Pyres Of The Night – 18 DAYS
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Pyres Of The Night – 18 DAYS

– He’s here, your highness.
– Send him in. Shalya. When I was told you’d survived the fire and returned to camp, I was impressed. However, I’m irritated that you FAILED to bring me the heads of Abhimanyu and Bhima! My king… I… Never mind your pathetic excuses! I was going to have you EXECUTED for your miserable failure. But Karna had a better idea… You, Shalya, Superwarrior General, are stripped of your rank and title immediately. You will now SERVE the Kaurava Army as Karna’s CHARIOTEER! Well, well, isn’t this a sight? Lord Bheeshma watching others partake in their base instincts? What will people say? When you’ve sworn the oath I have, Lord Drona, watching others give in to temptation is the only indulgence one has.


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