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– Wassup, crazies? It’s your girl, LaToya Forever, and I’m here with my bestie, Dom! – Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t
been on here in a while. – Yeah, you haven’t appeared
on this channel in years. So, I’m so excited to have you here because today we’re doing a bestie- – I’m excited. – Rates my FashionNova outfits. So I’ve put together five outfits, and my bestie is gonna rate
my outfit from one to ten. – I’m excited, because one: I don’t own anything Fashion Nova, – Yeah, she doesn’t! – So I’m very excited to see
if this is gonna win me over, and two: I can’t wait to
rate these outfits, ’cause, as you guys probably know, I love clothes. – Yeah, she’s obsessed, and I’m so shocked that she’s never ordered
from Fashion Nova yet. Like, everybody does. – This might win me over. – Yeah, this will win her over. I’m ’bout to break my
bestie’s virginity today. You know what I’m saying? All right, let’s jump right into it. – Okay, so I’m currently waiting for my bestie to get changed
and put on her outfits and come down here so… – [LaToya] I’m almost ready! – You guys heard her, she’s almost ready. She’s taking forever. Are you making the clothes? (LaToya laughs from other room) – [LaToya] Okay, I’m coming! – Okay, I’m gonna close my eyes. – Ayyy, Versace, Versace,
Versace, Versace! Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace! – Okay, hold on, hold on.
– Versace! – Forget Versace. – Yeah, forget Versace.
– Right? Um, you know what? I actually really like the top part, like I love the details on the sleeves, and oh! Did it come with that bra, or… – No, it didn’t. – Okay I think I like it
now a little bit better. – When it’s open, right? – Yeah. I’m gonna give it a seven, ’cause I don’t think I would wear it, but it does look good on you.
– But does it look good on me? – Yeah, it looks good on you. – So, on me, what do you give it? – I’d give it a seven point five. – A seven point five. What do you all think at home? I really love the quality of it. – Can I feel it? – I love it! – Yeah, I love the jacket, 100 percent. Like if it was just the
jacket you’d come in in, I’d probably say ten. – Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about the bottoms. – I know, I feel like… – I don’t know, I have a
pet peeve with things long, and I feel like it’s a bit long here. – So you don’t like high waist? – Girl, my thing is high waist. – Yeah, but what do you mean, “long?” – Like, I don’t know, what
do you call this part? The crotch?
– The crotch. Yeah, it has a long crotch. – I’m gonna give it a seven point five. You look cute though. – Seven point five. Thank you!
– Yeah, you look cute. She looks really- – I love the crop, the little… So what’d y’all think? Comment below if you love it. I love it! Versace! Versace from Fashion Nova! – Okay, this girl is taking way too long. – [LaToya, from other room] Coming! – Come surprise me! – Hey! I’m female, in case you didn’t know.
– Yes! – Yes, this, I love this. So, no. No. – Well, “female,” we know you’re a female. You’re gorgeous. – Thank you. – The pants are a ten for me, 100 percent. – Ten, 100 percent?
– 100 percent. – Like, even the little, the capri style? – Yes, I love it. I love everything about it. I think it’ll look so cute. It’s definitely cute for the summer. You could even rock this in the fall or spring, not the winter. – Why not? Why can’t I wear it in winter with boots? – Nah, that’s too much. The top is cute, but the
fact that it says “female,” I don’t know, is that
a Fashion Nova thing? – I guess so, ’cause
they have a lot of shirts that say “female.”
– I’ll give the top- – So do I have to rate
the whole outfit as one? – Yes! As one, girl. – Okay, I’m gonna give it a
ten then, ’cause you know? I love the pants. – Did I style it cute? – Yeah, you did. I love it.
– I love it – This is a ten. My eyes are closed. Guys, I’m telling you. I feel like I’m, I don’t know, walking in to my engagement or something. – This is how I’m ’bout to
walk up into your engagement, just like this. – Okay, hold up. This 100 percent is a ten times ten.
– It’s a three piece. – This is cute! I want this! This is bomb.
– It’s cute right? – This is so bomb.
– Does it look so big here? What do you mean, does it look big? – Is it big? I feel like my boobs are ’bout to… – Yeah your boobs ain’t
coming out of that at all. – Even the jacket, it’s a three-piece. The model was rocking
the heck out of this. – I love this. This is everything for me. This is everything. So where are wearing this? ‘Cause you’ve better
walk into my engagement looking like this.
– Like, what, like this? With the jacket like this? – Okay, girl, you don’t
gotta wear the jacket like that, but, you can wear the jacket. – It’s versatile, see? I could wear it like this with a belt. – N-n-n-n-no, no, you
have to keep it open. That’s why it’s called three piece outfit. – Okay. – I love this. – Have you ever seen me
in something like this? Never.
– No, and this is, this is what you need to
be wearing with your body. – I know. I don’t wear stripes.
– This is what she needs to be wearing with her nice body. – Hi guys! Oh my god, like, I’m at-
– Okay, she’s- – This cute little event, and, like, wearing Fashion Nova.
– If you ever… Okay, can I tell you guys? If this girl ever asks me again, “Hey, what should I wear?” This is what I’m gonna tell you to wear!
– This is what we’re gonna wear?
– This is what you’re wearing to you’re next event.
– Okay. – That was a ten times ten for me. – Oh my gosh, you’re loving all the Fashion Nova outfits!
– I love that one. I can’t with this store. Like, am I missing out here? – You’re missing out. – Okay, so I love this. I love it. – But the pants. – Yes, I don’t-
– Fits weird. – I’m not, I don’t know what it is, guys, like, I don’t… – Should it be lower? Or should it be like… – No, I feel like it’s okay to be high. I just feel like… Again, the crotch, like why is it, like this long? – Yeah. Do you like it? – I like… Okay, I don’t, I don’t know. So I like the outfit. I don’t like the crotch. – Okay. – I, I don’t. – So maybe you just don’t like my crotch. (laughing) – No, I think, I don’t think it’s you. I think you would probably be the same by me.
– It might be my crotch, you guys! – I like this better than the Versace one. – Okay. Can I wear this in public? – Can I change your Versace one? – Why? – ‘Cause I like this better than your Versace one.
– Yeah, but… – But I feel like I don’t like the crotch. – We’re rating it based on each outfit. You’re not comparing the outfits! – Yeah, but if I’m
gonna rate this, like… – What are you gonna rate this? – ‘Kay, I wanna give this a eight. – Okay, well you can have this. This is my gift to you. – I love the top. I love the stripes. It looks cute, but again, the crotch area is just
not doing it for me. She’s laughing, so I don’t know. – Alright. (chuckling) I look like I belong in
somebody’s fish tank. I look like a fish! – Yeah, I’m not feelin’ this. – It makes my hips look, look wide. I love that. – See that’s not even that it makes your hips look wide.
– I like my hips, y’all! – Okay, so, you know me. I’m not feelin’ this, because I don’t… Like, this could’ve just, like… Just take this off. I mean, I understand they’re trying to be, like, nice and cute with the design.
– Different. – I’m gonna give this a six. – A six? – Yeah, because you’re right. You look like something in a fish tank. – I look like something in a- – She looks like she needs to be in this. – Woo, woo! – This is what you need
to be in right now! – Every time I put on my clothes, I get makeup on my shirt. Every single time, does
that happen to you? – Yeah. I don’t know, I’m still
looking at this outfit. I don’t know. – That happens to me all the time. I always get makeup on my stuff! So would you go out in
public with me wearing this? – I would go out in public with you wearing anything, but I
wouldn’t let you leave with it. – Really? Oh my gosh, okay.
– Nah, I don’t know. I am not feelin’ this. – Okay, what do you guys think? What do you think? Comment below which outfit
was you’re favorite. – It’s definitely the three piece. – The three piece was your favorite? – Definitely, hands down. I’m probably gonna buy that, but this? No. – Thank you for joining me today on my channel!
– I had so much fun! Can I do this all the time?
– Yes, you can. – Can you send me pictures
of all your outfits? I can be like “trash” or “keep” or “ten” or “one” or whatever.
– I do. I really always do. Yes! And comment below which
outfit was your favorite! And shout out to Fashion Nova for always sending me the
bad and boujee stuff. You know I love it.
– Nice. – Anyways, thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next week! Bye! – Bye guys! (soft hip-hop music)


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