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– And he tried one of my outfits on, it’s the funniest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh my God! ♪ I’ll be waiting ♪ ♪ won’t give up on you, you ♪ ♪ I am waiting, ♪ ♪ always waiting for you, you ♪ – Good morning, Huntys and Huncles! Say “Good morning,” Princess. – Good morning, Huntys and Huncles! So, in today’s video I’ve partnered up with Warner Brothers Pictures,
and guess why you guys. Guess why! – Why? – You’re supposed to guess!
– Why? – A new movie is coming out! Called Small Foot, and
it’s hitting theaters. – Mommy? – September 28th. So make sure you check it out. Yes, Samia? – You know, I have a new pencil. – Cute, girl! – But now it’s in a box. – Nice. So on September 28th, I’m gonna take Samia to watch the movie Small Foot. They have an amazing cast, you guys. They have Zendaya, they have Channing Tatum, they have James Corden, and the list goes on. So, to help debut the
new inspirational song “Wonderful Life,” performed by Zendaya. We are going to do a little sing-along video together. You guys, Samia loves
singing, okay, and dancing. – Yeah.
– Do you wanna listen to “Wonderful Life,” performed by Zendaya? – Yes!
– Okay, you ready? – Yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna
listen to “Wonderful Life,” performed by Zendaya,
on our way to the mall. Okay you guys, let’s go! Thumbs up the video if you love Zendaya. – Oh yes! – Here we go. Here we go, here we go
go go go go gogo gogo go! Here we go.
(“Wonderful Life” by Zendaya) It’s a nice, inspirational,
uplifting song! Are you dancing? Anyways. I wanna see you guys do a sing-along video with your family singing
along to “Wonderful Life,” performed by Zendaya. Make sure you guys use
the hashtag Small Foot, and the hashtag Wonderful Life. That was a tongue-twister. Anyways, we’re gonna head to the mall now, and we are gonna get Samia’s toy. Ready? – Yes. Okay, let’s go. Good evening, Huntys and Huncles. I don’t even know if
you can see me, but hi. – [LaToya] Samia! – Hi everybody, bare feet. – [LaToya] She’s bare feet. She says, “Hi, everyone, I’m bare feet.” Hubby and Zayn are almost at the water. Go, go beat them! Let’s race them, let’s go! Uh oh, you lost your hat! Okay, go go go go go go go go! Go go go go go go go go go! Oh man, Samia, why am I last? Oh my gosh, mommy’s so slow! – Of all the places to run,
you run right into the bag. – [LaToya] Hey Daddy. – What’s up, everybody? – [LaToya] What’s goodie? – (mumbles) at the beach. – [LaToya] We at the beach! We’re flexing. Oh my God, people are
actually in the water? Honestly, that is insane. (hip-hip music playing) Oh my gosh. You guys. She’s swimming with her clothes on. Is it cold, Samia? – No, it’s warm. – [LaToya] Yeah right. Adam, look at your kid. She is in the water with her clothes on. It’s cold! – Dad, it’s cold! – [LaToya] Oh my gosh, she’s going off. She’s going off! Look it, look look look look look look. (smooth jazz music) Hey you guys, so I’m at
Uncle Jackie’s house. – Again. – Hi, Uncle Jackie. – You’re still here, you haven’t left. – I haven’t left, you guys. We just recorded a Fashion Nova video. He rates my Fashion Nova outfits, and he tried one of my outfits on. It’s the funniest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Here we go! Uncle Jackie tries on my Fashion Nova top! Are you ready? – Yeah. – Oh my God! – [Jackie] What do you do with this thing? (laughs) – Is that the size? Back up, back up. Hold on. – What do I do with this? – This is what you do. Hold on, hold on. It fits.
– [Zayn] Mommy, mommy. – There we go! – Yeah. – I love you, man.
– I Love you too. You are so funny. But hold on, I’m not even here for you. – I wanna eat! I still haven’t eaten. – He hasn’t fed his belly yet, but listen. I’m not here for you, I
wanna see my sectional. – Okay.
– I wanna see my sectional. I am here to see our sectional! Samia, Zayn, let’s go see
our sectional downstairs. Babe, do you wanna see
the sectional downstairs? (Adam mumbles)
I miss my sectional! – Yeah, go hug it. – [Latoya] Let’s go. Adam, come on. – [Adam] Alright. I was gonna say something
dirty, but alright. – [LaToya] Come. Alright, let’s go see the sectional. – [Jackie] And don’t video in here. – [LaToya] I won’t, I won’t. – [Jackie] Right here. I still haven’t finished the room. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. – Oh my God! Wait, why does it look better here than it did at my house?
(Samia screaming) Oh my gosh, my sectional! – [Jackie] Don’t make a mess out of it! – [LaToya] Yeah. Samia was balling her eyes out when Uncle Jackie and
his boys came to move it. She would not get up. Oh my gosh. You remember this chair, Zayn? You remember this chair? He’s like, “Whatever.” He doesn’t know. – [Jackie] Zayn, this doesn’t
belong to you anymore. Get that thing off of it. – Oh my gosh, my sectional, I miss it! – [Jackie] I cleaned it and everything. – Yeah, you cleaned it. – [Jackie] It had milk stains all over. – Yeah, it had milk stains on it for sure. – [Jackie] Don’t get black again, you can’t get black with kids. – Yeah, so I ordered a cute sofa, and it’s like a gray microfiber. So yeah, come to my house, clean it. This is cute, oh my gosh, I miss it! – [Jackie] So when you buy me a TV. When you buy me my 60-inch TV… – [LaToya] When I buy you your what? – When you buy me my 60-inch TV, I’ll put it right here, on that wall. – I just gave him–
– [Jackie] And then, I have some pictures to put up. – This is like the price of a damn car. – You need to take care of it
– [Jackie] This is? – Yes.
– You didn’t take care of it! I’m the one who cleaned it.
– [Samia] Mommy! I did this. I did it.
– [LaToya] Oh, let me see. – I did it!
Oh, that’s very– (laughs) Oh my God! Oh my God! – [Latoya] Zayn! What’s wrong with Zayn? – [Adam] Zayn didn’t do it. – [LaToya] Look at our sectional. – It looks better than
it did in our place. – [Jackie] This is big, though. It’s huge!
– [LaToya] It’s huge, right? And it’s so comfy.
– Yeah. – You said you washed it? – [Jackie] Yeah, I shampooed it. – Why? Was it that messy? – [Jackie] Yeah, it had
milk stains all over it. – [LaToya] Oh my God, don’t be an OCD. – I’m okay, I’m just had to
do it, so I got to cleaning. 60-inch TV.
– [Adam] A what? – [LaToya] He says we’re
getting him a 60-inch TV. (Adam mumbles) – [Jackie] I think cost
wise it will be cheap. After I hit 50,000 Instagram. – [Latoya] Yeah. – [Adam] You gotta ask us for one. – [LaToya] Make sure you follow
Uncle Jackie on Instagram. What’s your Instagram? – I don’t have Instagram. I don’t even know how to spell Instagram. – [LaToya] Do you miss the sectional? – No. Oh my God, record me on it. – [Adam] Wow, really? It’s not that deep. – I’m so happy that it’s in good hands. – [Adam] Well clearly, he washed it and… – [Jackie] And it can only fit this way. We try to put it over there, or… – [Adam] Zayn, why are
you trying to ride this? Zayn is trying to ride
this skateboard right here. (baby mumbles) You can’t ride that toy, boy. Look at Zayn. LaToya, look at him, he’s
trying to ride the skateboard. – [Jackie] I know, he almost wiped out. – [Adam] This funny guy. ♪- [LaToya] He was a skater boy. ♪ Anyways, Uncle Jackie, I’m gonna miss you. Gimme a hug. Give Uncle Jackie a hug! You don’t know when
you’re gonna see him next. – [Adam] Are you gonna come to Atlanta? – I think could. I think I will. I’m not a fan of the states. – [Latoya] Hold on! – But I’ll come that’s for sure I’ll come. – [LaToya] That doesn’t mean you have to be a fan of the states to come. – No I know, I’m wanna visit
my family, but I don’t. – [Adam] Why they be givin’
you issues at the border? – No, no, no. No issues. I just, I like Canada. – [Latoya] You like Canada. – Yeah. – Yeah, Canada’s a nice place. – Yeah. Alright, Huntys and Huncles. I’m bout to wrap up the vlog. I got my weave sewn in and my head is so tight. It’s so tight. – What the heck is all
that in the back there? – Braids. Ow! Adam! I have a headache. Geeze. Anyways, I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching. You like my long hair? Do you guys like my hair long or short? – I like the other hair to be honest. – Yeah, I’m likin’ the short look. I look like a grown aah woman. A mama. – You look like, right now, I don’t know. The other look was better. I know they all agree. – Yeah. I don’t like long hair anymore. – Thanks for peeping. – Thanks for peeping, your so cool. (chuckles) – Yo, how y’all find
Latoya’s life for real? How you guys find her? – Honestly, comment below. Are you enjoying the vlogs? We’re gonna be more
consistent once we move. We’ve just been ya know. – Runnin’ around. – Running around like chickens
with our heads cut off. – Yup. – Anyway, say bye bye. – Bye guys. – Goodnight, love you. – Comment, like, subscribe. – Tell me really about my hair though. Do you like it short or
do you like this look? Let me see if it can twirl. – Don’t, ow. – I mean, if you can twirl it then it makes sense. – Goodnight, you guys. – Goodnight. ♪ Oh yeah baby, pretty brown eyes ♪ ♪ I’m fallin’ in love ♪


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