My Best Poshmark Sharing Hack to Get More Followers and Make More Money
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My Best Poshmark Sharing Hack to Get More Followers and Make More Money

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you here today so I’m not piggyback off the
last two lectures about Poshmark um like I said before you know I’ve been getting
a lot of questions about you know different tips and tricks lately on how
I make so much money on Poshmark how I make sales on the site and you know how
you can basically you know techniques that you can do to improve your sales
and get more exposure for your products and if you didn’t check out my last
video check out that one there’s some great tips in that one I’ll actually
link that in the description box below if you if you want to check that out but
this one is gonna be a different tip that I find you know aside from the last
one this is probably the best one in my opinion now like we talked about in the
last video you know the the secret to getting more exposure is sharing sharing
sharing you know most people know that if you you’re tenured slightly on the
site you know then you you should obviously know that and you should be
you should see that going on you should be engaging and sharing other people
should be sharing back it’s pretty you pick it up pretty fast the concept just
like anything you know with Instagram it’s like for like like I’ve said and
you know with posh markets basically share for share you know if you share
somebody’s somebody’s piece of clothing or item you know most of the time
they’re going to share it back and vice versa
but the secret is and a lot of tips and tricks are and the methods are you know
in the timing of the sharing in how to share in who to share and that’s where
this comes from so the you know one of my best tips is share the right people
you know if you’re if you’re going into you know new closets and you’re sharing
well that’s great you know what I mean it’s a good thing I guess because you’re
helping their closet out and it’s you start to become what Poshmark refers to
as a posh ambassador but with that being said you’re not getting a good bang for
your buck because if you have a following about you know I have a
following of almost 10,000 now on this example of course that clearly on my
phone right here and just close down on it really fast but so basically what I’m
saying is if you go to this closet this test
closet that I basically use for some of my guy listings and I actually have two
closets now this is the one I use for my course and
if you’re interested in my Poshmark course and how you can make more money
on the site you can check that out there’s a link in the description I’m
gonna plug it too much but basically if you have about 10,000 followers or you
have about 50,000 followers and you’ve been building it for a while and you’re
sharing somebody who only has like 200 followers or 3,000 followers or you know
a lot significant number less followers than you you’re not getting the bang for
your buck so what I suggest is you’re gonna want to hit this feed button down
in the bottom left and you’re gonna hit want to hit this plus person button at
the top left next to the search bar and that’s going to take you to finding
people now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna scroll down you’re gonna
look at all these suggested users see all these people obviously your goal is
to become one of these and I’m actually even with 10,000 people I’m relatively
close I need to list like 13 more products and I think make a purchase and
I shouldn’t be uh I started you know I should be a posh ambassador and on my
way to getting here believe it or not but uh so what you’re gonna want to do
is you’re gonna follow suggested users and and then when you follow them so
this Kelly Kolia or whatever I’m gonna follow her
then I’m gonna simply click her and I’m gonna share about three pieces of
clothing from her closet really fast so share share to my followers and granny
you could do this a lot faster on the site if you like the app um and your you
know your mobile that’s totally fine too they both work relatively fast I’m just
gonna show you the concept really fast so there you go I’ve shared three things
from her closet now what that’s going to do is you can see here that she has
three hundred and forty six thousand followers so I only have ten thousand
followers most people and especially if you know
anything about you know if you’ve ever taken my course or you know anything
about like getting high numbers on Poshmark you know that the majority of
people that are running high numbers and high followers are running bots or
they’re running some some kind of software to continue to engage at that
magnitude to grow their following you know it’s just like something with
Instagram it’s it’s literally with any of those things automation helps in
automation is key so I say share three and no more than three because on the
off chance that they’re running that they’re not running automation and it’s
slightly lower following their you know not many people are gonna want to share
back it go it go in and manually share back like five or eight items
typically you’re only going to get about one or two or maybe three at most share
backs from most people and that’s manually now if they’re
running bots you would think oh well nine times out of ten of bots just gonna
share all my closet my closet back no you’re wrong about the max because I’ve
used and tested all the bots services and I actually recommend one in my
course and you can try it for a free trial for seven days I think it was and
test it out for yourself and that’s basically how it gets you because once
you check you want to test this service how and you use it there’s no going back
and you’re blown away by it and there’s there’s simply no going back
but so if you’re running a bot service and any of them basically do this the
top they suggest the top limit is to share back three items so that’s why I
suggest three because a you’re getting the most bang for your buck manually and
B you’re getting the most bang for your buck if they’re running software or
automation because if you share forward they’re only going to share three of
yours back so it doesn’t really make sense for you but this is basically what
you do you’re just gonna replicate this process every single day so you’re gonna
go in and now this this is even better let me just give you an example there
might be I don’t know 30 40 people here on suggested users if you share all
these if you follow click follow like this on Ashley possum about Pasha
ambassador and you share three of her things and that’s only 40 people roughly
a day but you share three things from for these forty people’s Closet in a day
and maybe that takes you 10 minutes total you’re gonna get a lot a lot a lot
more engagement and a lot more sales relative to them if you shared a
thousand random people just just in that you were following I guarantee you it’s
about it’s not in the sharing so much in numbers necessarily but it’s in it’s in
the who you share and when you share them so like I said this is a great tip
you can see I’m kind of doing it here as I’m talking but I just wanted to bring
this to you because I genuinely believe that this is one of the best things that
you can do to grow your closet grow your following make sales and make more money
on Poshmark if like I said if you’re if you’re
interested in one of my other tips feel free to check out the other video I’ll
link the first video in the description for you below if you like this video
please like the video it helps the channel out a lot like and comment and
subscribe sorry and I will see you guys in the next one thank you


  • Emily Rielly

    are bots permitted on Poshmark? I did not see anything in the TOS other than you are not allowed to use bots to scrape for info from other ppl. I just don't want to get banned 🙁

  • Shawna Thomas

    Great video. Thanks so much. I’m still on a quest however to find a good video on when I should share my own listings. For instance, when I post a new item does it automatically get shares to my followers or do I have to go in and click “share to my followers” and how often should I do this. I don’t want to be annoying 😉 thanks again. I’m running to my PC to try this trick! I love it!

  • Shawna T

    I can't figure out how to do this from the PC. I can not find posh ambassadors or suggested users. Thoughts?

  • Shawna Thomas

    This isn’t working. No one is sharing my stuff back let alone following… and I have good stuff and good photos.

  • Perception Of Style

    Great information! Thank you! How do I sign up for the free trail? I would like to try it out. I went to the website and all poskmark bot website have is a info email to reach them. Do I have to email and ask for a free trail?

  • Kristy Barbier

    Good info and way fewer “extra” words than some of the poshmark videos prepared by others—mostly females. Can I make some purely constructive observations? As someone who did adult training for federal employees, not just a random know-it-all? Slow down. You sound all hyped up and rushed. Create an outline of points ahead of time. Have an intro, a tutorial with 2-3 specific points and a re-cap. Try to avoid things like, “as I’ve said before,” and “you should already know this.” It’s a tutorial. How does the viewer know what you’ve said before? You are saying “like” and “uh” a lot, which is usually an indication that someone hasn’t thought through what he/she intends to say. The reference to Bots was a total show-stopper and not in a good way. If you’re going to offer training and tips that assumes viewers have some knowledge, number your training videos so that followers can go in order.

    Sorry to be so critical. I’ve just watched 3 videos before yours that I couldn’t even finish due to the rambling of the presenters. I guess I’m frustrated and looking for a presentation that sounds like someone put some time in preparation. I want to learn more about poshmark, but it seems like the “experts” start a video as if they are on the phone talking to a friend, rather than relaying key information.

  • Tina Jackson

    I disagree about following people with 2-3,000 people because I am trying to become an ambassador now. (I initially joined to purchase) and now I cannot get followers. Ugh. Stop telling people to not follow people like me.

  • Yorlene Bustos

    Hi.i have a Q. I been on Poshmark for a
    Month. At the beginning I read about to share so I share my closet and others closet too so frustrating because I didn’t have sales. Now a made maybe 1 or 2 a week. What’s wrong? What you thing? I have nice clothes and a good prices make all share share try to list. Is difficult I have 110 listings

  • RockstarFlipper

    YEAH Any bots or automation is against policy.. And just following a bunch of people is a tiny bit helpful, but at the end of the day.. buying and selling GOOD items is the secret

  • Vera Dannise Warrick

    Sir, thank you sooooooooooooo much!!! I’m a new Posher and I hadn’t gotten ANY action on my items. Not a like. Not a comment. Nothing. Then I came across this tip of yours and immediately implemented it…I got immediate results! No sales yet, but at least my stuff is being seen by huge amounts of people. This is gold. Thank you!!!

  • Barbara Purvis Hunter

    Hi I have a laptop–so please advise how to find the top sellers to follow? I just started Poshmark a few days ago.

  • Georgina santiago muns

    Hi Bryan .. glad I bumped into your YouTube videos! Really learned something i didn’t know! I will definitely continue watching your videos… Great job! ??

  • Bryan Guerra

    ?Try All My Courses for Free:

  • nicole piscatella

    It's 2019 and on the laptop website I only see feed there's no person with a +. I wonder if they change it. Since 2017 they changed the website, now you can sell Household items.

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