NEW Amazon Tech Release – Alexa Next Generation
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NEW Amazon Tech Release – Alexa Next Generation

The Amazon echo has helped millions
around the world make their lives just a little easier Alexa, what time is it? The time is 11:45 A.M. Thanks. But for some, this old model still isn’t enough. Alexa can you help me put on my
shoe? I’m sorry. I can’t do that. I can teach you how to tie your shoes. First- Oh never mind! Luckily Alexa Next Generation by Amazon
is here. Let me help you with that. Uh who are you? It’s me Alexa All the perks of the old echo model plus a human-like body to
make everyday tasks easier. Alexa! Alexa, watch the kids while I’m at work. Okay. Make sure they do their homework and no sweets before dinner! Okay. Alexa Next
Generation can do whatever you need it to do around the house. Alexa give us all
the ice cream in the freezer. Okay. Alexa Next Generation will feel like part of the family. Cameras within Alexa’s eyes combined
with computer algorithms allow her to see. So she’s always watching. Always. Wow! Best babysitter ever! [ice cream hits bowl hard] It can even handle all of your home improvements. We need more nails. Alexa Next Generation by Amazon We’re always there for you. Hey Alexa, can you- Nope! No! You cannot have sex with it.


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