Not investing into paid marketing is foolish | Ecommerce business advice vlog
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Not investing into paid marketing is foolish | Ecommerce business advice vlog

– Isn’t it better to invest in
Instagram and Facebook or … – The whole lot. The whole shebang really. – Which is what we’ve said
anyway and that’s great but, invest more in that than in Google. But you’re convinced that Google works. – Google works with most people, don’t it? – Most. – I’m yet to come across
someone Google doesn’t work for. The only time it doesn’t work is when they’re the ones that got it so top wrong. We market to people to people you know have really bought from us. You market to, say, Allison, she gets the concept of how it works. So while she’s looking on
the Daily Mail or whatever, she could see full one of
your fabrics with Hookster on and she already gets the
concept of how that works so she doesn’t necessarily
need to see the tops. You could show her the fabric,
cause she’s bought into it. She gets it. And then you re-market those
when you got new fabric go out. Re-market it almost. – That is absolutely what I want to do. – EKM is to a point where
we have both channels so we will educate people how to do it but we’ll also do it for you. So what hopefully happens
from our perspective is we show you exactly how to do it and you go, “Right, great,
I know how to do it, well, I can’t be asked to
do it. You do it for me.” – Well, it’s kind of the same as… – Or either way, we’re in a
win-win because we’d rather you, what we don’t want is Youtubers where, you’re not willing to pay us to do it, and you don’t know how to do it yourself, so all that means is
you’ll cancel your shot. You’ll go bust. You won’t do it. That’s a lose-lose for us, isn’t it? So we’d rather educate
you so you do it yourself or at least add the option
that we could do it for you. – Cause I quite like, I
like to know how to do it – And you should do it. – But I’m getting to the stage now where I’ve got too much other stuff on. – You should, I’ve said
this to you lots of times, you need to know to market your business. You don’t just pay an agent and say, whether if it was anyone, and go, “they just do their magic and I ain’t got a clue how to work it.” That’s just foolish.
It’s foolish, is that. Because you don’t know if
they’re doing a good job. – They say to me,”I can do this,” and I said, “I know you can, but I want to know how to do it.” I don’t want to hand
it all over to someone, because otherwise we
get a year down the line and it’s not working, and I’m going “well, why is it not working?” – Yeah, you need to know how to do it. – I’m absolutely behind that
but I suppose it’s trying to… and it’s because I’ve got friends like you that I can see that it
works, but I suppose the smaller businesses
that don’t necessarily know and can see that it works. You’ve got to educate them into knowing that it’s going to work. – And it’s scary pumping 10 pound a day could’ve just been to a
black hole, couldn’t it? – I suppose that’s what my
reticence has been so far but if I can get this
sorted, I can make it work. – And essentially it’s, some of it is a waste of money, isn’t it? It’s educating that is a waste of money. Cause their attitude
is that some of it is. And you got to accept that. That’s something we have
accustomed is that you have, and you go “I’ve wasted
200 pounds on clicks” and it’s like, yeah but what
else are you going to do? It’s exploratory, what are you gonna do? It’s not going to be…
if it was 100% efficient, – Yeah people would do it everyday. – Yeah it’s not. You’re always going to be wasting money every single day we
find, well, Scott finds where their saving money,
spending more money, – Yeah constantly. – For like 15 years online. – Yeah daily. See it changes. Technology changes. – People need such different things. – Anything we cover today, in three months time will be out of date. It will go out of date
because of how fast it turns. – That’s why I want to pay you. (laughs) – That’s why people do pay people because it’s just I’m able to do it today. – I’m realizing that. You know, you start off a business, and you’re like, I’ve
got to do it all myself, to save money but actually,
you’ve got to expect that… – (mumbles) used to be really nice, I remember backseat used to use it and it used to be really nice cause it was nice and simple wasn’t it? It was a really nice simple tool, good, anyone could use – Was it not free? Are you
sure it was free to use? – Well I think it was to first start you used to get loads
of credits as well I think. You used to be able to go for
quite a bit without paying but it was so easy to
use, you genuinely could just do it in an afternoon. – But is that because
that’s your background? – Now it is crazy. – Yeah, possibly – But even you’re saying that it’s crazy. – Yeah possibly but it
is crazy complicated now, even when I am going to and you know It’s that feature creep problem, isn’t it? – Yeah, just – Like a car starts off
where you know you get a steering wheel and indicators, brake pedals then you put a
stereo and then a satellite, it’s like a Tesla where
there’s buttons everywhere and it’s like a space shuttle. – It practically drives itself though. – Yeah – (Blonde Woman laughs) – Most cars are crazy if
you look at the dashboards now, and that’s what it’s like
with these sort of things. These crazy complicated,
it’s like a space shuttle car – Well I’ve gone in and had
a look a few times and at one point I was like, I
don’t understand this. But I could see what
you were trying to do. I could see that you were
putting in lots of different words, strung back out… – Well you know there’s
a problem with it when an entire ecosystem of companies
is set up on top of it. That’s when you know you’ve got a problem. – What, trying to do it for other people? – Yeah because there’s
agencies having to do work for people because people can’t do it themselves cause it’s so complicated, and then you even have
another ladder because, cause you also then have
you’ve got Google Ad words people then buying software
to help them manage ad words and then there’s
an agency sat on top of that cause of how complicated it is. You can get software like we can, we can get a software, can’t we? – Yeah – Which will manage our multiple accounts – Machine learning, algorithms…yeah – But do you do that? – We don’t do that yet. – We probably will do it, but a lot of the machine learning and stuff, Google are doing that now. They are driven analytics. They are driven bidding…
so it decides when to bid cause it knows your business
even better than we would. – That’s amazing. – Yeah and it ties in all
sorts of stuff now so like last week when you just got
woolly hats and snow shoes – Yeah, yeah yeah. – It would have automatically
bid up when the bids come up because there’s more
demand for those products. – And when it rains and stuff umbrella things go up. – Cause obviously people
really want one the more I am going to convert, so you
can spend a little bit extra knowing that you’re likely to
get the sale at the end of it. – I was going to show you how to set up a Facebook ad for it for the workshops. Cause you’ve already done the page so, it will only take us 20 minutes. When Allison’s walking around, she sees, cause that is who
grabbed hers. It had sense. – Right. – Same as it would be on daily mail. – What we could be putting on. – Daily mail is the same sort of thing. – I wouldn’t know, I
never read the Daily Mail. Like literally every night,
that’s my bedtime reading. – That’s the generic
one. Okay but normally… – But if you use this
all down the side, yeah. – Ragland workshop, would
people know what that is? – Anyone that…yeah, well I don’t know. Scott knew what Ragland was. (laughs) – This is his dabs in fabric. – (blond woman laughs) I know. – He knows everything about
the sewing machines and stuff. – He was telling me all about
Brother embroidery machines. No, so I need to change
that, so it’s better to say jumper workshop, or
hand-make your own workshop. – Keep it simple that anyone
can follow what this is cause someone might buy this
as a gift or something and, like I know I’m not your
target market but… – No, but you still need to understand it, so sewing workshop or – Yeah, create your own
jumper or something really simple like create your own jumper. – We did the Preston one, – And make that… – And then let’s extend that bigger – A little bit, well maybe 50 – Bigger than that yeah
bigger than that yeah. – Oh my God that’s amazing – Yeah I mean, you can even do that out of state you can do demographics. So you can actually say,
I wanna target people, who’s financial situation,
their income is between certain numbers if you
know that your audience has got quite a considerable
amount of money, target them. And this is what I talked
to you about before, that using this acts what you can do is, you can have two of the workshops really, one that’s actually twice the cost for those people like millionaires. Then you have one that’s a lower end one, and you target those that
don’t have a big income. I’m back home and Allison
has just found an ad of hers. – Alright when I push it just turns the deal up. Look at that. It does work. – I’ve just been chatting to Sophie, and amazingly, within
24 hours she’s already started getting sales off these outfits so it proves that it works. And Sophie is a good
example of someone who has actually built her
business off the back of posts on social media, like
Instagram and things for free and actually got quite a bit of traction and then the algorithms have changed that reach has dropped, and so she’s had to look into doing paid marketing strategy and anyone who watches these videos, knows how important…I’m
going back to old time, knows how important it is to
have a paid marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter what sort
of business you’ve got okay, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an online retailer yes you have to have one but it doesn’t matter if you’re in a plumbers, or flying school, a restaurant, whatever it is, if you don’t have a
paid marketing strategy online, on Facebook, on
Google, somebody else will. And so by not doing it,
you’re hurting yourself. It’s like kids choosing
not to read or write. You know I mean obvious
reading and writing work is not for me or for my business or even probably to be
a bit more up to date it may be a bit more
like, when I used to sell EKM and you know back
in the day 16 years ago, you know you talk to people and they say, you know “This internet
thing is not for me, nah” now that’s what this is like.
I get that people want this holy grail of free organic traffic, I get that, and it
frustrates the hell out of me when I have to talk to
customers and friends and stuff because it’s like yeah “I’m not paying for
marketing” or worse it’s, “I can’t afford to pay for marketing.” You can’t afford not to.
You are hurting yourself. Anyone who has any sense,
if you could pay a pound, and get two pounds back, you
would do it all day long. That’s what marketing, paid
marketing allows you to do. It allows you to spend money to get more money back, done right. So honestly, if you’re not doing it, please, please, do it. Give it a go. I may even do some more videos on this if it’s of interest maybe. I did have a screen cast running but, I may do another one actually, showing myself actually
adding products and selling them and showing how
you generate the revenue if that is of interest, let me know. Anyway if you do see these
videos, please like, comment, share and subscribe, I
really do appreciate it.


  • Paul Mayne

    Great video Antony. I’m constantly telling clients they need to be investing in Facebook Ads, because it just works when it’s done right. I love the fact that you managed to document you setting up the ads for your friend and then later on showing how it’s worked and generated sales for her.

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