all right so hello hello hello I’m so excited to be back if this is your first time watching thank you so much for stopping by I guess you saw the title Poshmark and you have some interest in punch mark and you want to learn more parts if you want to be successful that a lot of money and hey I feel you look at this coins so this is the first time please stay watching I’m gonna give you some great great great tips and tricks on how to grow a parchment how to make a lot of money on parchment and how to make it quick because we all love some quick cash so stay watching I don’t want to talk too much I am so excited to do this do you guys know as my last videos I’m always very excited to do these videos because I love helping people I really love and enjoy giving information to others that they can use to to benefit them so let’s get started I don’t want to talk too much my last videos were extremely long so I’m gonna make this quick so all you have to do is build a large number of followers so that you can greatly increase your visibility on Poshmark and by extension your sales so this may sound daunting but it happens naturally to just be an active of parsh mark following other users and sharing their listings it’s crucial make sure you follow a lot of people don’t do the same thing that I did if you look at my following I’m only following 543 people and then I have 1249 followers don’t do that okay make sure if you have 1049 followers like me make sure you’re at least following everyone back and even more like follow everyone you don’t want to look you don’t want to seem like that posture that has like a whole bunch of followers and it’s only following like 10 people that doesn’t look right on parsh mark it is crucial to have a lot of followers but it is as crucial to be following a lot of postures as well because that just shows that you’re active on the app so that’s also a good thing like you see I already have one notification I’m pretty sure someone just followed me back it is always good to follow people follow everybody one tip that I love doing is for example on this closet hello Lisa this user has 37,000 followers and look she’s following 97,000 so that is a crucial tip on what I am speaking about you see so she’s following her 37,000 followers and more so another tip what I do is when I see postures who have such an amount such a high amount of followers I go and I follow their followers and then you know it’s you’re not stealing followers don’t think you’re you’re like stealing someone’s followings no what you’re doing is you’re being active on the app you’re interacting and you’re just you know you’re following people as you should be doing because what that does is that’s gonna bring more traffic to your account and more traffic means more sales so make sure you do that that is crucial okay and another thing is sharing oh yeah one more thing about following is that you can also follow your favorite brands that way you can always get like notified whenever prices drop down and you’ll get it on your newsfeed when someone like this is an item that you’re interested in and just like you know you could get like prices and stuff pretty cheap stuff up to 70% on name-brand items so that’s also great now make sure you share share and share like the more you share the greater the chances of you getting a sale okay so so yeah so make sure you share share share there’s a party going on right now so I’m showing all of my items to that party make sure you take advantage of the Poshmark parties share all of your items on the to the parties because there’s thousands of users on parchment during the party times and your listings are going to be seen by thousands of people in that party even if you don’t get selected as a host pick your items are still going to become visible because there will be on the there will be in the party so they would always be here in the party so people usually come back and shop directly from the parties what I usually do is I go on host pick and I just congratulate people like our just like you know comment or congratulations and you know this brings this brings views and it does from traffic to your to your closet so make sure you congratulate people let them know hey congratulations on your host pick I will be sharing and hopes to bring you more sales that’s just a good way to make Poshmark friends that’s just a good way to bring followers to your Poshmark and most of these people I get postures that their items get selected and you congratulate them they always come back and show love and just you know say thank you and they usually always come back and and share some items in your closet and return so make sure you always interact doing parties and that’s a great way to bring traffic to your Poshmark closet so make sure you always interact in the parties so there’s one great thing it’s called the drop prices so this is a big way to make sales on Poshmark okay so lift your items at a bit high to allow room for drop in the price later so once you have a few likes on your item for example this item I have 62 likes and I have it listed at $25 once you have a few likes drop the price to at least 11 percent to trigger a sale okay so I’m gonna drop this price I’m going to make it $18 it was 25 I’m gonna make it $18 this was sent a push notification to all the users who liked your items just reminding them about er about it how I can talk so price drops usually trigger discounted shipping so buyers will not only get a lower price but also a break on shipping costs buyers know to expect it so they will often like an item and just wait for the price to drop okay so often buyers will get the push notification about your item ring my up and just remember it and make an offer so be prepared to receive offers and just always make sure that if you’re gonna drop the price people usually make an offer around that price so don’t go too low on the price drop that way you can still get some profit from your items so yeah so just make sure you like I swear I promise I swear by it if you share your items you are going to bring traffic into your closet more traffic means more sales so make sure you do that also um a lot of people don’t mention this but it’s you know on your closet make sure you have like a nice clean closet if you guys look on my closet you guys would see that it you know it looks clean it looks nice and looks like an actual boutique um usually for the sake of this video I’m not gonna do it right now but I usually coordinate my listings by colors so I would just make sure that I have a nice clean closet by IDing my items like by just like color coordinating my items by another a bit of a mess because I was just sharing a whole bunch before this video and I don’t really have time right now to just go through everything in color coordinate but that test week your items look very good especially when you have pieces of clothing it just makes like if you have a whole bunch of shirts and pants and jackets and sweaters just color coordinate them and it does make the closet look really nice if you’re gonna see I keep getting notifications of just people sharing my items so jazzy TXO share my unlisted so and you see this is amazing she has 20,000 followers which means that potentially 20,000 people will see my items because she just shared my items so this is a perfect example as well you see that jazzy ex jazzy EXO has 20,000 followers and she’s following 55,000 other followers that is amazing that means that she’s active on the app and that is exactly how you want your Poshmark account to look if you have 20,000 followers make sure you’re following 40,000 people it shows that you’re active it shows that you’re you know you’re on the app and it shows that you are going to bring me potential sales so I want to be interactive interacting with you I want to follow your closet I want you to follow me back and I will be sharing your items because it is to my best interest that you share my items as well because of the amount of followers that you have so make sure you do that as well it is crucial to have followers it is crucial to follow and it’s crucial to share your items if you don’t share you’re not going to make any sales okay I’m telling you right now you’re not making no money you’re not getting paid if you don’t share your items and just also make sure you have nice packaging I will make a video soon about packaging and how I packaged like my items before styling before sending them out so that is also also very crucial now one quick tip is I also always congratulate me I always welcome I take some time of my day to welcome new postures and what I would do is I already have a macro for this I have a little congratulations why I keep saying congratulations I have a little a welcome greeting and you know you guys can let me down below if you guys want this I can copy and paste it on my description box or I’ll like reply to your comment if you’re interested in this Mac that way you guys can use it to welcome new closet so what I do is I’ll go on a new closet this person has one listing they just created their account three minutes ago and I just you know write a little comment letting them know welcome to Poshmark you’re going to love it here trust me it becomes addictive make sure you share share share and follow as many users as you can to maximize your sales if you’re here to shop make sure you follow your favorite brands and like the items you like so that you can receive notifications on price drops lastly if you have any questions feel free to tag and I will help you so this right here you’re not only helping new postures where you’re also building your stats with parchment that is really good because parchment back-end does look at this when they’re deciding if they’re gonna make your Poshmark user they do get notified every time you do this and they they trust me Poshmark is aware that you’re welcoming new postures and this gives you just more status on becoming a suggested user a top seller and you know you just always want to make sure you have a good name on parchment again trust me that helps not only does that help with like the backend of Poshmark but that also brings you brand new faces to your closet brand new people that just join Poshmark and they’re gonna first we’re gonna look at is your closet and they’re gonna be like wow like I want my closet to be as nice as that closet I want to have as many followings and followers as that person and you know they’re just gonna end up following you or even making a sale from your closet so these are my tips and tricks I’m so excited that I have posh words back I have already made a couple sales on my posh Mike account I already have one hundred and twelve dollars that I can redeem and yeah if you guys loved this video make sure you comment down below your closet name comment any questions you guys have if you guys feel like I missed anything let me know down below I am planning on making a lot more videos so make sure you subscribe and hit that little belt so that you can get notified every time I post a new video and yes make sure you’re coming in constantly below I want to follow you guys I want to grow my followings and I want to become long-life Poshmark buddies like I want us to be posh mic sisters I want us to grow together and get this money together if you are new don’t forget to subscribe please guys let me know if you guys have any questions and I’ll be right here to help you guys I’m only a closet away have a good one you guys later and kisses

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