Online Arbitrage Profit Breakdown 2 [Liquidation Pallets,Where to Sell Them, & for How Much]
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Online Arbitrage Profit Breakdown 2 [Liquidation Pallets,Where to Sell Them, & for How Much]

sixty-six items actually came in this
palette it’s down about twenty I believe from last palette last palette before
this was like 80 something items I wanna say was like 81 or 82 so this was 66
items came the cost of this palette was a little bit cheaper it was 108 to my
door the shipping on bulk is always 30 bucks and the cost to my door total
ended up being 138 so if you factor that in sixty-six items at 138 means each
Cottam cost 209 to my door pretty pretty cheap pretty pretty good
if I can flip them and get a good return on my investment because look at
anything else a lot of people drop ship off Aliexpress or buy Aliexpress
products and flip them back on eBay or something like that and that can work
for sure but look at your shipping times it gets you know if your if your drop
shipping for example its gonna cut its gonna maybe take two to even four week
sets sometimes to get that product from Aliexpress you’re also a lot of times
paying more than two dollars and nine cents so you’re gonna be paying a lot
more and the quality of the product is a lot lower so with these you’re off
obviously a lot of times getting brand name products a lot of them are new if
their shelf pulls like we’re gonna talk about and for 209 to your door that’s a
really great price you can’t beat something like that so I highly
recommend this like I said it’s a little bit more longer term than the coupon
arbitrage about a month or two to see your money back and then obviously you
know depending on how fast they’re gonna sell them and so on and so forth there’s
a lot of different factors that go into it but it’s a great way to make money
online flipping products with online arbitrage so what actually came we
talked about 66 items in this actual pallet they were brand new shelf holes
that’s what I always recommend that you do now the margins you’ll you’ll you
might get tempted by higher margins on some of the used products or you know
even if you buy a pallet where you’re unsure of half of them could be used
half of them could be new there looks like there’s great margins there and you
can go that route if you want to high-risk high-reward but I like the
brand new shelf polls you’re paying a little bit more to your door but to a
nine to my door is still pretty cheap in my opinion and you know you’re getting
brand-name products that are brand new that you know a lot of them still have
the tags on them so you can sell them at retail price and sell them as new
so sixty-six items like I said brand new shelf wools a lot of the brand names
that you might recognize in this one so we had some scattered shoes they were
they were you know if I remember correctly I literally just sold them
like a week on Poshmark they weren’t there really
terrible Scot your shoes but that’s a brand name so you can get away with the
self obviously pushing Skechers you know it’s a brand that’s gonna sell that
people are gonna recognize so Massimo hats so Massimo I think shirts if I
remember correctly a new day and universal thread just some ones that you
might recognize that are brand names from the actual liquidation pallet so
like I said shirts shoes hats flip-flops I believe there are Massimo flip-flops
in there too and I think that was the highest-grossing highest profit margin I
made were on the flip-flops anyway uh so where did I sell these items like we
talked about before I always like to sell these and push them you’re not
you’re not you’re not flipping them on Amazon a lot of times because it’s not
something where you can check the sales velocity of a listing so you’re not
realistic under that listing you can get away with listing some of these on
Pascha herb not on Amazon excuse me if they’re if they’re brand names and you
know there’s already a listing established however in my opinion you’re
gonna get a higher profit margin and it’s gonna be a lot easier to flip these
products specifically on Poshmark eBay in Macari so 16 of the total items of
the 66 I sold on Poshmark between you know December 3rd or
whatever it was till now which is I think it’s what is January January 18th
so a little bit over a month and a half so 16 items a total profit of 143 which
averages out to 894 roughly 9 dollar profit margin so that’s a nine dollar
profit margin on you know getting something for two bucks pretty pretty
good and you can do this like endlessly it’s a great place to park your money
and really make your money make money for you a long term eBay 7 – the items
sold for a total profit estimated I would say estimated because there are
those shipping fees that you get hit with later on in the month so I for
whatever reason eBay does it two different ways they charge you for the
actual listing fees and the fees to sell it and then later on they send you a
bill even though it’s like it’s not very much money for the actual shipping fees
because I believe you tip a 10% on shipping fees on ebay 50/50 $7 total
profit estimated average was eight dollars and fourteen cents so a little
bit over eight bucks still pretty good now I’m Acharya sold eleven items in
that time from this liquidation pallet the total profit there was 73 bucks for
a little bit less of an average but hey still pushing items for a profit
$6.63 per item on average on Macari so that
begs the question what’s the total profit so far what I actually make let’s
break down all the numbers right that’s what we’re all here for so the cost of
door like we talked about for this liquidation pallet was 138 the total
profit that I’ve sold so far if you tally up all those numbers from the last
thing is 273 dollars total profit which means that the overall profit so far and
keep in mind that I’ve only sold 34 items of that actual 66 so far because
it only has been like a month and a half the total overall profit if you take the
cost of my door and the profit that I sold so far is 135 so that means in a
month and a half I turned my you know so far
I turned my 138 into another 135 and 138 payment back if that makes any sense and
I still have 34 or 32 items right here listed on Poshmark Macari and ebay ready
to sell so I made 135 and I still have 32 items waiting to be sold that are
gonna make me more money that’s why I recommend this is the more of a
long-term thing it’s kind of park your money and you know while you’re ranking
your accounts you can be flipping products and making more money and have
your money make money for you so that assuming the same average profit so if
we take that profit from the total items that I sold so far 273 and we have 34
sales overall which is how many I’ve sold that averages out to about $8 a
little bit over $8 profit and remember guys this is profit this is after all
the fees on Poshmark or all the eBay fees not counting the shipping fees and
after all the fees on Macari because you can see the Poshmark fees you can see
your take-home pay on Poshmark you can see the fees on my car you can see your
take-home pay on Macari eBay you can obviously do that but you’re gonna have
to wait for the shipping fees if you get hit with that later on in the month or
at the beginning of the next month so that averages out to about $8 profit per
item so if we assume the same profit we have 32 items left right we’re still
sitting in eBay Poshmark and Macari which means that if I assume those 32
items sell for that same average of about 8 bucks that means I’m still gonna
make on top of the 135 profit that I’ve made so far I’m still gonna make another
250 697 in profit if all those items sell now it might take you know they
might sell within a week they might sell within two months
it depends obviously item to item and the demand
on the certain marketplace but that’s just a general rule of thumb most of
them will probably sell within a month or two max from now so that that money’s
obviously coming in to me but I’ve already profited off this palette so the
total estimated profit altogether this is the profit guys not the actual money
that I made so I get this plus the original 138 that I purchased back right
so the total profit after spending the 138 was 391 97 pretty good return on my
investment spending 138 getting that 138 back and then making another almost 400
bucks in maybe a month and a half to want two months three months max pretty
good so if I spent 138 to make 520 997 total right that means that that’s a 284
return on my investment in about one to three months on average because it’s
been about a month and a half if we you know assume that we sell those same
amount of items so third I think was 34 and 32 in another month and a half the
max its gonna take is three months to make that two hundred eighty-four
percent return on my investment now I’ve been really into investing lately I’ve
been part of my parking a lot of my money in dividend stocks in the stock
market that are like blue chip stocks so you know your your big businesses that
you know have proven long term business models and hopefully stay there so my
money’s in them for the long haul and you know my money will make money and
also pay me dividends every quarter some of them are monthly but there’s no
investment that I know of where you can basically buy something and get a 284
return on your investment in one to three months so is this a scalable
business potentially you know you might you’re not gonna be able to buy 100
liquidation pallets and list them all because it’s gonna take a long time but
it only took me about maybe 2 3 hours max to list all these items on all three
of these websites Poshmark Macari and eBay and make that you know have turned
my 138 into 529 97 that’s a pretty good return on your investment

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