by thrift store standards But for what you’re getting it’s it’s really not my favorite thing that I picked up. Is this beautiful vintage Red coat. I love this piece. Honestly, I think it might be one of my maybe my top five thrift finds ever This is definitely by far the bougie-est thing in this haul and the bougie-est thing I own I don’t think I’m going to be keeping this forever I picked it up because I have a video idea for this coat I picked up is this massive Black faux fur coat and this is like luxurious AF and this is heavy. She is thicc This one is thick with like 10 C’s. This is a quality coat, finally We have one last coat and this is a coat that you guys can win. I I love this coat I think it’s beautiful. The final piece of outerwear we have is this faux suede looking trenchcoat. It is super cool So for shoes I picked up two pairs of shoes. The first one you guys have already seen in my come thrift with me These cheetah print pointed heels the other shoes. I picked up. Are these black kitten heels from Anne Klein Like I mentioned earlier they did not have dressing rooms At the thrift store so I couldn’t try anything on so I kind of just had to guesstimate I’m a different size at every store So I always have to try the pants, but they didn’t have one. So I decided to wing it the first pair of bottoms I got is a pair of high-waisted jeans and they actually kind of fit they are a little big But I think with a belt they would be fine or if I did enough squats Maybe my butt would get big enough and these would just stay up they are a wide leg pant, which I’m always a little apprehensive about but I actually think Styled right it would be a look this next piece I love it’s pretty freakin cute and I will also be using this in my decades lookbook we have this lovely wool looking miniskirt The next pair of bottoms is another pair of jeans this one is new with tags from Hollister these were initially 44 pounds Hey, Google What is 44 pounds in US currency 44 British pounds is approximately 57 United States Dollars and 52 cents 57 whole dollars. The purse I picked up is this white structured purse with a long tan strap There is a bit of pink discoloration going on on the side But I figured if I found out what kind of fabric this is, and I got to be correct cleaning solution I could clean that right away. I like the fact that this is a Large purse it is a big purse for being so small Check this out like small Large Final thing in today’s haul this huge massive Extensive haul is a book. It is the 8th habit by Stephen Covey that is it for today’s haul I hope you guys enjoyed I know it was large and extensive but I feel like it was a good haul I loved the pieces I got now time to talk giveaway details So you guys already saw some of the things you can win from today’s haul but I actually have about seven or eight items from Previous hauls and things I’ve set aside for giveaways that you guys can also win and I will be putting it over the screen while I talk the way to enter this giveaway is Pretty easy pretty standard for my giveaways. Basically. All you have to do is follow me on instagram username is Jessica Neistadt It’s my name step two You have to be subscribed to me on YouTube step three. You have to like this video and step four You have to comment down below not in the chatroom section of the premiere of this video But in the actual comments what piece you are most looking forward to winning from this giveaway as well as your Instagram handle Make sure you are actually following me. I do check and I decided I wanted to do a runner-up prize for this giveaway So I will actually be picking another winner to win the brand-new Urban Decay elements palette. It’s beautiful I think there’s such a nice variety of colors that look So beautiful on whoever wins this also love the fact that the mirror is so big because I feel like so many times eye shadow Palettes they’re like these dinky little mirrors, but this one has a quality mirror If you want to win the eyeshadow palette, all you have to do is follow these same steps except this time You’re commenting what your favorite thing about fall is as well as that Instagram handle this giveaway ends on October 31st Halloween at 5 p.m So make sure you get your entry and the entries for each giveaway are separate in the sense that you have to comment something different For both but you can enter both you can enter both as many times as you want The only reason I’m sectioning it is because there might be people who want to win the thrift giveaway But not win the eyeshadow palette or vice versa and I want to make sure I give priority to the people who really want whatever They might be winning. I hope that made sense. Ok, we’re done here. Bye I think that’s kind of it for the video. The only thing we have left is my new quote of the day section portion of the video and today’s quote is my F. Scott Fitzgerald and I’m gonna have to read it off cuz it’s a little Long it is for what it’s worth. It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you find that you’re not I hope you have the strength to start over Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I hope you have an amazing rest of your day be kind to people and I will see you in my next video Bye! (Outro Music)


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