my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*
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my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*

hey guys! really quick before you watch
this video i’m- first of all i’m sorry i look like trash right now because I’m
exhausted um second of all these are- all the closing
i’m about to try on are up for sale on my poshmark page. i’m gonna put the
link in the description and a lot of these girls are big on me because they’re like
my family’s old clothes and my old clothes mostly my old clothes umm and so
i’m just i decided i’d put them up for sale cause it was either that or goodwill and so
i- in the bottom right corner of everything i’m trying on i’m gonna put
the brand of the clothing it is on on top and then underneath I’m gonna put
the price and it says accepting offers next to it that means that I will accept
any offers for a lower price on poshmark if you want it um or like if it doesn’t
say that then that means I’m not going to lower the price so yeah um if you
don’t wanna buy anything that’s fine, i’m just putting it out there and also put my cousin’s link
right below mine um for you to check out also there’s a lot more stuff that’s
actually on my page that is not shown in this video
um so you can also check out those and also I’m not saying the sizes on here
cuz I like can’t figure out how to add a third line um so if you are interested
you’re gonna have to look at my page to see which size it is so in case it’s so
like you can say if it fits you so yeah yuhhh, let’s get into it


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