Poshmark Ambassador’s Best Sharing Hacks to MAKE MORE SALES [& get more followers]

alright guys now I’m back here and I
want to show you yet another Poshmark shearing hack that’s really going to
help you out and really help scale you know the sales up that you can get if
you’re just starting out now this works if you’re you know a veteran this works
if you’re just starting out as well but obviously the most questions I get are
from people that are just starting out now a defendant F well if at any point
in time you want to check out my Poshmark course $10 discount link in the
description first link in the description will take you to that course
it’s great course I’ve literally scaled up to seven grand in this pass that’s
just this year to date so in the past you know roughly eleven and a half
months I’ve scaled up to seven grand literally working for about an hour a
week I barely do this I do it on the side but you know it’s some great side
income for anybody that could use an extra seven grand a year you know great
great business on the side and then obviously you can take that and scale it
up more if you want to I just kind of do it on a little bit of side work but that
course we’re running through everything from you know starting with clothes in
your own closet all the way to scaling up you know getting wholesale clothes
and automation which is crucial for the actual you know sharing and reshare
process a little bit beyond the scope of this video but today I’m gonna give you
a Poshmark hack that’s really gonna help you if you’re not at that automation
phase yet and you’re really kind of just starting out you know and you want to
get more eyes on your potential clothes to make more sales so what I recommend
that you do is you’re gonna go to parties and you’re gonna share from
parties now the best time that you can share from a party and I’m gonna go into
this at the very end actually on the best time but the best time that you can
share from a party that’s not the actual best time that that makes any sense is a
live party so if there’s a live party going on which obviously there is not
right now you know then that’s the best time to share from the party that where
people have literally just shared because you know that those people are
active on the app or the website right now so if you you know it’s that law of
reciprocity that we share that we talked about from yesterday’s video if you
haven’t checked out yesterday’s video I’ll drop a link in the description and
I’ll also drop a card up in the right-hand corner right now if you want
to check it out basically goes into how you know you can share from Pacha
ambassadors and suggested users that is really gonna help leverage their closets
to make you more sales however what I’m talking about today is sharing from
parties and why that’s you know beneficial so if there’s a live party
going on obviously that’s the most beneficial but if
not come down to pass parties and this last party you know just happened and
I’m actually gonna go to this one for reference because I literally did this
this morning when I was you know kind of uh drinking my coffee I was sharing from
this past party so I’m gonna go to this one for the simple fact that I literally
shared about 200 items from this this party earlier but let’s pretend that I’m
clicking the first one because that’s the most recent party that just happens
so you’re gonna click that first party you’re gonna scroll down and you’re
simply gonna share some stuff and maybe you know 8 to 20 item increments and you
know every 10 to 15 minutes now you don’t have to do this every 10 to 15
minutes but you know share 8 to 10 things or 8 to 20 things come back to
half-hour later share it to 20 more the reason that that’s going to help you is
because you’re gonna share all those you know to your potential followers and
those people are all going to get notifications that you shared thus
they’re gonna have feel that law of reciprocity on Poshmark like we talked
about it’s just like like for like on Facebook or like for like on Instagram
you know somebody shares your piece of clothing on Poshmark you want to share
theirs back it’s how it kind of works is how you get exposure and that’s how you
can leverage you know other people’s closets to make more sales but this is
great because you know that these people are active a lot of people when you know
they just started out or they’re just starting out on Poshmark they’re gonna
go right to their feed and they’re gonna share where they’re gonna go and they’re
gonna start following stuff and following people and that can all help
but if you want to get the most eyes on your potential products and the most
sales that you could possibly can to make the most money because that’s the
whole idea here we’re not trying to build a following to just a massive
following on Poshmark you know maybe some of you are but I’m not I’m trying
to make money you know that it’s a the following is a byproduct of making the
money so make the money first but you’re simply come down here and share to your
followers so share from the party and maybe share 8 to 20 things you know
really fast and this helps if you do this on the computer because you can do
it a lot faster with the mouse if you have a touchscreen computer you do it a
lot faster and iPad works great too and then you’re gonna share all your
followers and what these people are gonna do is you’ll start seeing right
here the notifications already coming back in these people are simply sharing
my items back to their followers now some of their followers yes if they’re
not suggested users they might only have like a thousand followers and me
specifically if we go to my closet right here I think I have like 45,000 43,000
43 6 or whatever so you know you might not always be
getting the benefit of having somebody with a bigger closet to share your
products but you know that these people you know potentially most likely have
other followers that are not your followers so you’re getting more eyes on
your products so those people might follow you they might like your stuff
they might you know obviously you know potentially buy hopefully and you know
you could a lot of these people that are active and parties are active on the app
if they’re sharing to the parties they’re active on the app thus they’re
there they’re clearly going to share yours back most likely and on top of
that they’re also you know if you know you have men’s clothes for example
because I sell a lot of men’s clothes what I’ll do is calm and I’ll share that
all my men’s clothes to the top of my closet so I’ll share them to my
followers to organize them back to the top of my closet right and then I’ll go
to the men’s party and I’ll share things from the men’s party knowing that the
people in the men’s party are obviously men looking for men’s clothes so when
they come to my closet to share back they might potentially buy so I hope all
that makes sense it’s really really simple to put it short to share from the
latest parties if there’s a live party that’s great
if there’s not a live party share from the most recent party that just passed
that will get more eyes when you get to share backs on your products and your
you know your potential clothes and then you can make more money to make more
sales when you get those items and and you know the sales in now I’ve noticed
really 100 percent you know when I don’t share from parties during a day I don’t
I don’t make as many sales when I go when I share from parties during that
day I typically make two to three sales a day and I’m literal I Chi said I only
do this in my spare time but I’ve noticed that you know when I
share from parties it usually correlates with more sales for that day so
implement this tactic hit that like button if you appreciate the value in
today’s video also don’t forget that the course is in the description if you want
to grab that it’s literally only $10 on there’s a $10 discount link in the quote
in the description first link in the description another little tip if you
stay for this late in the video is sharing toward the end of parties so
that’s the best tip that I was talking about in beginning is yes share from the
live parties share from the latest parties but if you can go let’s say
hypothetically is it’s 7:05 right now in the morning let’s there obviously
there’s no parties right now usually they’re like
three six and nine but let’s say hypothetically a party was going on
right now and I knew it was almost you know – it was it was – 57 and the
party’s ending at three because there’s a party usually from 12 to 3 you want to
share as close to three you want to share all of your items from your closet
to that party as close as possible to the end of the party the reason being is
because that’s gonna leave your clothes see when I click this past party and all
these clothes at the very top of the past party it’s because these people
shared their clothes at the very end as close to you know whatever that was as
possible so maybe that was midnight maybe that was 9 8 9 p.m. but it the
closer to the actual end of the party so if it ends at 9 share them at 8:59
that will give you the highest chance to have your products end up at the top so
that when other people come back to the party they they see them and have the
potential to buy and be on top of that they’ve seen them have the potential to
share like I’m teaching you here all these people are getting the benefit of
me sharing to my followers because they’re at the top of the party I’m not
gonna scroll you know 24 hours down to check the bottom of the party not 24
hours but you get the point so that’s another great way and you can see here
just in the time I’m teaching you 15 you know notifications of people sharing
my items maybe ones one is a sale I’m not sure but that’s a great other little
tip and trick that can get you more sales so you can leverage other people’s
followers and leverage parties to your advantage so hope you liked it and I’ll
see you in the next one

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