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[Music] why can’t you forget hi guys welcome back to my channel so for today’s video I’m going to be sharing my daily cleaning routine and when I say daily I don’t mean I do these things every single day but this is just my cleaning routine for today every day is different there are certain things that I do every single day but no day is ever the same when it comes to cleaning I pretty much just do whatever needs to be done that day but like I said some things I do every single day but there are some things that I’ll do today that I won’t end up doing tomorrow so just keep that in piney this is just my cleaning routine for today so hopefully you guys enjoy it and it inspires you guys and this video is also in collaboration with my friend Alexandra beuter she is such a sweetheart you guys she’s the cutest thing ever and she is probably one of my favorite youtubers right now at the moment I’m constantly watching her videos whether I need to be inspired motivated she just does it all and she does it all so well she is so good at what she does and she just has this way of making you feel like uplifted inspired and motivated which is why I’m constantly tuning into her channel she has the most gorgeous home and she’s so good at interior design her and her husband do a lot of like DIY stuff around the home which is really fun to watch she’s also a first-time momma and she’s about to pop her little boy out here any week now I think she’s 35 weeks or so so I’m so excited to watch her become a mom she films a lot of the same content that I do a lot of routine videos cleaning videos lifestyle content and like I just mentioned she’s about to be a mom so I’m sure she’s gonna film lots of mommy content as well like I do so definitely go check out her channel I know you guys are going to absolutely love it I love it so I know you guys well I think that’s everything I wanted to mention in today’s intro so let’s go ahead and get started with my daily cleaning routine go online putting things on the side what do you have in mind she’s awake all the time I find out we have yeah oh boy okay so after I dropped the girls off at school I’ll come home to a sink full of dishes from breakfast so that’s usually the next thing that I’ll tackle but dishes aren’t near as bad with this little guy as my view he’s so sweet and [Music] as you can see I’m running low on dish soap so I picked up the mum scent which is one of my all-time favorite fall scents from mrs. Myers I got the dish soap and the multi-surface spray and I’m gonna be sharing a few of my favorite fall scents throughout this video as well I went to Bath & Body Works yesterday and stocked up and it’s totally getting me so excited for all things fall [Music] we have yeah I feel I mean Oh [Music] Oh [Music] so girls what are you tryna I’m gonna TC tell me [Music] so after the dishes are done I like to just straighten up a bit there’s usually not a whole lot that needs to be picked up but I found that if I stay on top of things it’s a lot easier for me to manage now I’m just wiping down the countertops with my new multi surface spray and a microfiber cloth Thank You changing [Applause] no it doesn’t really it’s a tie I’m trying to walk across Britta’s that my only way is gone the tight-ass show me what I mean oh I’m glad but is infinite [Music] [Applause] [Music] to burn my tongue hold back my dogs but deep inside I feel just like an astronaut the tractors I forgot see the [Music] show me what I need I know I’m glad but is happening you’re hard and now that the kitchen is all clean I decided to light one of my new candles the leaves candle from Bath & Body Works just brings back so many memories of this time of year it’s probably my top three favorite candle scents ever I also picked up the bourbon maple and gather which smells freakin incredible you guys if you like dessert sense you have to get these so welcome I guess smart thing [Music] show me what I know I’m blind but I’m here Symphony [Music] now I’m just straightening up the couch in the living room area from this morning [Music] another thing that I’ve been trying to do every day lately is at least fold one load of laundry so after I put Grayson down for a nap and I’m done getting ready for the day I’ll fold at least one load and 90% of the time I’m watching one of Alexandria’s videos to motivate me I hope that something in the way that you lift up on me is telling me I should go yeah [Music] [Applause] I don’t know how to feel about this it all just moves so slow [Music] the sooner that I get to find out the better I can get [Music] [Music] long in back to the dates that we’ve shared remember how we felt and your touch was like now I’m putting Shay’s laundry in the wash for me to fold the following morning [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay the girls are home from school now and the first thing I do is empty their lunchboxes and wash them out so they’re ready for me to pack later that night [Music] [Music] and this is a little glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes che wanting treats Bailey playing with Chloe and Grayson just being the cutest thing ever per usual okay it’s after dinner now so I’m doing the dishes before we all head upstairs for bath time [Music] – the kids are all in bed now and I’m just quickly wiping down the kitchen island and then I’ll straighten up the living room [Music] I usually always take out the trash every night so that’s the next thing I’m doing [Music] and lastly I’m just going to quickly vacuum the high-traffic areas before ending my cleaning routine by spraying the living room with one of my new room sprays I picked up at Bath & Body Works the pumpkin cupcake and the pumpkin pecan waffle were my favorites this year my house seriously smells so good right now I’m obsessed okay guys that’s gonna be it for today’s video I hope you all enjoyed it and it gave you some motivation don’t forget to go check out Alexandra’s channel I will leave her channel and her video link down below in the description box let her know that I sent you guys before you go though let me know in the comments what your favorite fall scent is I’m curious to know if you guys like desert scents like I do but thank you guys so much for watching today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already I’d love to have you a part of our family here and I will see you all very soon bye [Music]


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