Meet & Greet Announcement + Flipkart GIVEAWAY + Whats App Group = Awesome | CLOSED
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Meet & Greet Announcement + Flipkart GIVEAWAY + Whats App Group = Awesome | CLOSED

Hey and welcome to another episode of not Anisha Talks, on a Rickshawali Friday! No. This is basically just an announcement to all of you guys that I finally picked a date for my Meet and Greet! Yes! And I also have the place, guys, and I’m so excited to meet you all in person and hug you. Because, you know, sometimes, just talking to the camera is just not the real thing, it’s just not! Anyway so here it goes! It is on the 11th of June, which is a Saturday. So most of you can make it, I know. Even if you have exams, please come for 2 minutes and meet me and hug me and leave! That’s all I want and it is going be in Mumbai, Bandra only this time. At an amazing restaurant called “Sassy Spoon” Shout out to awesome Sassy Spoon people who made it happen for me that I can have my Meet and Greet there. The address of the restaurant and how you can get there – all of this information of Sassy Spoon is given down in the description below. I will be there between 4 to 6 PM ONLY. And I got a special surprise for the 1st 10 Ricksters who show up The Sassy Spoon Meet and Greet venue which is a special Flipkart voucher and shout out to all the awesome Flipkart people who made it possible for me. So come quick quick, grab your voucher and also give me a hug. Also this Sunday I will be travelling to Australia! To Sydney to be specific and I’m extremely excited for that. And also don’t worry while I’m in Australia there will be still videos coming every week so I have prepared for that. Also I wanted to announce something new which I’m doing, which is I’m starting a WhatsApp group which is only going to be for my special Ricksters! Where you will have exclusive access to things but I won’t tell you yet what that is! So for the next few days and weeks I will be reaching out to my most loyal Ricksters and will be asking for your phone numbers. So make sure your window is open for the owl to fly in Yes, you are Rickster, Harry! And the bonus is – whoever shows up to my Meet and Greet on the 11th of June will automatically be added to the WhatsApp group! Don’t worry, guys! It’s optional. I won’t force you! Or I might! I know this is a lot of information but in case you’ve missed out something just watch this video again and give me another view! *Ting* So thank you so much for being a part of my journey and being an awesome loyal Rickster. And I’m very very sure we will have a great future together because together we are strong! And Ricksters I’m so close to 100K it’s not even funny! Seriously! Tell all of your friends to subscribe to my channel and maybe we can celebrate a 100,000 subscribers at my Meet and Greet on the 11th of June! Wouldn’t that be crazy?! Who knows? So sending y’all a big love punch and a big *Kisses* Jhappi-Pappi your way and I can’t wait to meet y’all on the 11th of June and give you all a real nice hug and I really hope I can meet all of my other Ricksters around the world very very soon. So till then, Buhbye! Please tell all of your friends to subscribe to my channel and let’s get Rickshawali’s channel to 100,000 subscribers. Come on! Let’s do it and tell all of your friends – “Agar tum Sub karogey, sab theek ho jayega!” Because it’s true! Also a special shout out to awesome Harshada! Who has been amazing and been supporting me on all of my social media so so much! I love you, girl and I can’t wait to meet you at my Meet and Greet and cuddle you! *Kisses*


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