Oxxy Website Builder – Official Demo Video
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Oxxy Website Builder – Official Demo Video

Hi! Welcome to Oxxy, the place where you
can create and launch your websites in
minutes. No coding skills needed. Oxxy allows completely customizable
templates. And many features to create your content. You can create a new website with a click of
a button. Browse easily through your website pages
and manage them. Create a new one. Drag to reorder. And style each page individually. From the Elements’ toolbar, using drag and
drop, you can build your webpages by adding
images, galleries, videos, menus, Soundcloud,
Spotify, buttons, Paypal and many other. Another awesome feature is the “Style
editor” that allows you to add visual effects
to each element. Set corners. Add an Inner border, Outer border, Inner glow Outer glow, and a Drop shadow. Use the integrated “Media Library” to
manage your files. There is so much you can do for your
website without coding. Have fun creating!

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