Motivational tips for daily success – do this and stay motivated – J.R. Fisher
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Motivational tips for daily success – do this and stay motivated – J.R. Fisher

motivational tips for daily success hey
we all know that motivation is super super important and we all have
questions but the biggest question is how do you get motivated and more
importantly once you get motivated how do you stay motivated that’s even more
important in this video I’m going to show you how to do exactly that
be motivated stay motivated and get more accomplished and we’re starting right
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and we’ve sold millions of dollars about digital and physical products and in
doing so hey I’ve picked up a few things so that’s why this channeling is here
this channel is here for you so that you can learn these tips and techniques and
get ahead of the other people and not have to make all those mistakes that
some people make okay so let’s talk about motivation what it is and how it’s
gonna help you out in your business and in your life number one you know hey and
I’m gonna give you each of these problems when we run into but the number
one problem with motivation is the fear of failure I mean that’s really one of
the biggest ones that are out there and if you think about some of these
industries oh my god look just take technology ok if you want to jump in
technology and come up with something cool and neat there’s so much
competition out there it’s so scary and fear of failure is the thing that stops
most people you know they may have a great idea they may have great
motivation and all that but they’re like oh my gosh I don’t want to spend a lot
of time on something only to find out that it’s not gonna work but
unfortunately you have to overcome that one that’s not one I can fix fear of
failure is something that everybody has but here’s the truth about failure the
more times you fail the closer you are to success now a lot of people don’t
want to go through that failure but you know by not trying anything at all by
not doing anything you are automatically a failure because you haven’t done
anything okay I don’t want to call you a failure
but if you’re not trying basically you’re choosing to fail when you could
have possibly succeeded so number one its fear of failure you got to get over
that you know Mark Cuban of Shark Tank says that you know he knows he’s going
to encounter some failures now he’s a billionaire and he says that you know
sometimes I’ll get 19 out of 20 successes but that one failure really
bothers me said recently that he had lost one and a half million dollars on
one of his deals and it was still driving him crazy so no matter what
level you get to ya it’s gonna bother you but you just gotta understand that
going through the process over and over again is gonna gain you some successes
and doesn’t take too many successes to make up for a lot of failures I know
that from products I know that from marketing I know that from ads because
every single one of those areas I’ve had failures in but I’ve also had successes
in all those areas too number two do what you’re passionate about that is a
big thing okay if you are working on a project if you’re working on products or
services or whatever and it’s an area that you really enjoy that’s gonna be
one thing that’s gonna keep you more motivated I know my wife is into animal
rescue and she’s into dogs and dog training and she gets frustrated right
and I get frustrated and what I work into but the thing that keeps her
motivated and she knows that if she keeps trying and she keeps
putting out good content she’s gonna help some people she’s gonna help dog
owners she’s gonna help dogs and that love for that particular niece is the
thing that’s gonna keep her going and the reason she’ll be successful so
trying to pick something that you’re passionate about something you care
about something that you can actually make a change in the world about and
you’ll find that that’s gonna bring you the motivation to do what you need to do
now the next thing I’ll tell you is passion is great I think it’s awesome
not all passions are business okay so if you have a particular passion about a
particular thing and you want you want to make money doing it make sure you
find somebody out there that’s making money doing it okay if there’s nobody
making money off your passion whatever it may be then it may not be something
that you want to do unfortunately you may have to keep those things a hobby
and find something else number three keep affirmations where you can see them
okay now it’s an affirmation what is it it’s it’s a goal you may have it’s
something you may want to achieve it’s maybe a trip you want to take right now
there’s a ring light right in front of me with a you can’t see it because
you’re another side of camera but when that ring light there’s a little sticker
on the bottom and it’s got one of the affirmations that myself and my wife
share and that’s something that we’re really going after so every time I do a
video I have to see it it’s right there right there so yeah you can’t see it
it’s there okay and it’s on our computers it’s in several different
areas so that as we’re working through the day if we get a little scourge do we
a little bit down and we get tired or whatever we look at that affirmation and
go oh yeah that’s why I’m doing this that’s the reason I’m doing this that’s
that’s why I’ve had to sit here for three hours in tight that’s why I’ve had
to you know do this sales page over and over again it’s because of that little
affirmation there and if you have that that will help you get motivated and
stay motivated number four leverage the power of rejection okay now
that sounds crazy but I want to tell you a story real quick born June 26 2008
Michael Seibel introduced to seven prominent investors in Silicon Valley he
was attempting to raise $150,000 at a 1.5
valuation for a little company called air B&B this means for $150,000 you
could have had 10% of air B&B now the end of that story today air B&B is worth
thirty billion dollars not a bad return on your investment now number five is
surround yourself with successful people I don’t care how motivated you are I
don’t care how hard you work I don’t care what your morals are if you have
negative people around you if you have lazy people around you that’s gonna rub
off for you you don’t want that you need to go out and find successful people now
people will say well how do I do that how do I find successful people however
how am I gonna get around successful people yeah and I would I would say it’s
the same thing as if you want to pick a mate okay if you want to pick the right
person and you you have an ideal person you want somebody who’s clean and neat
and intelligent and works hard and you know does all the right things and it’s
honest then that’s what you’ve got to become and that’s what you’re gonna
attract so I see so many people are trying to meet the love of their life
you know and they’re overweight they don’t exercise and they eat wrong and
they’re lazy and you know they go to happy hour and hang out there and they
expect to meet this perfect person who has all these good attributes it’s not
going to happen the first thing you need to change is yourself if people see you
is a successful person if people see you working hard and treating other people
right and being honest and putting out good content and being consistent with
what you do that’s the kind of people that are gonna want to be around you
because they’re looking for the same kind of people right we’re all in this
together and we’re gonna actually match up with people who are like ourselves so
make sure you surround yourself with successful people and you could do that
through meetup groups you can do that through conventions you can do that
through all kinds of means online videos contacting people but the point is you
need to be what you want to attract number six never feel sorry for yourself
okay hard to do but it really isn’t hard to
do once you learn the talent of this things are gonna go wrong every single
person’s life there’s things that go wrong if you stop and you feel sorry for
yourself for five minutes five minutes Barbara Corcoran from shark tank says
five minutes of feeling sorry for yourself can destroy weeks of success
that’s crazy right so when something bad happens to you you never know what’s
gonna be around the corner and this has happened to me so many times in life
it’s happened to myself and I wife and you know you think it’s just a horrible
thing and I’m like gosh how could this happen to us and it actually opened up a
door for something else so I would actually say when something bad happens
get excited because something good is gonna come of that and I don’t know what
it is I don’t know where it’s coming from but I know your reaction to it can
make all the difference in the world if you sit back and you just feel sorry for
yourself and oh woe is me then of course that’s probably what you
could attract is more that stuff you know and I hear people talk like that
and I know that kind of person because they just say no matter what I do this
happens every time I do this this happens it seems like I keep attracting
bad luck and they’re actually telling themselves these things they’re actually
telling themselves and you know as a kid I didn’t participate much in sports and
I would tell myself well I’m probably not gonna be good at this I probably
won’t be the fastest runner I probably won’t be this but as a grownup I go to
the gym and I have a different look at it now I look at it and say well I could
beat that person and I could beat that person I could lift more weight here and
I could run fast or a bike faster than that person there and I tell myself
these things and guess what those things actually come to light and they actually
happen because I’ve changed my outlook on those things
number seven is look for inspiration oh my gosh you know what the Internet now
there are so many inspiring stories out there people who overcame things number
of years ago I got to meet a gentleman named Sean Stephenson and his whole goal
in life was to wipe out insecurities for people now this is a picture right here
of me and Sean Stephenson and as you can see he was confined to a wheelchair he
couldn’t even go to the bathroom by himself he had something that was called
brittle bone disease and he recently died last year and he was one of the
most inspirational people I think I’ve ever met because of what he accomplished
with all of the obstacles he had now as you look at him I don’t know what your
obstacles are I don’t know what your abilities are I know his were very very
limited and he’s still overcame them so you know what crutches are you sitting
on right now what limitations are you you know kind of saying well I can’t
because of this stop that look for somebody inspiring look for somebody
who’s achieved something that you want to achieve and concentrate on those
people not on the things that you have that are limiting you number eight don’t
obsess over your vision okay so it’s good to have a vision it’s something you
want to do but don’t spend that much time on it in a recent interview with
Elon Musk he said that he only spends about 30 minutes a week on his SpaceX
project of colonizing Mars so it’s on the table and he spends time on it but
he doesn’t know obsess over he says he spends most of his time working on
things that he can get immediate results on right now number nine
be grateful you know when when people say you know how did you do this how did
you accomplish this most the time I’ll tell them it’s because I was grateful
for what I had I remember not having much I remember not living in a nice
house I remember not being able to get a nice restaurants or you know have good
family relations or whatever it is and now I really appreciate them and if you
can get that appreciation that will help you so very much towards staying
motivated Gary Vaynerchuk says if you want to fuel the win be grateful
that’s what you got to do if you want to fuel the win be grateful so if you’re
not grateful for what you have and I don’t care what you have it’s I promise
you it’s more than somebody else there’s always somebody who has less than you
and I guess when you get down to that person has the very least in the world
there’s the dead people okay so even he or she has more than the dead people
okay so if you’re listening to this you’re alive okay so that’s that’s where
you can start off being grateful because whatever situation you’re in whatever
problems you’re having you can change number ten this is crazy
forget about motivation forget about it now what do I mean by that what I mean
by that is so many people sit around and they go yeah when I get motivated to do
that I’m gonna do that and I’m gonna kick back okay
motivation doesn’t work that way motivation is not based on you feeling
like you want to do something success is fuel motivation and I’ll give you an
example about that if you were to go out and you were a salesperson and you make
ten sales calls and eight of them say no but the last to say yes where is the
motivation where do you feel the most motivated was it in the eight that said
no to you or was it in the two that said yes to you you see as soon as you
accomplish a success it will fuel you to be more motivated and the fact is
motivation is not success success is motivation so you actually have to
achieve some success to feel motivated to keep going so if you go to the gym
then you go to the gym for two weeks you don’t see any results well you could
actually get unmotivated but what you have to do when you go to the gym you
just got to go every single day until you see some results somewhere and maybe
it’s losing five pounds maybe it’s being able to lift more weight whatever it is
once you see that success that is going to give you the motivation so don’t get
it backwards motivation is not success success is motivation so did you get a
little bit of success it’ll motivate you to do more and as you do more you’ll get
more successes and then it’s a snowball effect now I hope you enjoyed these 10
tips they will help you out you have to put them into play don’t wait to feel
motivated to do these things okay you got it just force yourself to do stuff
and you don’t comfortable doing that you don’t want to
do but that you know is right for you if you do that you’ll find that motivation
will find you and you no longer have to search for motivation now I want to know
which one of these do you think is gonna help you the most or which ones are you
going to put into practice put your comments below if you have some
questions about motivations and how to get more motivated put your questions
below I would love to hear them now as I promised at the end of this
video there’s a free e-commerce course all you have to do is click the link and
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your listening and I’ll see you the next one

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