Nude Lips for Valentines Day collab w/ LittleTeaFox | Friedia
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Nude Lips for Valentines Day collab w/ LittleTeaFox | Friedia

hey everyone its Frida here and today I’m going to do a nude lip color for Valentine’s Day it’s a collaboration with my friend little T Fox and she will be doing pink lips so make sure to check that out first off on a clean face I’m going to use my beige eyeshadow primer and placing it all over my eyelids then with the Naked urban decay basics palette I will be using a few colors from here with a round brush I am going to take the beige color and place this over my eyelids then with the brown color I’m going to be adding this to the outer corners of my eyes and as you can see I’m kind of tapping it in first and then adding it into my crease this way I can just start off really soft and add more color as I go now with a soft black liner I’m going to place this on the closest part to my eyelashes and also the inner corners of my eyes and my waterline before using any pencil liner just make sure you warm it up first going back with the brown color I’m going to place it to the bottom of my ice since I want it to connect to the top half I am just gonna make sure that it all blends through now with the black shadow I am just gonna place this over the liner that I just drew and this is just gonna give it more of a softer look then I’m going to wing my brush outwards and do a soft cat eye with the same brush without adding any more shadow I’m going to blend the bottom of my eyes her eyelashes and next I wanted to add a little bit of color to the inner corners of my eyes so I chose this pale gold color if you want it to go more glam go for more glitter and if you want to go for more subtle maybe something more beige or white and I’m tapping it all in I don’t do false lashes very much but I thought I’d give it a try today so I made these lashes so it just goes to the ends of my eyes and I am just placing it where it should be as for my eyebrows since my eyes are so strong I wanted to keep it very soft so I’m just adding it very lightly and then I’m gonna take a spoolie and brush it all out I did want my eyebrows to look a little fuller so I’m adding a little bit of the eyebrow gel now for mascara I’m going to coat the bottom lashes with mascara and with a tissue just clean up whatever is left on my lashes and I’m also lightly going to coat the top of my lashes this is a concealer but it is a few tones lighter than my skin tone and I’m gonna use it just a little bit under my eye to brighten it up so I’m going to tap it all in with my finger and then take a concealer brush and blend it all in then with my real concealer I’m going to conceal any red spots or anything that I want to just hide foundation time what I like to do is place a little bit of foundation onto my hand that onto my face and take a foundation brush and buff it all with my cream highlighter I’m adding it under my eyes on the top of my nose and on my Cupid’s bow I wanted to define my eyebrows a little more so I’m using this mixed concealer and applying it just to the outer corners of my eyebrows and blending it in with my fingers now with my trusty matte powder I’m just going to place it under my eyes and all over my face just so that the foundation won’t go anywhere for blush I chose a very soft pink tone and I’m adding it on top of my cheekbones sweeping it to the back and adding it just a little bit to the sides of my nose as for my nude lip color I’m taking a lip pencil lining my lips and then I’m gonna go over it with a nude lip color and there you have it who says that you have to have red lips to be sexy I really had a lot of fun creating this look and hopefully you guys will try it out let me know if you do in the comments below and don’t forget to go to little tea foxes Channel and see how she did her pink lips for Valentine’s Day I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day and that you get to spend it with your loved ones whether it’s a friend boyfriend husband or if it’s just family love you guys I’ll see you in my next video bye


  • Ninten70

    That Makeup Looks Smokin' Beautiful on ya Friedia! And the Foundation you used in this video is super flirty and it looks like you revealed your Brazilian Side (Of course you're half Japanese and Half Brazillian hehe.) Happy Valentines and Friday the 13th! <3

  • littleteafox

    I know I already said this, but this look is absolutely gorgeous! ♥ I like how you kept the center of the waterline clean, I don't ever see people do that and the effect is really nice! I'm going to give that a try. thanks again for collabing with me, it was so much fun! n_n <3

  • 春山春子

    Lipはbrown系のNude Colorも合いそう!

  • double 1 march


  • Reina Sasaki

    I love this look and your editing. I always receive inspirations from ALL your videos (especially recent videos). Thank you. BIG thumbs up from Tokyo?? ありがとう!

  • Savoirfairey E

    Just found your channel through littletfox and am so glad I did! This look is SO soft and pretty! Could you please share exactly what rimmel shade the lipstick is? I clicked the link but it wasn't shade specific. I love those rimmel lipsticks and that shade looks like one I'd like to try. Thanks so much!! 🙂

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