MI POWER BANK 2i Unboxing and Quick Review 20000 mah FLIPKART
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MI POWER BANK 2i Unboxing and Quick Review 20000 mah FLIPKART

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icon to get latest update hello friends welcome to PSD VLOGS this is Pramod Dhasade
welcomes you to the new vlog that is the we are unboxing one package we have got
from the Amazon today so what we need and package and scissor and most
probably mobile as it is an POWERBANK power by cable so starting with the package that
is even good condition you can see it here it’s completely packed sorry for the out off focus and we will cut it hear and this is the power bank we have
bought from the mi store that is buyed from the amazon more probably being open this
mi A1 4.3 full charge iphone 7 full charges ipad mini 2.5 charges two way quick charge lithium polymer battery and scratch resistant scratch for security
code here it is there and it is about 20,000 mah power bank so model number is
PL m p LM 0 6 zm cell capacity is 20,000 mAh 3.7 volt and 74 watts input n
micro USB input 5.0 volt 2.0 8 0 amp 9.8 volt output port is
good the principles xiomi technologies manufacture high path technology and EFI
made in India concept is there you can see their logo and just unboxing it just like in the package tacking is good
and what we have one – how about the battery there’s a power bank you see on
the screen what spouts not able to charge the movie probably I will not
need this this is the battery what we have got this we will connect to the
iPhone 6s and see that the main function of this the main features of this mi
lithium battery that is the moreover of talking about 20,000 MH with M polymer
battery and it’s sudden M my producer is there and probably there is a discount
on this the Amazon is giving discounted is about $15.99 so you go and check out
the website for the best deals so Micah and just really look after that but
whether it is charge wrong or not oh it’s full oh no thunder – so personal
charge and just we will plug it and say that whether it is charging you it’s
blinking releasing that is to charge this Apple fun when we connect to this
fund is charging you can see there the stuff of waterful purse that it’s
charging just 12% we have the battery and it’s charging so you can have this
power bank put power by good to go and you can have this scratch code so you
can have that the product is just the itself mi power bank or not the we will
talk about the review come on over the packing is good packaging was really
good and power by this stiphu good body and two-way power charge one with a
plug-in it’s good product homework just look at it there and it goes

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