Poshmark Review – Men’s Poshmark Review
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Poshmark Review – Men’s Poshmark Review

what’s going on YouTube thank you guys
for checking this video out I need you guys to do one thing right now and that
is to get your phones out go to the App Store and download the Poshmark app
alright this is what it looks like right here you see that Poshmark
alright download the Poshmark app guys because I’m getting ready to tell you
that it’s not only for women there’s a lot of stuff on there for men we can go
on there buy some really good stuff good prices and we can also sell a lot of our
used items and get some money for it so it’s a win-win definitely download I
have the link down below also if you’re new you put the code Sandu heart Si and
D you J r33 and you’re going to get $5 off whatever you buy your first purchase
so definitely take advantage of that but let’s get right into what Poshmark is
about all right so with Poshmark I think I’ve been a member since about 2015 the
only problem was it was pretty much all women it was all women selling clothes
nothing on there for men I know I posted a couple of things maybe a couple years
ago I put some stuff I got in one of my gentleman’s box uh one thing actually
sold but it was actually a woman buying it for her husband so it looked like it
wasn’t really for men but more recently at that I took another look at it and I
noticed there’s a bigger you know male presence on the app which is good
because now I have you know I get a lot of boxes that do reviews for gentleman’s
box into reviews for watch it’s a lot of different things so now all Poshmark
I’ll be able to post a lot of things if you guys are interested in some of the
things I have I could always put it on Poshmark for
you if you want to buy it I mean I put them I put the I it was pretty cheap on
there so definitely I’m going to show you guys exactly what that app looks
like another thing I wanted to tell you guys about is the posh protect policy
now with this policy you don’t have to worry about you know fraudulent items
fake items like let’s say a Rolex you are covered because if it’s not
authentic that person that selling its you is not getting paid yet so you know
you’ll get that money back and you’re safe so that Beverley helps without
purchasing with the confidence that you know you’re not gonna be getting
something fake because for the pictures you you might not be able to tell so
me show you exactly what my closet looks like so you guys could go follow my
closet since I know you guys already downloaded the app guys so here is the
Poshmark app this is my feed my home screen you
see a lot of different people that I follow on here happens to be a lot of
women from before but for the guys we are on here so if you were to search
let’s say you go to the men’s side like I already have in here a blue tide said
you were looking for a blue tie for some type of event you can go on here scroll
through maybe you’ll find a blue tie because you don’t want to spend forty 45
dollars at Macy’s you can go on here you might be able to find something for
cheap you know $5 for the Kenneth Cole reaction something fun like an Elmo tie
if it’s some kind of fun event but you can go through and scroll and see a lot
of different things also I’ve been looking at the speed trainer shoes I
really like them but I don’t never know if they’re real or fake but with the
whole poss protecting I feel a lot more confident and actually buying these
shoes getting them receiving them you know confirming that they’re real and
then being happy with my purchase because if they’re not I am gonna be
able to get my money back because the Posche protector so I’m going to show
you guys exactly my closet like I said Sam to r33 is my closet which is sa ND
UJ r33 that is my closet that’s also going to get you five dollars off your
first purchase so if you like something I have on here definitely come on this
app message me let me know what you think also you know you can buy from
anybody on here this definitely it’s a fun community on this patch mark Ablett
as you can see I have six hundred and sixty followers I’m following some
people you know when you share other people’s closets
they share yours back and then you just get more you know eyes on your your the
items that you’re selling so it’s a pretty cook it’s like a social there’s a
social media aspect to the whole Poshmark selling your items app so as
you can see right here I have a cup of watches from watch gang
I like these watches it’s just I already have a black watch so let me just let me
sell one right so on here I have this two ruler automatic really nice
automatic watch I have some of the details 100 meter water resistant
sapphire crystal made in Germany and on here you know you see somebody sending
you an offer let’s make a deal the offer was not what I wanted so I
told them you know I just didn’t I didn’t end up going to deal but right
here you can see how you know I would post it and then you can also see I have
another watch right here this is also from watch gang I have a couple mesh
watches so for this what I was like let me sell it
just watch it’s pretty cool because it looks green in this picture of the face
but at times it looks blue as well so it’s kind of got like this is a weird
it’s a really cool weird type of face because it looks blue at times and it
looks green at times so that’s pretty cool this is from William Gregor and
this is what I have it on therefore you could definitely take a look at that
also I have I think from one of my more recent gentleman’s box I pretty much put
the whole gentleman’s box on there I have the argyle socks as you can see
right here green and gray argyle socks from the 36 Golf Company I have a green
pattern tie right here from do vetti does you can see that’s on there and as
you can see I have the retail price on there and also what I’m selling it for
on Poshmark then I have just a regular basic watch
right here 20 bucks if you if you like the green face of it it’ll definitely
it’s like a fashion watch it definitely uh match perfectly if you’re wearing
green I also have this nice wooden watch right here from a wood republic I
probably got to edit those pictures because the Lighting’s not too good so
that’s probably why I’m not getting too many hits but that item on there this is
one of the I was actually so there was a lady messaged me she was like can you
send this out to me my husband needs it were going to a wedding so sent it out
to her she was happy got good feedback and then right here I have this a
stroganoff sty alright you don’t want to spend thirty ninth the storm selling it
for ten on Poshmark alright and then we have some polka dot socks
like I said I’m the I got lots of lots of socks so I’m gonna start putting more
socks on here eight dollars five dollars just for people to to buy because I
don’t need that many socks right and then I just have this khaki color pocket
square on here max with that it matches with the cut with
the lapel pin that I sold but they didn’t buy it together so those are the
items in my classes like I said I’m gonna be adding a lot more stuff Poshmark is for men now as well so
definitely guys go check it out you could shop for your wife on there this
is it it’s like a thrift shop online you got some brand new stuff people have
boutiques where the stuff is you know guaranteed to be brand new and then you
have sellers that are just selling used items like like you would in a thrift
shop but it’s online that you can just see so so many different items another
thing on here is the pasta edica they tell you the do’s and the don’ts of
posting on here the do’s and the don’ts of buying on here they really have a
nice community on here everybody’s respect respectful and you know a lot of
people like to share each other’s items so that you’re able to you know expand
your reach with your classes so there’s a lot of cool things I think I’m gonna
do another follow-up video see how well I do selling items on here if I’m making
any money let you guys know if it’s you know if I can make any money with it I
think I’m gonna be able to do pretty well because I do get a lot of items
from a lot of different companies where I’m doing reviews so that I could throw
going in if you like up from the reviews you can go and buy it from you know
cheaper price on Poshmark so that’s um that’s everything right there guys make
sure you download that Poshmark app thank you guys for sticking around
through this uh video I’m gonna be doing a lot more videos Poshmark I’m probably
gonna follow up with uh you know how I’m doing
maybe if I found some good strategy some good tips for you guys on selling but
that’s it for me guys thank you have you


  • Vanessa Stevens

    Just found this great men’s box from Walmart. Only $7 for shipping and it was filled with some really great stuff! Perfect for father’s day 🙂 I purchased one here: https://mensgroomingbox.walmart.com/

  • Hillary Marek

    Hey love I'm working on a Poshmark book right now and would love to include you. HMU on Posh under @hillarysHouston if you're interested in including this story and offering advice to readers who might be cautious about buying or selling menswear online. Talk to you soon! Respectfully Hillary Marek .

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