Not Sure What Product To Sell On Amazon? Here Is A Good Example with Alex Ryan
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Not Sure What Product To Sell On Amazon? Here Is A Good Example with Alex Ryan

Hey guys Alex Ryan here welcome back to
the studio it’s good to have you here if you’re looking to start a business or
side business or side hustle selling on Amazon and the number one thing holding
you back is you just a little bit unclear about how to research products
or how to how to go about finding those winning products that are doing really
well on Amazon then look no further I’ve got a video here and I’ve got a series
of videos where I’m actually going to go through individual products that are
looking really good in terms of numbers so as you can see you out here I’m on
Amazon I’ve typed in aluminium reflector okay 150 watt a twenty six socket now
I’m not an expert on aluminium reflect this is just something I randomly came
across about a month ago alright the biggest thing that stands
out is this one right here it’s got a hundred and seventy-five reviews it’s
obviously a best seller so I’m gonna run the numbers on this particular product
so I want to find out roughly what it is doing and as you can see sort of see
here 175 reviews right this is the 30 day window revenue right this is what
these sellers are turning over in terms of revenue every 30 days what the last
30 days is telling us here right but it’s telling us $45,000 in in revenue
alright that’s that’s not bad for a month a month’s work a month sales is
doing about a hundred daily sales a day as you can see here it is doing a three
thousand monthly sales now the product I’m going the products are only Gullett
for our products that have low reviews but good income so if there’s less than
300 reviews it’s good sign if it’s less than a hundred reviews even better if
it’s doing over five K month that’s good right it’s doing good daily sales the
price point is good it’s under 100 bucks which is awesome okay let’s look at a
few others listen if you sort by reviews and by the way guys if you’re sort of
wondering what tool I’m using I use about six different tools before I jump
on a product alright so I’m quite I was gonna say I’m a bit of a stickler for
research and I’ve been doing this now for for many years I’ve been in the
import/export game for about ten years buying and selling stuff actually over
ten years buying and selling stuff since 2003 and yeah you is certain parameters
certain things you need to look for guys so I’ve sorted by reviews and
by the way regarding tools I have a link on this video somewhere we can sort of
access the tools that I use or I’ll use some tools a little bit more than others
ten sales here which is good ten reviews sorry ads doing 5k a month very similar
yep similar sort of product right it’s got Prime membership as you can
sort of see there what’s it so these are the products that really catch my eye 45
K let’s give that a click alright as you can sort of see there 45 k yeah great
alright so this is it here simple deluxe 2 pack clinic light LED light lamp light
8 and a half inch aluminium reflector okay now it’s Prime membership which is
good 14 bucks 98 now free shipping on orders over 25 bucks okay it’s free to
deliver three two day delivery with Amazon Prime now what Amazon Prime is
guys I’ve talked about this in previous videos is if you pay a fixed fee per
month and you get two day delivery now you might be asking why aren’t people
going down to Bunnings to buy this why are people actually going online and
going on Amazon and buy this particular product in Amazon it’s because of
convenience Amazon have built an amazing business based on the customer and it’s
all about building out what actually making it or customer centric and all
customer focused and make it so easy for people to buy online so that’s why
Amazon is doing really well so you look at some products like mugs kitchen
utensils knives and forks you look at salt pepper shakers these things are
actually making are doing fantastic turnover in terms of Amazon but why
aren’t people going down to Cole’s or Woolworths or going to Bunnings or going
to Kmart or going to Target or go into the local hardware store to buy this
stuff it’s because if you’re a Prime membership a Prime member you could get
free two-day delivery so you could just click a button order it right and go off
in their afternoon go down to you know go down the pub or go and take your kids
to the – to school pick them up from school or go down the beach with your
kids or something but you you have your freedom back you have a little bit more
time back so that’s why Amazon that’s why people are buying basic household
stuff that you can buy down in Kmart but you can buy it at Amazon right it’s may
way more convenient that’s why normal household stuff utensils kitchen
appliances stuff the doing really well on Amazon so the
numbers like I said guys the numbers don’t lie these are the things I look
fat I look at reviews so it has to have low reviews it has to be a product where
there isn’t a lot of reviews for this product less than 300 it is good less
than 100 even better is going to be turning over money it’s got to be less
than 45 centimeters long why because that’s the Amazon box it’s roughly a
shoe box right that’s what it comes in it’s got to fit that little box shape
right right size less than a kilo right 700 grams or less that’s what you’re
looking for all right because so to see here the numbers the numbers are good
it’s good reflection now obviously I do more a little bit more research before
jumping on some of this stuff I would actually do a little bit more research
before jumping on some of these particular products but this is telling
me here it’s doing a good revenue it’s got good reviews and I mean if I
wanted to you could actually scroll down and look at the reviews right so it’s
got four point two out of five and then I go to one-star and I want to see
roughly what people are complaining about all right I’m gonna see are they
giving hints as to how I can better improve this particular product so
dented do not use a pets or plants better clamplight
okay yes yes yes let’s read more this sort of critical reviews because I want
to see what people are doing or what what people are saying for the one star
reviews alright one star okay so basically it’s overheating that’s what
it’s telling me right then it’s got a little pricey for the quality but so far
they’re working okay so put your pushing if you get it dense
okay so perhaps you can even say to the supplier on alibaba’s hey guys can you
improve this product a little bit better can you actually improve this product
can you make it stronger material a stronger aluminium so it doesn’t dent
alright so you could do that guys my name is Alex Ryan I hope you enjoyed
this video there’s gonna be a lot more videos out there if you want to learn
how to go about researching because this is only the tip of the iceberg of what I
do right but if you’re looking to bring in your own brand on Amazon if you’re
looking to sell on Amazon if you’re looking for hot product IDs if you’re
looking on how do I go about like researching hot product ideas on to sell
on Amazon then guys visit my website the website is in the link here on this
video on this page check us out I can work
with you I can work with you for two years at the basically the cost offer a
cup of coffee and day that’s it all right
not even Starbucks coffee cheaper coffee than that right no cup of coffee a day
you can work with me by my side for two years and I’m doing a training on the
Gold Coast in a few months you may want to join that as well we do we do a few a
year but you may want to join me on that on that training guys and yeah I’m gonna
say thank you for joining me on this video if you know someone who’s looking
to Skid started on Amazon maybe the looking for product ideas maybe they
don’t know what the next step is please like share and comment on this video
have an awesome awesome day I wish you the best on your Amazon journey guys bye
bye for now

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