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okay I just pulled up to Grayson’s first doctor appointment it’s Monday afternoon so it’s been five days since he’s been born he was born on Wednesday and then we were still in the hospital over the weekend we went home on Friday evening so my days are like all mixed up but I think we would have seen his doctor a little bit sooner but since it was the weekend here we are on Monday I’m so curious to see how well he’s doing he’s in the back there I totally forgot to bring the stroller so I’m gonna have to carry his car seat Adam put him in the car for me but I’m stupid and forgot to bring the stroller so that’s okay though I don’t have any other kids with me just Grayson so it shouldn’t be a problem [Music] I heard you want to leave this place where we grow our there’s so time just provided all behind you would always find somewhere it’s fine we forget so we could see the teeth the bottom part livers got a cough and you’re gone [Music] [Applause] I decided to come to a Panera for a late lunch I’ve been craving one of their salads and they have like the best cookies turned on the air blasting but Grayson’s at checkout but when great he’s thriving I won’t thank you thank you I will give you guys all his stats and everything once I get home he was kind of freaking out towards the end because he was hungry so I had to feed him so when I get home I will go burn his paper working everything with you guys this looks so good it’s the Thai chicken salad and then I got of course a chocolate chip cookie I’m gonna eat this before I head home okay we’re back home now from Grayson’s appointment and I posted a picture on Instagram wearing this outfit I was wearing different shoes obviously and I’m back in my slippers I was wearing my Reeboks but I got so many questions about these joggers so I will link them down below for you guys they’re from free people but they’re so flattering for post partum because they’re high-waisted so yeah they’re super comfortable I just chucked my pink floyd– little graphic tee in the joggers and that was my outfit for today these slippers are also a favorite I brought them to the hospital with me and I’ve been living in them since we got home they’re from Amazon so I will link them down below for you guys to Grayson is still sleeping since his appointment he’s been sleeping for like two hours yeah that’s for his white and white honey it’s not a toy the girls are getting ready to go to the gym Adams or stay back in a long time I actually am very jealous I really want to go to the gym I’m like break a sweat shade let me see your guys’s cute outfits are you matching you guys are crazy hey don’t step on that pillow hun these are four chairs outside we got some progress on the patio we had to move that big chair that we got and take all the cushions off and the girls would love to make forts out of them huh so we had people here today working on the patio on the concrete they basically what just like chiseled away the lines to make them more defined have to top the lines and they’re polishing it tomorrow I wash it [Music] make it nice and gray the color is gonna my color is gonna change tomorrow hey Shan Shan Shan come on let’s go save like I’m out here [Applause] the girls just got home did you guys have fun at the gym yeah you made a friend did you make friend – they’re both drinking and some of the protein shake that I made for Adam is it yummy it’s chocolate protein powder banana ice and peanut butter and milk what’s that yeah I put way too much ice in it I’m sorry is it yummy I’m glad you like it oh yeah I don’t put up it’s way too don’t know I turn to mine I can tell I wanted to see if they look like yeah yeah we’ve got some string lights from Amazon something special I think I’d prefer if they were closer to ours what do you mean we’re gonna get some more rows to like drape across I also in a second honey that’s banana chocolate it’s way better [Music] are you gonna make the pizza I’m preheating the oven I don’t have any more hands in pizza so much healthier [Music] he’s wide awake right now yeah you don’t need it right now he knows your voice he heard it while you while he was in my belly yeah he just looked at me what do you think when you think he’s Sammy no I think he’s saying yeah I think he’s saying he loves you because he has time is he singing now I think he’s still hungry probably he’s a lot yeah binky family and once your friend the flavor she wants to play in the playroom yeah thank you guys you think so yeah what do you think he wants to play with him there thank you wants to play wet my words for me was black oh you know why he probably does I think he does feel looks sad he looks oh yeah yeah thinking like Jeff and a playroom maybe in a couple months honey he’s still brand-new he’s only five days old oh I think he’s got the hiccups starin right at you yeah kiss on the head think I would take doubt thing or I can yeah you get hiccups a lot to you yeah babies get hiccups a lot cuz they drink their milk too fast hey Justin I just got there to happen hey make me Barry it will always be there there is no doubt you will always be the heading out to sea and the SBI you will always always be the one [Music] that I mean yeah you make me feel like there’s no air left okay we’re about to head out to the splash pad as soon as she wakes up from her nap so I packed the girls a little lunch so I have turkey Swiss sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls some BP buh raspberries veggie straws and then a chia seed pouch okay we’re on our way to the splash pad right now it’s about a five-minute walk from our house kind of windy right now but it’s such a nice day so I think the girls will have a blast playing in the water Grayson’s in his little bassinet in the stroller I just fed him so he should be good [Music] [Music] yeah [Applause] do it all for you I’ll be enough be enough for you baby I’ll do it I’ll do it all for you I’ll be enough be enough for you cuz you make me feel like [Music] [Music] what is that what is it baby car got it I’ll bear saw oh there give it to mama you mean the trash [Music] so about 15 all you’re gonna share it thank you [Music] thank you sure [Music] no you will always be the okay we just got back home gave the girls bath and now they’re in bed now I’m gonna cook some dinner so we’re gonna be doing home chef I am obsessed with home chef especially now because we have a newborn baby and I just don’t have time to like be slaving away in the kitchen and I mean I feel like I repeat myself all the time but you guys know I do not enjoy cooking but home chef just makes it so easy because everything is pretty measured for you in these recyclable bags so this is all the ingredients that I’m going to need for this recipe they send little cards with all of the instructions I just lost the card but if you happen to lose it like I did all of their recipes are online so this is what I’m gonna be making tonight looks really good it’s Greek spinach and feta chicken so I’m just going to take all the ingredients out I also like how home chef’s separates all of their meats from all the produce and the other ingredients into a separate bag so that way it doesn’t contaminate everything else but another reason why I like home chef is because they have 18 different weekly menu options and you also have the ability to pause your service or skip a week if you guys are going on vacation or whatever and you don’t need to use your service you can pause it which is cool and so I’m going to separate all the ingredients and clean off the meat and stuff and then get to cooking dinner for Adam my really quick I just wanted to show you guys how easy it is to sign up with home chef so you go to their home page enter your email address and then you answer how many people you’re cooking for how many times a week you want to cook if you prefer seafood meat or you are vegetarian they have options for everyone low calorie low carb and then if you have any foods that you want to avoid so if you have like a nut allergy you can select that and then you’re just going to enter your name your address your phone number and then you can select your first delivery date so you have the option to choose when you want your first order and then you press continue you enter your card information and that’s it so it’s super easy to sign up with them yeah he said emotion he just he knows how to turn things up and he knows why cuts miko open get like a little tyke today hey what’s up they look at me I’m in a bad situation look at him he’s got about their position they be looking at us thinking we had too much look at me I’m in a bad situation look at him he’s got a bad reputation they be looking at us right there need to be good all the time I’m wrapped around his finger baby mine don’t have it they say anyway [Music] why do I need to be good I’ll just tell you gay gets when I’m in a bad mood Danny he knows how to make it alright yeah get that you got a history but I don’t wanna think about no other than us then look at me I’m in a bad situation look at him he’s got a bad reputation they looking at us thinking we had too much look at me I’m in a bad situation look at him he’s got a bad reputation they be looking at us why Danny to be good all the time I’m wrapped around his finger baby is mine don’t they say [Music] I need to be good alright guys there it is Greek spinach and feta chicken okay dinner was incredible it was one of my favourite home chef meals that we’ve ever had but Grayson is nursing right now so I’m back in my little spot that I’m usually at I’ve been in this spot in my bed for the last like weeks since we’ve been home I’m just taking in all of his newborn cuddles and he’s feeding like every two hours so this is where I’m at most the time but if you guys want to check out home chef you can click the link in the description box to get $20 off your first four orders so that’s an $80 total discount which is an incredible deal I will leave all the information down in the description box and thanks to getting to home chef’s for sponsoring today’s video you want to say hello he loves these little pinkies you guys they’re from bibs bibs pinkies all in come down below for you guys they have tons of different colors I had probably like 10 or 12 of them but literally every shade of color you could ever imagine I love them and he loves them too why is he hi hey hello see I got my first sponge bath earlier he started getting like all of that like excess milk like underneath his and his rolls like under his chin and he’s starting to get a little stinky so you had to give him a little sponge bath because his umbilical cord is still it still hasn’t fallen off yet so well part of it fell off um but there’s still like a little stump right there Shea actually like pulled on it when we first got home from the hospital and I think it felt it fell off the next day but I think that’s why it fell off because she pulled on it but there’s still a little stump there so we still can’t give him a real bath we just gave him a little sponge bath you are just so sweet though I literally just stare at him all day and when he’s sleeping I just stare at the monitor I just shared this on my Instagram story I got a lot of questions about if I was using a belly wrapper not for postpartum and I got this one off of Amazon it’s less than $20 and it’s been working great for me it’s just super simple which I love so I will link it down below for you guys but here’s what my one-week postpartum belly looks like is what it looks like from the side and I’ll show you guys how the wrap works so this is what it looks like on you just fell throw it over here and I try to wear it like every single day and it’s super comfortable so I don’t even feel like I’m really wearing anything some of them are like super intricate and really uncomfortable but this one I love so it’ll be linked in the description box for you guys okay sorry for the white noise blaring in the background but this is my life now but I’m gonna end the vlog here and edit the vlog so it can go out for you guys tomorrow and then hopefully I’ll be able to get a little bit of sweet before Grayson wakes up for his next feed but thank you guys so much for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon bye always find some words for me okay so we could see the bottom part livers gonna crap on your car [Music]


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