MONTHLY FAVORITES: AUGUST SH*TS AND HITS (this is mad funny, y’all should watch)
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MONTHLY FAVORITES: AUGUST SH*TS AND HITS (this is mad funny, y’all should watch)

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever looked so f-ing busted in my life. But it’s okay. Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my Chann-ika. So I’m in a different background today, because I’m in a different house today. I’m gonna get into this whole f-ing story about why my life is like a f-ing slow-motion car crash. But that’s not for today. I’ll explain it later. On a scale one to Phineas and Ferb, how f-ing busted do I look? Like, b.u.s.t.e.d. I am f-ing busted. Anyway, today we’re gonna be doing an August Sh*ts and Hits. I haven’t brushed my hair either. I’m just a f-ing mess. Almost school time for me. I start school on September 6th, or maybe September 5th. Slow-motion car crash. This will probably go up once school has started. I don’t know when this will go up. But it’s like August 28th right now. I washed my hair yesterday. It’s already greasy. Okay. Let’s get poppin! So my first favorite for this month is the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer. Y’all know where this has been, if you’ve been on that one “live.” She’s been through hell and back. I love this primer so much. It is a little bit expensive. It’s like $18 at Ulta. But it’s so good, it’s so tacky, and it’s also super moisturizing. Even for me, somebody who has combination-ish skin, it’s still a really f-in good primer. You should get it. If you have the money. If you only have 20 bucks, I wouldn’t spend all your money on this one primer. But if you have like a hundred bucks, then, yeah. Maybe get this primer. I have two mascaras this month that really saved my life more than motherf-ing once. They came in clutch. They pulled the f– through. This one is the Essence Lash Princess. This is the purple one. I do like the green one. I haven’t tried the red one. But I do like the green one, but the purple one, girl, the purple one is a different f-in story, y’all. I also love the shape of the wand. It’s a natural-haired wand. Let me be a f-ing beauty guru. That’s what it looks like. It’s curved, so it fits the shape of my lashes so nicely. It’s also really nice for bottom lashes. It just fits so well. It makes your lashes so god—n long. You wish I were kidding. It’s literally longer than my johnson. And then the next mascara is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I have the bougie packaging because it was on sale, and yo b– is cheap as f–. But again, this saved my f-ing life. I’m gonna be a little bit closer so you can see it in all of its f-ing glory. The normal packaging is like this style, but it’s purple. They’re really similar to being dupes, but they’re not quite there. But they’re both really good. [burp] Okay. So these are the lashes that I’m wearing right now. These are the Kiss 11 Lashes. They come in a five pack, which I think is dope. I got mine from Walmart. And they’re only like ten bucks for five lashes, which, girl, that’s two bucks a lash. That is crazy sh–. Okay. So I suck at applying lashes and also I have a stye right here, or maybe it’s on this side. No. I have a stye right here, so I couldn’t put my lash all the way in. So, sorry if it looks bad. But I have a f-ing stye. Like, why? Why, though? Um. But I love these. I love lashes that start off really short and then get longer. Like, super wispy. I don’t know. These are just f-ing good lashes. And then I have the Morphe 12P Palette. If y’all follow my Instagram account, my beauty one — which is annikakedface, y’all should go follow it — I actually did this look on the account. If it would focus, It’s like a . . . oh this one’s so . . . Don’t look at it. This one’s the one. Yeah. I only use this palette. I have a good amount of colorful palettes, more than most people, because I do a lot of colorful looks. But this is the only one I use. Just because it literally has every single color that you would need. I wish though . . . Like, I love the amount of blues that it has — it has three blues, which I think is perfect — but I wish that it had three of each color in varying shades, if you know what I’m saying. So I wish it had a darker yellow, a lighter yellow. A light pink, a darker pink. I don’t know. I just feel like that would make it easier. I know that this is sold out, because y’all just take my f-ing advice, and I’m so f-ing famous that I can sell out a f-ing palette in, like, three days. But once this does come back, snatch it! And then I have one last favorite for this month, and then we’re gonna move on to the sh*ts. This is the Pixi + Aspyn Ovard Glow-y Powder in the shade “Santorini Sunset.” I really hope that they still sell this. I’m pretty sure that they do still sell their Aspyn Ovard Collection. If it would be permanent, that would be pretty f-ing cool. I’ve tried their “London Lustre” one, and I don’t like it nearly as much. It’s not nearly as glowy. But let me just show you. Do you see that? Oh my god. My favorite part about these highlighters is that they aren’t glittery. And I’ve been really picky about my highlighters recently. Like, I love intense highlighters still, but, honestly, I’ve been going the more natural route, because all the intense highlighters have so much glitter, and I don’t like glitter on my face, because why would you like glitter on your face? But I love this. And also, I just don’t understand how something from the drugstore can be this f-ing dope. What you mean? Oh, wait. I do have one more favorite. One sec . . . The last favorite for this month . . . I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in a previous favorites video, but this is the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I love this brow pencil so f-ing much. It’s what I use all the time. My Brow Wiz is in my car, and I’ve just been so lazy to go get it, even though I go in that car all the time, and I literally say, “Hmm, when I leave, I should just take that,” but then I forget and I leave it there. I hate myself. This is so much better, in my opinion, because it’s a little bit stiffer so it lets me draw on my brows. I have really f–ed up brows, so it’s easier for me to have something stiffer so I can draw on the hairs, and that’s what I really like. So if you’re looking for something a little bit stiffer, or you want to draw in your hairs for a more natural look, then I would go for this. Okay. So those were all my favorites for the month. All my “Hits.” And now let’s move on to my “Sh*ts.” So my first sh– for the month is the Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit. I actually really, really like this glow kit, but these shades are just too f-ing light. [groans] Like, in my Sprite makeup tutorial, y’all saw that I was trying to use this Lucky Clover shade, but it looked so ashy on me that I just can’t. I feel like the Aurora Glow Kit might work a little bit better. But, honestly, I’m not about to go spend $42 just to see if it might work. Yeah, this is a good palette. I love the quality of these highlighters and they definitely reflect colors well. But it just doesn’t work for me right now. So if you’re a little bit tanner, I would skip out on this. Maybe hit up the Aurora. Let me know if it works for you down in the comments. And the next sh– for this month is the OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick bullsh– in the shade “Aruba.” I actually really love the formula of this, but I hate metallic liquid lipsticks altogether. It’s not necessarily just this one. This is just an example. But I hate metallic liquid lipsticks. I don’t know why that’s a trend. If you want sparkly sh– on your lips, go suck a f-ing glitter d– or wear lipgloss. Like, what do you mean? I just don’t like the way that it looks on anyone. It just looks crusty. It looks like you have crust on your lips, and I’m not f-ing up for that. I’m still on the matte liquid lipstick train. I’m a big fan of that sh–. But when did these become popular? Why? Why? Alrighty. And then my last product for this month, which just happens to be a sh–, is the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. Girl, I was so f-ing depressed. Like not even sad. Full-blown depressive f-ing episode when I found out that I didn’t like this. So I ordered it. It was expensive as f–. But I was like, “Nah, girl. It’s okay.” And I f-ing put it on my face, and I looked like a cakey piece of sh–. Like I said, I have combination skin. So it’s not like I have super dry skin. Like, shouldn’t the oils loosen it up a little bit? Maybe I needed to try a more moisturizing primer, but it just looked so cakey. If y’all had this problem, let me know in the comments. But it’s super full coverage. I love it. I need to try it out a little bit more. But I’m just too scared to because I don’t want to look like a cakey piece of shit, so . . . Also, I’m not wearing foundation. I’m literally only wearing concealer and bronzer and powder and eyeshadow, obviously, because I didn’t really feel like it. I just realized that my nails match my eye look. Oh my god. How f-ing cool. Sorry that I wasn’t really myself in this video. This is the f-ing real, this is me, this is exactly who I’m supposed to be now. So please, no hate. Thanks. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on sh*tting.


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