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OptinMonster – The Best Conversion Optimization Software

Everyday your website receives hundreds
or even thousands of visitors but over 70% traffic leads our website never to
return. That’s frustrating because most of your
marketing efforts are wasted. These visitors should be customers but you aren’t
proactively engaging them to solve this problem OptinMonster allows you to
easily create forms to capture emails, deliver coupons, and other dynamic
content to your visitors in a way that really converts. Here are ways to start
engaging more potential customers. Pop-ups are one of the best ways to
build your email list our well designed templates grab your visitors attention
sharing your targeted ad message. Fullscreen welcome gates also known as
interstitials allows you to turn any page on your website into your highest
converting one. Floating bars attached to the bottom of your visitors screen and
scroll with them. Slide in scroll box forms appear on the
bottom right corner as the user scrolls down your website so you can grow your
email list without seeming too pushy. After post and in line optin forms are perfect for blog or
content heavy pages. OptinMonster’s interactive forms have variety of
triggers options are signature exit intent technology engages visitors who are
just about to leave or trigger a form based on the time a user spends on a
page, how far they scroll using scroll detection, or when they click on a link,
button, or an image. To further boost your conversions personalize your message
based on user’s page where they’re visiting from and even custom messages for
mobile users. Start making data-driven decisions with OptinMonster’s easy A/B
testing module to eliminate the guesswork and use our conversion
analytics to know what actions get you the best results. OptinMonster works
with all popular website and e-commerce platforms so once you’ve captured an
e-mail address send it to your favorite email marketing service the setup takes
less than five minutes. OptinMonster’s powerful
customer acquisition and lead generation technology converts visitors into
subscribers without the high costs. Start growing your customer list today

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