Max Fashion – Journey With Flipkart
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Max Fashion – Journey With Flipkart

I was the first employee of Max when we started
Max ten years ago. This is a concept launched in Dubai and within a year it was launched
in India in 2005. We have close to 3 million customer base with whom we were able to connect.
Max is present across 50 cities. We have 120 stores and our target sector is the contemporary
Indian family. Since launch we are growing at the rate of 38% CAGR, and over the next
three years also we intend to grow at over 30% per annum. The big synergy is that we
are essentially a brick and mortar team with the presence across 50 cities. Through Flipkart
we have access to over 40 million customers. We could see a lot of energy in the team when
we started interacting Flipkart 4 quarters ago they were quite open minded, they understand
where we come from, so as a brand we are able to right presentation and as a leader, Flipkart
provides us the platform to reach out to multitude of consumers. Penetrating beyond the 50 cities
in a Max format was challenge, because we don’t immediately find that level of catchment
who are connecting with our type of fashion. So the whole delivery cycle is being handled
very well by Flipkart and this enhances customers’ loyalty to the marketplace Flipkart, and also
makes the customer come back again and again. So Flipkart is able to give us a certain level
of analytics on Max consumer purchase behaviour with which we are able to improve upon the
offering. 40 million customers which the Flipkart right now has I’m sure it is going to soon
grow double, and being a micro site in Flipkart kind of platform that gives us immense advantage
to tap into the customer base and we are seeing this relationship only growing over the years.

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