My Top 5 Favorite Indoor Plants + Best Houseplants

hello hello hello you guys and welcome back to my channel i am about to film one of my possibly hardest videos to date and that is because I plan to rank my favorite plants i was going to do a top 10 but i’ve decided on a top 5 simply because even the top 5 was such a struggle to select and choose, I kept going back and forth. i used probably like 4 or 5 of these sticky notes to come up with my list, and then realized i was wasting too much paper, and switched to my phone, but that is all beside the fact. the point that i am trying to make is that it is nearly impossible to choose any amount of your favorite plants, when all of them all your favorite! in any case, let’s get into it we are going to start off with my number one favorite plant, this one went back and forth for quite a while i have to flip it over because, one side says one number one, and the other says another! my number one favorite plant is, of course, the monstera adansonii it is right here behind me, it is beautiful, it is the swiss cheese vine, i love it so much. i am currently having it trail down as far as i possibly can with the hopes that one day it will go onto my walls, and onto ceiling, and i will have like a little fortress of vines from this monstera you can see it kind of stringing across from me i did a video on it months ago when it was a little wee baby and it has grown SO fast so one of the main reasons why i love this plant is because, well, it grows incredibly fast!

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