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October 2018 Budget | My Short Term Financial Goals | Aja Dang

All right budget time nothing really new to report I Did get close to reaching my goal of putting $6,000 a month towards What’s it called my student loans my very first month, I think I would normally be upset about that But I’m really not because I still put a couple thousand towards it so it’s okay I did have a really busy September and I’m going to have a really busy October So I anticipate being back up to my goal within the next couple months, so that makes me feel good, but I really wanted the first month to be like yeah, but it wasn’t but you know some other things I didn’t actually Do too bad on my grocery budget this last week this last month, but I did kind of go over Well, I always go over I did go over my restaurant Um budget for the month because I’ve just been so stressed that grocery shopping and cooking just hasn’t been a priority for me. So I’ve been like ordering in a lot which Isn’t really healthy for me because I tend to like really order like fried stuff. I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it I think I’ll definitely have to get back to meal prepping for the next couple months I also think I’m going to increase my parking and lift budget because I always go over those and um, I Guess it’s just time to raise it. I am a homebody so I don’t really go out that much, but it’s just La like I spent three I spent three dollars to park for 30 minutes to take the dogs to the vet Like what is that that is fucking absurd. So it’s just la something I’m gonna for this month Change that in the budget. I did pay for car insurance and I did pay for my health insurance So those again I pay quarterly I believe so I don’t have to pay those off Until next year which is really great, but everything else was pretty mellow. I am have to add Massage and my physical therapist to my budget now because I am so stressed out that my TMJ is just getting way worse I don’t really anticipate spending. He’s like a hundred dollars for an hour He is worth it and it is does have to deal with my health so I’m gonna add that and a massage because once once this tighten up tightens up and This tightens up and I already have that problem. So guys, you know what? I am just a mess so we’re gonna have to add those things into the budget because Sometimes I like can’t even turn my neck and or chew and stuff so it’s getting really bad. Um, I do want to say something I feel like You guys have noticed how? Stressed out. I’ve been With my budget for the past couple months Um, you guys are always there’s always some kind of comment about like I feel like she was on the verge of crying this entire video or you seem so stressed out and I try not to portray that but I guess I’m not a really good actress and I can’t hide my feelings so yeah, I am and Of course money stresses stresses you out. I mean I used to have Anxiety attacks in the middle of the night about paying off my student loan so at least I’m not having those anymore, but now it’s just like in my final stretch of Getting rid of this debt. So I’m definitely putting a lot of pressure on myself. Yeah, I read your comments and I Trust me. I know how much pudding how much pressure I’m putting on myself. And I know it’s unhealthy Like physically and mentally, it’s just unhealthy for me to do that to put so much pressure on myself. So I have decided to Treat myself along the way. So what I’ve decided to do so not all of my money goes to student loans and I feel Like I can treat myself every once in a while. I’ve written down four things that I really want to have Or to save up for doing during this entire process And every time I get enough money to pay for one of these things I’m gonna do it versus just waiting til. My student loans are our dime to get all the stuff done I’m going to do I guess what you would call it a sinking fund where I would put money aside for these four things there’s only four of them and Once I reach The goal that I need to reach in order to get those I’m gonna buy them for myself as a treat These are separate from your big goals so obviously I’m gonna go more in depth in an upcoming video about my big goals what I want to accomplish After I pay off my student loans that is separate from a sinking fund a sinking fund is something that you need to save up for for the immediate future whether it’s like Braces, or you know, we got to get the dog’s teeth cleaned or Christmas like for Christmas presents Those are things that you save up money for for your sinking funds I have four things that I want to treat myself to during this entire process Three of them. I think I can absolutely do within Hopefully two years the other one may take a little longer just because it’s a lot more money But I’ll share them with you. This budget video won’t be as depressing as the other ones. Okay? So the first one I want to do is laser hair removal on my legs. I Did an omni on your arms I did it on my boob route and now it’s time to finish the body off I got my laser treatments. My previous ones on Groupon and Groupon has really great deals. You just have to make sure you do your research and Especially like a treatment like this You want to make sure that before you buy they are actually credible into a good job, but I feel like I can get My laser hair treatments for about three hundred four hundred dollars, and that’s I think for maybe three or four sessions so that’s way more than half off and That’s something I’m going to say for the next thing I want to say for is Something called Everly well and what Everly well it Everly well has a bunch of tests that you can take at home food allergy tests cholesterol STD tests There’s all these things that they’ll send you a pack you I know spit in a tube or get your blood drawn Blood drawn and then you send it back and they give you results there are four tests that I want to do and that’s probably going to cost me about $600 the tests vary in Price depending on what you want. I saw one. That was 70. I saw another that was like 200 So they range I want to get the food sensitivity test. I also want to get a thyroid test I want to get a woman’s fertility test because I am in my 30s and I Don’t plan on having a kid until after I pay off my debts So that’s gonna be until I’m like thirty what thirty three thirty four so I just want to make sure that I as of right now I’m Still able to you know have a baby when the time comes and then similar to that an ovarian reserve Test most importantly the woman’s fertility and the ovarian reserve tests are really important to me So if anything if if $600 and being too much for me Those are the two that I really want to get but ideally I would also like to get the thyroid test and a food sensitivity Test now the next thing I want to treat myself to is a dinner I Don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I love multicores Michelin-star restaurants, I don’t buy myself expensive clothes. I don’t buy myself designer bags or anything however, I do treat myself to Very expensive meals. I haven’t done that in a really long time So I am going to save up for one of the places I’ve been wanting to go to one of my favorite restaurants in LA is this place called Bazaar in the SLS Hotel? And Inside the Bazaar they have a little small restaurant It used to be called fam, but now it’s called Sami. I believe it’s like 20 courses It’s just like I don’t know if you’ve never experienced a multi-course meal at like that level It’s just such an amazing experience. The attention to detail is incredible Like I said, I haven’t done that in a really long time So that is something that I’m so eager to have to look forward to Especially because I’ve been wanting to eat at Sami since it opened Probably earlier this year It’s probably going to cost me about five hundred dollars that includes all the courses plus I think I did a wine pairing Because you want to just experience like that. So I think that also includes tip as well So five hundred dollars for dinner and saw me but I if I can I’d like to save up a thousand dollars just to be able to treat Brian to the experience as well because he has been I think very patient with me. I don’t feel like he gets why I’m doing it sometimes and he Thinks that I should shoot myself more often. So this will be my thank you so much for being patient during this entire process Gift for him and then finally the last gift I like I said, I think the first three things that I want to save up for During this process to treat myself. I can easily do within the next year But the next one I feel like won’t happen until after I pay off my loans Which would be cool because maybe this will be my like, yes, you did it now. Here’s a designer handbag I do have bags from Louie Vuitton But they’re fake from China and my mom gets them for me But now it’s time that I buy myself a real bag that being said I’m still not gonna pay full price for it. You know what I’m saying? There’s a company called the real real and they sell resale second-hand lightly used designer bags shoes and clothing I have Used the real real to sell things but I’ve never actually used it to buy things because I’ve never been able to afford Anything that they have not to stress you guys out Remember, this is like a goal for myself to treat self during this entire process I think I’ve decided to put $5,000 aside. Do I think it’s gonna take $1,500 like their Chanel bags probably or about around five thousand Our mez are like thirty thousand and that’s resale prices, so I’d rather save up more and Still be able to get something that I want then save only $1,500 and then be stuck as to what I can treat myself to like I said, I think this will probably be the like you paid off your loan your debt free and You have a couple thousand dollars to spend on yourself for your first designer thing So it’s gonna be a big deal I not gonna like I definitely want my first designer purchase to be you know a classic something that I can pass down to my children and Stuff like that, so I’m not exactly sure what I want maybe like a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton but I don’t know just like actually talking about that makes me really excited because I Never thought I’d be in a position to actually buy designer anything for myself. So, I don’t know that’s really cool and that’s why I wanted to share with you guys this list because I Know that you guys see me getting frustrated But I feel like now that I’ve put these little tiny goals along the way throughout this process will help me Be nicer to myself so my question is when it comes to this if you guys do participate in sinking funds How do you do it? Do you put like a small percentage of your paycheck towards that or is it just Whatever you have leftover goes into your sinking fund and how does that work? when you have multiple sinking funds do you do a Little bit for everyone or do you just do the one with the smallest first and get that done? Kind of like you would doing, you know paying off your debts. What’s the process do you guys let me know? And then with what you guys answer, maybe I’ll do a separate video about it. But yeah, let me know How you guys do your sinking funds if you do do a sinking fund if you’re interested in checking Out anything that I’ve mentioned like Everly well or the real real or Sami or whatever I’ll leave those links in the description box and Yeah, that’s it. See no tears no tears this time But yes Thank you so much for watching and thank you for your continued support and I will see you guys in the next budget video I’m is your ding. See you later. Bye


  • Reba Borden

    I have a sinking fund and it's a totally separate checking account. I typically use it for bills that come up throughout the year such as property taxes, car tags, cell phone bill, gym membership, etc. – things that I only pay once or twice a year! I take what the total cost for these things cost in a year, for my my sinking fund is about $3,000 per year for bills that are not paid on a monthly basis. Then I divide the total by 26 paychecks. So if I were you, I would take the total cost of things you want done within a year and then divide by the number of paychecks you get in a year – then set up automatic transfers into that checking account every paycheck! I treat my sinking fund as if I have to pay those things as bills every month. Creates way less stress throughout the year. Just had to pay half of my property taxes for the year (about $500) and no stress because I save for it every paycheck. If you want the handbag to take two years, divide the total cost by the number of paychecks you would receive in two years! Hope this helps!!

  • Uyen Smith

    Love Your honesty and vulnerability ❤️. I don’t do budget. It has always been difficult for me. The key for me is to focus on improving myself mentally and everything else will work out. You’re not just here to pay debt. Get in touch with your Source self through daily meditation and your Source self will guide you.

  • Tanja Lilalu

    Yeah! I want to treat myself to a Gucci bag too as soon as I paid off my student loan next year! Love, that we are on the same journey here 🎉

  • Glara Lee

    All my leftovers go into a general sinking fund and then when I need a pick me up or I have an urge for one of the items, then I spend the sinking fund on which item fits at that time.

  • Fhones

    I honestly use a savings app to “unconsciously” save for my sinking funds. I suck at saving money. I use Qapital and haven’t have any problems. I think the only down fall is that it won’t calculate money from multiple bank accounts. You put in your goals, you set automated rules or make manual transfers. And if there’s emergencies and I have tap into those extra funds, transferring back isn’t an issue either. I also give the tip to turn off notifications so you just let the funds grow.

  • SNLyons

    FYI, Hermès bags are the only bags that actually get MORE expensive with resale, they increase in value with age, so they really are best to buy new from the store. Some of their used bags have gone for insane prices at auction

  • iwtlhs112

    If you're ever looking for video ideas, I'd love to know your experience/process deciding and becoming self-employed. I'm a recent undergrad graduate and realizing how job security can be really tough to maintain these days, especially for younger people starting out. More and more I'm looking into ways to make side money where I'm not at the mercy of an employer yet is more than doing uber, postmates, etc.

  • Rae Talks

    Yes to the designer bag! There are two designer bags. I hope to get one when I reach a certain financial goal. As a motivation my friend and I want to hit some of these designer stores to just look at our dream bags. It may sound silly but for me it is a motivation to go after what I want. Thank you so much for being so transparent!!! Keep going!!!

  • mighties

    I liked this video! Nice hearing things you are looking forward to I hate that mentality of not being able to treat yourself if you have debt. You're young and who knows what might happen in the future it's good to do the things while you're still able. Like after you pay off your loans you said you want a kid so that's just going to be more long term debt lol enjoy yourself now

  • Hana J

    A little towards each fund every month. Any extra money goes towards paying down debt. Like $25 towards the dinner, $20 towards the hair removal and $25 towards the bag.

  • Joana Miotto

    $600 for health tests is insane! honestly, you could pay for a round trip to a country that offers them for free. lol

  • Jamie Janine

    So I only have 2 accounts right now. A checking and a savings which is actually my wedding fund (Originally I wanted two savings, one for the wedding and one for emergencies/general savings account — probably still a better idea to do that now lol) but I set a base goal to save save $30k in one year, so based on that I just direct deposit and whatever I make extra/whatever promotion I get goes straight there. That way, if I ended up spending a little more than I wanted to, I can take from my savings without disrupting the wedding fund. It's also helpful bc I feel like I'm accomplishing something rather than sacrificing or depriving myself of something. When I meet my baseline every time it feels like I am achieving a goal of saving more than I wanted to rather than being frugal. Idk if that helps for anyone. Tbh I've been going kind of rogue since the wedding is next month, but I'm actually still at my goal right now.

  • Chanik Rose

    I'm so happy for you and I'm appreciating your journey. Continue getting yourself out of debt until you become DEBT FREE! All the best x

  • Arica Christensen

    im not sure if you have tried acupuncture for your tmj.. i had terrible tmj and facial pain for two years and acupuncture practically cured me after about 3-6 months its AMAZING highly recomend. mine even took my insurance and i had a copay of 40$ for 2 hour sessions! just a thought

  • CallMeCarolyn

    Do i read that right in ur budget, that u spend more money on dog food than on ur own groceries? I heard in the past that u buy expensive dog food… but food that costs almost 500 dollars? Maybe u should try cooking for ur dogs 😛 I do that with my three dogs.

  • Cristiana Anca

    Coming from a different country with a very different political system, it's jarring to see how Americans are put in a position where they have to stress out so severely about money –especially from doing something like getting an education or seeking health care. It's also, I would say, shameful that women's health access is so limited that you categorize those tests as a treat. Girl, it's your right! Thank you for sharing your process!

  • KC

    I just found your channel a few days ago and I didn’t know you’re dating Brian! I love how you’re so real in your videos! Unlike other youtubers who tries to hide things and make it look like their lives is wonderful everytime.

  • ZZL

    I happy that you feel better!!! Im happy that you keep on posting the videos. Not only for yourself and to keep you accountable and sharing your journey with us but it also helps me keep myself accountable for my budget. You are a huge motivation and it really iscrefreshing to see how honest you are

  • eyecandie2004

    I am like you so frustrated saving and paying my school loans! It almost the light at the end of the tunnel for me I should pay everything off in December.

  • Anouska Al

    Congratulations on all your progress! I really like how you are putting money towards things you like while doing this journey. It is defiantly going to make it more enjoyable. As for the savings, I like to add a little bit to each sinking fund every month, even if its only $10, at least its some progress. Then at the end of the month whatever is left over goes into the sinking fund I want the most. This way every month I’m making progress and I’m incentivized during the month to stay below budget on my other categories so I have more to put at the end of the month.

  • Aastha Garde

    Aja, be wary of tests you send your saliva etc. to. They're not super well regulated yet so they could be giving you all sorts of pseudo-science results that won't be true. You don't want to get bad fertility information from a not reputable source and be freaking out about it.
    It would be better to wait for an allergy specialist and get a patch test on your back. I would trust results that you get after a doctor has given you an actual physical exam.
    I'm a scientist and a lot of these companies don't disclose what or how they're testing your samples and it makes me sceptical.

  • Ever So Jenny

    For our sinking funds, we have a savings account for each "fund" since our credit union doesn't charge to maintain the account(s). I get a pre-determined amount (like if I'm trying to save $1,200 by Christmas, I'll deposit $100) direct deposited into the account once a month. Per my example, if I find anything I want to gift someone for Christmas, I'll use my debit at the store and then transfer said $$$ from my Christmas Fund to my checking account. 🙂

    You're not a mess. Everyone hates budgeting. But YOU tell your budget what to do so you don't have to wonder where your money goes! One and a half years later, it's still annoying for hubby and I. 🙂 You got this, girl!

  • Gabriela

    I have a general rule for my finances that helps me out, and I hope that it can help someone reading this. 50% of my monthly income goes to bills, things that are considered essential, such as rent, food, transportation, insurance. Within that 50% my rent is not more than 30% of my total monthly income. Then the rule says 30% is discretionary, so for fun, shopping eating out getting a massage, but I actually keep it to a 20% and sometimes less if possible, that gives me room for 30% in savings which I will divide with 20% going straight into my savings and 10% for investment, out of that 10% sometimes I'll take a little money out for "fun" in day trading or crypto.

    It took me a long time to figure out a system for my finances but having a plan has definitely taken off a lot of the anxiety. I was out of a job for a couple of months and I was able to not freak out because I had savings. Looking at a monthly budget that keeps me straight helps me so much.

  • Cristina Wang

    Aja, you deserve all you want to achieve! You work hard for your goals and that is something beyond great. It is real that that's hella stress and pressure for one single mind, but i get that you do not want to think about those loans ever again. Wish you the best of lucks and don't be embarassed or afraid of wanting luxury in your life, 'cause in the end you only live once so you gotta live it to the fullest . I really aprecciate your work and willpower as well as your determination. Love u XOXO

  • Marta Villanueva

    Seems like you are trying to advance with the people that have a bunch of advantages to get easily out of debt. Why not figure out how to pace yourself at a pace that includes your boyfriend. P.S. No man wants to have a relationship with a crazy lady.

  • Sanne A

    Aja ur the best! And u deserve the world. All ur hard work,you'll definitely achieve it. I have a set budget for me and my family and hide the rest away for emergencies and rainy days ..

  • Her Money Her Purpose

    I am a firm believer in putting the money aside for saving or sinking funds first, right after I get paid. I have no issue keeping them all in the same savings account I just keep a spreadsheet with a summary of what the money is for.

    I then keep the rest of my money in my working account and don't have to think about if I "can" spend it or not, I can, because all my bills and important expenses have already been accounted for.

    Some of my saving/sinking fund is % based (for example my 10% savings that I don't spend, I only invest it, also my 10% for spiritual food which I do spend/give away as I feel to).

    Other parts of my sinking fund is flat dollar based, for ex I put aside money each week when I get paid for my monthly expenses.

    Other parts of my sinking fund is need or desire based and also based on what I can spare for ex I am putting aside money right now as all my big annual expenses (insurances, annual business membership, car registration) are due in or around November.

    PS I really enjoy your videos, your honesty and humility. You are so brave and amazing.

  • victoriaaak

    FYI, your thyroid function tests are usually covered under most medical insurances as part of your annual exam. Don't pay extra for it!

  • Esther Lee

    For the designer bag you should get a M/L caviar black chanel classic flap in gold hw. (: super classic! If you open a credit card at neiman marcus or saks you can get 10-15% off on the purchase. You could also try to find the vintage chanel classic flap at the Real Real because in the past the gold hw used to be gold plated!

  • Papeeshka

    You should introduce who you are and what you do videos about at the beginning of your vids. Keep up the inspiring work!

  • TIUlove

    I use Mint for my budget which as helped me determine average costs annually for things like my car budget, then I split it out over the months. I have a separate account for each goal.

    I’m also a Trojan and shelled out a pretty penny for my undergrad which I was able to pay off recently. I know you will get there soon too! You are doing amazing and most importantly sharing your journey with others🙏

  • Maggie

    Hi Aja, good to hear you are prioritising getting tests done… any woman in their 30s should be getting a few tests (especially fertility, thyroid etc) because the more you know about what's happening inside your body, the better. However, I am sad to hear that it's not free in the U.S. In Australia under our system, you only need a referral from your doctor to get tested and that's it!

    Re Sinking funds: I started separate accounts (which I think probably works really well if you get paid on a regular schedule) earlier this year. So after mortgage payments, utility bills, health insurance payments, the remainder of my money is allocated into separate accounts: General savings (my rainy day account), joint savings (with hubs), car insurance, health (fitness classes , massages etc), beauty (hair, makeup), gifts etc… you get the gist. Then whatever is left will be my 'spending' account which is my guilt free spending money. Basically every dollar I have is accounted for. It's still a work in progress but great to see my spending habits change and more rewarding to see my money grow (and I'm finally in control of it!). Good luck and keep up your great content! 🙂

  • Shannon Claridad

    Great video! Also, your wellness test can be covered by your insurance , even if you have SAG. I would inquire from your primary care physician. With love – Shannon ✌🏾 (nurse)

  • Alessia Gandolfo

    Such an inspiring video! I love the treats you've set for yourself and I'm sure they'll happen quickly, I'm also thinking to create a separate saving fund for emegency and then for lifestyle treats and what they advice is to do an automatic transfer of an amount you feel comfortable with, so it's always the same amount each month and you know you can do it stress-free and when you reach the first goal then treat yourself to that, this is what I would do but it's just an idea 🙂

  • Naomi Lucia

    I love this series! It’s so great watching someone else’s student debt repayment! I’ve just started my own series of how I’m paying my student loans on my channel! Thanks for letting us into your personal budget! Love it

  • beeMINDful

    Like many others I divide the total sum by the months I have to pay it the next time and save the monthly amount 🙂 An example would be my university fees, I have to pay about 425€ every 6 months, so I save 75€ per month and pay it without thinking every 6 months. I do this for everything like other bills or an exact amount of money I want to save, the remaining money is free to use for whatever I feel like 🙂 Good luck with your budget this month!

  • Meghan Kavanaugh

    Sinking funds have been an absolute game changer for us! We have a separate checking account for them. Look up “Jen plans” on YouTube and Instagram. She is the sinking fund queen! We have quite a list, but it includes quarterly contact lens ordering, oil changes, license renewal, car and house maintenance, etc etc. When these things come up, it’s no big deal because we have been saving for them!

  • Anna

    For things like travel and Christmas gifts, I put away 1/12 the yearly cost every month. For my treat yourself fund, I put in what's left of my personal spending budget for the month (if I'm under budget)

  • Alexandra A

    This is what I said to myself when starting to put away money for a Celine bag 🙂 I can't wait. Once I'm down 120K i said I would buy myself a Celine bag for doing it!

  • Sherry Supatida

    I do sinking funds for stupid things I wanna buy. I set a percentage of how much I put into the sinking fund every beginning of the month into a separate account I cannot withdraw. Once I can afford to buy 3-4 things on the list I start splurging. And surprisingly I often end up wanting to actually buy just about half of the things on the list, bc my taste changes or those things were just impetuous buying I don't really need. I love the idea bc it's more rewarding towards the process of forcing myself to be stringent over a long period of time and it taught me how to prioritize better.

  • Alexjayyle

    Keep up with talking about your financial situation! I am happy that you are able to talk about it because it is not easy.

  • Jane M.

    You are such a sweetheart! Good on you for making sure you treat yourself, your discipline really shows and whatever you decide to do as a treat will be so well deserved <3

  • Zenaide Key

    I think it’s a great thing you threat yourself 👌🎶🍾💕🍀💜🌸
    And about the « thinking fund »(I don’t know how to write it 😉I’m French) what I do (but I have the same salary each month) is that I calculate when I want the item, for instance in 10 months, and then I save the same amount each month .
    And by the way : you are amazing and you will succeed 🍀
    Look forward to your next video on your Big Goals 🌸

  • Caoimhe Ní Mhuireadhaigh

    Usually sinking funds are a regular budget line that you put a certain amount or percentage in each month. As for putting money in all of them at once or one at a time, I would personally put money towards the tests first as they are time sensitive, then do it smallest to largest. I really hope this helps!

  • Marissa Lyda - The Budgeting Wife

    I love using sinking funds to accomplish short term goals! You’re doing a fabulous job with your budget!

  • Mariya Dikova

    You are awesome! Propped on the unmade bed, doggies behind you, being super honest and real. I wish you all the best, you will make an amazing mom, your health is probably fine, find ways to deal with stress, stress is literally the worst. Enjoy your life, your man, your dogs, your opportunities. Your first and foremost responsibility on this earth is to be happy ❤️❤️❤️ much love all the way from Bulgaria

  • Maryem Tee

    Girl when you started talking abt designer bags, I said noway this girl can start confessing that she’s never had that, stupid as it is, “i mean people are dying in other countries 😂” but most girls can’t be that honest especially in LA, not gonna even start talking abt youtubers lol. your doing AMAZING with your journey, God bless you.

  • Katherine Golladay

    I know you pay for health insurance because you stated so in a previous video. Why not just go to various specialists (infertility doctor, ob/gyn, endocrinologist and allergist) to get the information you want? It may cost the same more or less than what you want to order. But I just want to warn you as some other people have already that you don't know the credibility of the facilities processing these tests and taking in your health information. I know these at-home kits are becoming popular but it CANNOT and will never replace being seen by a licensed, credentialed MD/DO. Remember every person is different and you could get an incorrect interpretation of results by someone not as qualified. Especially if you want to know about your fertility pleeeeeease do not put your health in the hands of a random company collecting your DNA and saliva.


    Love your videos!!! The best YouTuber out there!! I love sinking funds! I do an envelope method for it. I list long term and short term sinking funds on a piece of paper with a designated amount and make a separate envelope for each one then every time I put money in (actual 💵) I write it on the back with the date to track my progress. I always take money out and put it towards my sinking funds after I get a pay check like a pay you first kind of thing during my budget process. Then when the envelopes get too full I deposit them into a separate bank account that I have less physical access too (online bank or a lesser known bank).

  • johnnydtractive

    Aja I love your videos just because it's a pleasure to spend time with you. You're an open book about your own life, & I love that so much of your life is in it's own way relatable for me. We all struggle, we all have pleasures etc.
    I remember you saying in a previous vid that your ultimate goal work-wise was to do a travel show/videos–is that still true? If so, I think you should start doing it. You are such a good tour guide to your own life, that I think you should expand & become a tour guide to LA. Start shooting vids about your favourite hangouts, favourite people, favourite locations etc. Introduce us to LA, introduce us to other people who know LA & love it too. Some locations could be 'famous LA', but some could be insiders/locals favourite stuff. Introduce us to LA & show us what makes it the place you love. It would be amazing, because as I said, it's a pleasure to spend time with you, & all of us around the world have a fascination with LA. You could ask your audience what we want to know about LA, about your LA, about historical LA or nightlife LA etc.

    I think this would be so good, & you would be so good at it, that you could expand to all of California, to Las Vegas etc & you would get a job offer/opportunity to do this fulltime, to travel the world & bring us stories.

    Just sayin.

  • Julia M

    Dear Aja, I’m so so happy to see you progressing with your budget and doing such a great job. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I find your videos to be very doable and helpful for me. Thank you again.

  • Catrina Longo

    Set a goal on when you want to have the money to buy each gift then divide it into the amount of months away it is and put that money away each month. So your first three gifts are $400, $600 and $1,000 and say you want to do one every 4 months, so gift one sinking fund is $100/month, gift two sinking fund is $75/month and gift three is $85 per month. So in total you would be setting a goal of putting $260 into sinking funds per month. Whether its one account or three separate, that is up to you.

  • R Age

    I'm not going to tell you how to setup your sinking fund, but I will give you one piece of advice.  For the designer thing you want to buy, since it's going to be about 2 years before you buy it, I would suggest putting that money into a CD.  That way you can earn more interest then just a regular savings account.  The Federal Reserve is raising the rates, so you might want to put it into a 1 year CD, then put into another 1 year CD to get the maximum savings interest.

  • GBE08D 132

    Just a tip, thyroid levels can be checked by your primary care doctor as part of routine blood work and should be free with insurance 🙂

  • Susan B.

    I go by "pay yourself first." So my retirement and sinking funds all come out of my paycheck immediately so I can't accidentally spend it. I do a little each month for my infrequent expenses (car maintenance/ registration, dog/vet fund, etc.). Then I pick a goal to fund. Right now it's my travel fund because I'm going to Japan in March. 🙂

  • Brad Finn - The Finn Mindset

    Goals are super important.. they are really the thing that keep me motivated when I fall off the wagon. I look forward to your next one!

  • Jacqui Robertson

    I LOOOOVE how real you are! So honest LOVE IT! Keep it going. I want to make sinking fund goals! I feel like this is a good way to keep yourself motivated during the debt snowball for sure!!

  • TSpaceFullstop

    I've watched every single video in your financial journey.
    Such a great resource to have.
    Thank you for sharing 🏋️💛.

  • Christina Heppard

    I have sinking funds even for small things like car maintenance and cat supplies, sort of like mini emergency funds and I basically allocate $20-$30 towards each because that’s whats in my budget. I feel like the way you’re doing it though, you could use the snowball effect, get one down to keep yourself motivated.

    All that said, I’m really appreciative of how honest you’ve been with this process. I’ve just started it on my own. I can see that it’s isolating, but so far it’s also satisfying and generally calming my financial anxiety. So, thank you!

  • heythisistiana

    hey Aja, I know you started this series because you're paying off student loans, but can you do a money/ personal​ finance advice/ tips video for college students?

  • Alison Rust

    In terms of setting up sinking funds, what I did was work out how much each 'fund' would cost in a year. So say your $500 dinner and your $200 health test are things you want to save for, that's $700 you need by the end of the year, which would break down to $60 a month to be put aside. My personal sinking funds are things like christmas and birthday presents, car insurance and registration, any home maintenance, and general medical expenses. Basically things I know I need to spend money on, but not necessarily every month expenses. It was a bit of a process to calculate it all initially, but once I totalled the amount, I just set up a direct transfer and now I know that there's money set aside for my sinking funds without actually needing to think about it.

    Have really been inspired by all of your budgeting videos, and it's great to see you with positive, (fun Aja) goals for the next chapter of it all. Thank you for always being honest, vulnerable and genuine in your videos – it sets you apart here on youtube! x

  • iCode 1011

    Aja, thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I look forward to seeing your progress. Can you share more more about brand deals and the process.

  • iCode 1011

    Love that you are putting a sinking fund together and being pro-active in your stress management. Have you considered meditation to allow yourself to just be. All you need is yourself and a good meditation. It is not for me to say but you seem to need a lot of outside things to be happy, I could be wrong, but contemplate it…🙏🏼

  • see

    just a heads up about everlywell: most, of not all, of the tests they sell can be ordered by your primary care physician (or a specialist they might refer you to), which is usually covered by your health insurance. it’s wild to me to pay hundreds of dollars for tests from a big company when a health provider can order them for you discuss the results face-to-face with you.

  • Vickie X

    Hi Aja, I'm in college for my BA in Education. After receiving my BA, I would get my teaching credentials and begin searching for jobs in my field. I never considered Masters because it's just not in my best interest. Personally, I wouldn't be able to afford it. My question is, do you regret getting yourself into thousands of dollars in debts due to college? My biggest fear is debt. I would rather get some higher education and work immediately without having debts than attend higher education to get a higher paying job but be stuck in the debt loophole.

  • Bridget Baker

    I do my sinking funds a little differently for the different types of goals. There are some, like my biannual car insurance and Christmas presents, where I know exactly what I want to have available and when I need it, so it's easy to just divide that amount by the number of months I have to get there and chuck the same amount in every month. I have some sinking funds, like my car repairs and maintenance fund, that I don't know exactly when I'm going to need it — but I do know that I will need tuneups and oil changes and tire replacements and things. I figured a rough estimate of what I spend on that a year and divide it by 12, and chuck that much in each month, then it's ready when I need it. For fun stuff, like getting a tattoo or buying a new gadget, I tend to put in my leftover cash at the end of the month after all my obligations have been met. I also use a concept that I learned about from the budgeting app You Need A Budget, which is a wish farm. You make a list of all the things you want to save for and categorize them by whether they're small, medium or large goals. (For me, that's $100 or less, $100-$500, and $500+, but you can make the cutoffs whatever works for you.) Those go into a wish list category. Then you have a separate wish farm category where you keep the one small, one medium and one large goal that you're working on at the moment so you can sort of focus fire on those goals. They can be fun stuff like vacations and gadgets, or they can be less fun but important stuff like saving for a new washer/dryer set or replacing your roof. It forces you to pick priorities and allows you to see actual progress on things because you're not just sprinkling pennies into a thousand different buckets.

  • conflictpersona8

    Stress is a killer girl SRSLY its smart despite trying to hustle and kill your debt youre investing in your self care. You have to balance it out and it sounds like youre trying to and i think itll make the process a little easier to bear. What i did last year was use a portion of my income tax as a sinking fund for a party i threw for my nephew when he was born and then gifts throughout the year for occasions. Things like that throw off my monthly budget. I didn't know there was a word for what i was doing 🤔.

  • Lindsay Grillot

    We do sinking funds— we work backward from our goal date (or due date if it's something like car insurance). So we take our cost for our 6 mo. car insurance coverage and divide it by six months and allocate that every month (plus a little extra for general car maintenance). We have separate accounts (similar to envelope system) for utilities, emergency fund, travel, weddings/Christmas gifts, auto, rent and then a main checking for monthly spending (Gas/groceries/eating out). Love your videos, Aja!!

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