Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products
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Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

wait so what does this do it’s supposed
to stretch out your neck this is upsetting what’s going on guys I am
Matthias and welcome back to another ten alright guys videos over by five welcome
back to another ten strange Chinese items that Tanner here found on all
these shut that Tanner found on all of these Chinese websites what were some of
these websites Aliexpress Alibaba dealextreme oh that’s what I say when I
Oh gotcha guys it’s gonna be my job to let you guys know whether each of these
products is a buy or a deny okay Oh newest hot sale yellow pink robotic cute
electronic walking pet dog puppy novelty with music light drop shipping what does
music drop shipping drop shipping is in general what is music light drop
shipping drop shipping is a supply chain management method oh it’s a supply chain
management a shipping method right so it’s like how Amazon drop ships they get
a lot of stuff in the ship old mouth so what’s happening inside the warehouse
most likely is they’re having like a music light party while they’re doing it
so you know when you get the product it was sent to you with excitement and
pizzazz that’s that’s all I can figure this product they’re claiming is for
babies infants I’m gonna say right now don’t buy this if you have a baby
guaranteed will most likely harm your baby look it’s got like this little ball
around its neck that I guarantee you can come off and choke a kid though
advertise it’s for babies if it’s gonna kill them ain’t no one want to kill a
baby the dogs from hell they worked well but oMG they’re loud and the green eye
lights make them creepy oh now I’m high it’s dude alright let’s do this at the
cart oh yes the purple one I’m so excited oh I didn’t realize that it had
a hat on so yeah this thing 100% you can just
take off and a kid can choke don’t give your baby these things all right
although luna loves these things that’s why you don’t give them to the babies
cuz they’re automatically attracted to shiny noisy things
oh my gosh that is creepy oh no what is this five nights at Freddy’s looks like
it what I wait it backs up and then walks and then backs up what the heck
dude this is like in a random advice video and all of a sudden bones that’s
definitely a five nights at freddy type scare this is a denying deal with it
glasses thug-life pixel son go out to the 8-bit women’s and men’s sunglasses
party deal this is thug life deal with its sunglasses for
those who have to meme outside of the Internet’s as well I feel like I’ve
tried this before no a hundred percent have tried this before well check this
out guys I’ve already used them I’ve already used um nice one dude you’re not
a true fan of me why the purple hair dude nice no no that must have been from
a different video thing because that didn’t originate in this video maybe I
was just using them during the video guys let me know down in the comments
below dude these originated from a specific video or is this the specific
video or is this specific video right now that I’m doing it and I’m going back
in time to wear them you don’t have to do the sound effect I haven’t added her
to do that let me try that again I’m going back in time to wear them thank
you Add to Cart look at that dude this one
comes with some love though comes with love what even is this choker with love
don’t do that oh no these are different it wasn’t real could be wait what
you know what Daft Punk is right yeah that’s that helmet right there yeah but
I mean like you just look like they have that edgy kind of like pain you know
yeah but they were helmets you can’t see the face you could be no you’re
backpedaling right now I’m running from my life these are absolutely
uncomfortable do not buy these unless you’re doing it for a meme just like I
am alright so what’s the deal with it mean it’s just this it’s just there you go meme that people that’s
where the memes next for the memes – wait wait I just wanna I just I just
want to take a note here Tana that he included a link that explains the deal
with it mean you you really think I don’t I’m like that old that I don’t get
the meme I mean you are a dad for one you know you’re done you’re done
done with what everything go give me the same rice source that beeping that
you’re hearing link to that video up there that explains that but anytime
Tanner makes a high-pitched noise now you’re gonna hear that originals Iommi
me benda – pulse smart bracelet o LED oh just a mouthful but it’s the tag
diarrhea that’s what I might call it from now on
tag diarrhea you ever have tag diarrhea yeah you’re just have diarrhea more so
than so the idea of this is what it’s like a very it’s like a Fitbit right
cheap though 23 bucks is Iommi’s not a bad brand they make some smart phones
that I actually like I have as I Oh me me mix and it’s like the phone is like
literally all scream oh pretty cool so I’m gonna I’m excited to try this let’s
try it let’s let’s try it Add to Cart hit me with just the band
and here is the product oh okay tiny very very Kobe I think we’ve lost it
forever I ah I see you can tap that and get
different signifiers like that’s heartbeat that is time that is steps and
then you could put it in the actual band and wear it around if you need to track
your steps there is also an app here updating band you ever tried a game and
like I’m a casual gamer besides on Gigi right so the amount of time that I have
to game is very very limited I end up never gaming because every time I go to
my games once a week when I have like thirty minutes of time it’s like you
need to update so plans are happening basically is the update takes 25 minutes
and at the 25 minute mark a man is like you need watch Luna so I’m like thanks
so basically in my entire 30 minutes of free time is just updating my consoles
blue is it’s still updating just taking my whole life I I don’t mind updates I
just wished they would hold off on them you know not like when an update takes
your whole life just take him my whole life have routine updates that happen
automatically okay look step step step step step step
step step it says I have fifty five steps
oh so it’s connecting now sinking fifty-five there you go
update update number two I’m just kidding they’re not those weren’t
actually real steps I have a watch so I’m just gonna use this instead it’s
like three hundred times more expensive than this if you’re gonna get a watch
just for like steps this is not bad because it seems like it works pretty
well the apps not bad either I’ll give it a buy it windmills flashing
light up LED I’m music rainbow spinning windmill glows toys for children kids
present gifts money I always assume it’s gonna be a sentence but it’s never a
sentence look at that you could trip out if you’re on the drugs no color will be
sent in random great I have no choice in the matter boys are often seen at the
pantomime and look amazing in the dark oh they’re talking
about miming so I’m supposed to be able to explain to you my innermost desires
through music and through my gestures we’re gonna see if you can understand my
innermost desires okay Add to Cart okay every time I hit it like a record
skipping good so here’s what I do through some of this music like why is
this necessary though it makes you a weight better that’s why it’s time
explain what I’m doing I’m gonna oh you want me to understand what you’re trying
to come back yeah what I’m trying to convey okay okay okay eating a flower
cuz you’re hungry got a nice oh that was it I’m hungry whoa I didn’t feel like
doing interpretive dancing I’m sorry if that’s your thing I admire it not really
but good for you next product that was a denial ah turning board for when turning
around is too hard vast turn spin turning board for dancers
zero friction okay so you stay on that and you can just like turn around
lickety-split you know you don’t have to worry about all the friction on your
toes it’s got to be what it is it’s a foot supposed to do that yeah if your
interpretive dancing I guess product is good thanks interpretive dancing what are you what
are you supposed to interpret the music I can’t I just listened to it is it a
music supposed to ensure like push forward meaning in and of itself it’s
like your movements are supposed to be so powerful and so strong that it just
like just started choking myself what does this mean what does this mean to
you I’m dying from listening to your music you ever like listen to music so
bad that your interpretive stuff is just like because this is supposed to allow
me to do turns no problemo but I assume it’s supposed to be for a
hard surface I mean well you don’t have to imagine let’s try a bad better than
just using my foot so let’s try I want to see you along your tippy toes
I’m not really well oh I just got dizzy you look like a plain sink member I
would be the worst dancer cuz I get dizzy so easily didn’t you just say you
were a good man sir no that’s not her divisionist history right there look
like an NSYNC member with the jacket in the middle oh there he goes so dizzy
dude hey my name is mad I’m trying out for remember number five event sync
trying out for November number six of NSYNC here here’s a nice sweet move it’s
called this spin attendant baby hi hi hi hi hi dreaded me yeah dude I am a dancer you
know that right I danced in high school did you really
yeah in the parking lot my kind of dancing dirty dancing I mean
throwing it around alright that wasn’t prepared all right let’s bring in
Michael Toa Montes he’s an actual dance yeah I don’t really great he claims that
he can dance I hired him on that notion you can’t do this dude a lots riding on
this Victoza gotta be the tippy toes what he’s a dancer don’t tell the dancer
what to do yeah man I just told you I danced on the streets you got a pole
doesn’t count say look he’s no dancer not for this what does that mean I can
link it down this is a whole other game this I I get people props for this cuz I
see yes I’d like a good core and a good core you gotta lay on good news yeah
yeah what you saying about my cord try it just flat but beginners technically
start with a foot flat are you up why I’m right footed but your left leg your
support oh no when a hat before we get into that next product big
shout out to Catherine k4 clicking that Bell icon and commenting down below
within the first 30 minutes Thank You Catherine
come it says why is no one offering tan or love yes because Tanner Tanner has a
hot bod jhana that’s not true at all I’ve seen it free shipping cervical traction device
household medical the neck massage electronic massage instrument of the
Meridian Wow that is upsetting this is like when
you’re trying to do inversion like back inversion but you don’t want to be
upside down for some reason maybe you got upside down issues maybe you like
upside down as my fear it’s upside down tonight is upside down the folk yeah
that’s it that’s good actually this is creepy dude this is like a torture
device look at this guy it’s squishing his face oh my gosh upset hold on let’s
look at some review feedback 0b shock by now yeah 73 bucks I don’t care I waste
my money for you this is no joke I feel like they took like Photoshop from
something that was not for this product and they’re like yeah yeah put that in
there there’s nothing her hand dude oh it’s made of plastic oh it smells so bad
smell it a boxer at the box oh my goodness gracious this is just getting
another level here you unlatch this you unlatch both these things right here
can’t even do it you can unlatch it what oh you’re supposed to do right there so
I think you’re then supposed to put this like this okay so this one goes
underneath my chin and oh can you can you strap me in here yeah I’m just gonna
put on the front one because I’m actually a little scared of this noise
isn’t there some sort of oh you spin oh my gosh it’s raising when you spin these
it raises up which so what does this do it’s supposed to stretch out your neck
this is upsetting this is the type of content that gets demonetized on YouTube
dude this hurts it’s jutting into the back of my neck
just go to the doctor and like do an inversion thing why are you gonna like
mess around with stuff like this at your house you know you imagine like I’m
doing this Amanda walks in she’s like uh I can explain like how would you explain
this oh no this helps hmm I don’t even wanna
know if I would have attached the other strap to that how that would have felt
that’s gonna be a deny it for sure wholesale 3-piece lot strange new
children’s kid’s toy definitely a word that you want in the advertisement for a
kid’s toy strange dreams new kids toy it’ll play with it they’ll be confused
things will happen to them DIY toy brine powered cars funny it’s like a brine
powered car those of you that don’t know what brine is it’s basically salt water
at seawater so salt will propel this car it’s got a cool design I’ll drive that
car around it honestly looks like water power Tesla I dig it feedback zero I
hate always being the first person to try out these things oh my neck feels
weird now dude my eye hurts after watching it like I’ve cracked it twice
don’t give me that look don’t give me the look of like tanner you’re like my
wife dude I’m like I got a headache she’s like me too and I’m like Add to
Cart oh good day what’s happen have to okay thank you I
have to now I’ll just put that to the side cuz I don’t need to did it come
with – no you just bought – yeah I just liked it so much I’m just like to waste
my money got it Oh what that’s it that’s all that’s in there Wow give me some of
that salt water so we got some salt water here so I assume I’m supposed to
put it right on there because I could see some metal plates in there so I
assume it’s gonna have some sort of chemical reaction let’s see if it goes
one drop two drop three drop for drop 5 – up six up seven drop gum drop if he
needs more salt tons more salt how about we drown the thing in Seoul yeah I don’t
think this is gonna work or just leaked all over my desk that’s where all the
salt water went let’s build the other one and try that because this one is not
working okay take number two one two three four five six Oh what it’s going
backward whoa dude that thing is going fast dude why backwards why backwards I
think you put the motor in wrong so yeah I think we may have put the motor in
wrong that doesn’t make any sense though the other ones started working and that
stopped again but let’s take this apart these need to be in a different order
here wait I was going forward compare that with that one red on the left no
red on the left see I did it right so yeah it’s just the polarity that’s
actually really interesting it’s so weird what like is triggering it
though but it’s very fascinating mini mobile phone IE KK 1 inch tiny screen
bluetooth dialer so this is supposed to go on your ear oh so it’s not its own
phone it says it’s its own fault not really any feedback besides that it’s
good this seller makes some weird looking phones that’s for sure I like
these ultra-thin like portable phones I got you I got you let’s see it
Add to Cart wait cobblestone love the called blessed own love what does that
even mean feel like they just really picked some rent maybe that’s the color
of it cobblestone no oh yeah see it’s got a little sim ejector so you can
essentially turn this puppy on and it be your phone this is tiny welcomes I feel
very much welcome now see insert salmon I could just dial oh you can sync your
contacts okay so Oh connecting wait what no and and and
uh-huh so then you you link it onto your what oh that’s the speaker and that’s
also where you link it through like that oh and then you twist it and lock it in
place and then you’re wearing your cell phone on your ear Wow
I got big ears – and that’s not fitting in there ok Tanner I’m gonna give you a
call call tanner I’m talking through this right now hello
hello can you hear me yeah ok I heard your voice twice and it made it so I
didn’t hear I was like what so yeah it works
so bad sounds really bad you sound really bad and really quiet I just don’t
like having things dangle from my ear like this and I have hefty ears – they
can support a lot of weight this is not good it looks like an ornament for your
tree here it’s not coming off though there we go
yeah that’s no good didn’t I it alright so this one they took the listing down
so we can’t look at it but this is what it is gallium metal 99.99% pure 100
grams sounds like they’re talking about drug so gallium if was a super popular
thing I’m sure many of you are aware of this it was super popular about six
months ago on YouTube people were forming little things out of this metal
because this metal melts at the temperature of the human body so when
you put it in your hand it should melt and when you cool it just slightly it
should freeze technically speaking let’s try this out add what epic yeah okay so
it’s in slightly warm water and this is supposedly what will liquefy it as you
could see in here this metal is now liquefied I’m about to make a big mess
here’s the thing how are we gonna solidify it it was it already
solidifying whoa oh yeah it’s alright oh no that’s it that’s everything in there
it’s like this metallic e chrome metal I’ve never actually personally seen I’ve
seen videos about it and stuff like that but I haven’t actually seen it in person
so it’s quite fascinating look I’m gonna create a ring the one ring to the rule
of them all I made a big mess I made it worse so let’s see what it
looks like now in my hand oh it’s cold actually cold that is bizarre
look at that feels like metal feels like liquid metal that is so weird very weird
okay so I’m gonna try and get rid of this stuff now oh that did not work oh
whoa actually kind of work how’s your ring I’m so scared
do what why did that why is this piece hard that’s a hard piece right there for
watching see if it comes in contact with that pick it up oh it’s no bowling look
at that gray color that it leaves behind oh what it’s like getting worse yeah I’m
gonna go wash my hands I’m gonna say that is a by it but parental guidance
suggested because I can get messy romantic couple electronic magic ball
electrostatic ion ball strange new student gifts actually remember like I
think my uncle and my grandpa had one of these like ages ago
not with the little girls inside the little wedding cake topper inside yeah
those things were always really cool it really generated a lot of static if I
can remember though feedback zero all right is that like what is happening there it
seems like these bears are like doing some evil mythical spell right okay so you do need it to plug in I’m
slightly concerned about these types of things you know when you buy them from
China I mean everything’s technically made in China right but not everything
is designed in China not that they don’t design good things oh all right let’s
plug her in all right check this out lights off that’s fascinating really
creepy too let’s expose it a little higher here so you can see a little
better you see that yeah that’s awesome are you like controlling their chemistry
their love controlling their chemistry now here’s the question am I gonna shock
you don’t know no that’s really cool though I mean this is really creepy I
like I love the idea of it oh I don’t understand like I don’t understand the
design and the aesthetics of it it’s just so weird so cool-looking no Sian
it’s definitely something to look at play with when you’re really bored and
you got nothing else to do but I’m not really bored right now and I have a lot
of other stuff to do for this kind of stuff dude I would say you could
probably find some that’s not super weird and ugly like with the people on
it and in it like they’re cool ones so I’d say try and get some of those but
the idea of it’s pretty cool see that thumbnail right there that is a psychic
fidget spinner no joke tails tells you your future and this
right here are some gold-plated cards pretty snazzy if I do say so myself big
shout-out to Alex Smith by the way for supporting this channel when it was
available to be supported on patreon it’s not anymore so don’t go to patreon
but thank you very much Alex Smith much appreciated and I will see all of you
next time high-five


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