Rainbow Unicorn Stuff You Can Find on Amazon 🦄 | Fun Mythical Unicorn Toys for Kids

(upbeat electro-pop music) – Hey guys, it’s Kamri
from the Kamri Noel channel and today I will be showing you guys just how much unicorn
stuff there is on Amazon. So, I went looking on Amazon the other day and found a whole bunch of unicorn stuff that I will be
showing/demonstrating for you today. But before we get on to the video, make sure you subscribe
and comment down below what mythical creature is your favorite. Now onto the video. (upbeat pop rock music) All right, the first thing
I found is a unicorn hat. Now according to my unicorn anatomy class, the unicorn head holds its
hopes, magic and dreams. So that’s why I will be wearing this hat for the rest of the video. (upbeat pop rock music) Number two, unicorn meat. This comes from Radiant Farms, is an excellence source of sparkles, and has magic in every bite! (squeals) Does that mean I get
magic every time I eat it? (upbeat pop rock music) Number three, unicorn drink raft. According to this, it will not tip over and is guaranteed to
be the hit of a party. And you also, you don’t get one, you don’t get two, but you
get three unicorn drink rafts. (cheering) (upbeat pop rock music) Next, unicorn band-aids. Remember when you were a kid and you would always think that band-aids had magic healing powers so you would put them all over your body? Well, these band-aids actually do. It says so on the box. Plus, there’s a free prize inside. (upbeat pop rock music) Next, the unicorn popper. You’ve heard of Nerf gun wars, but have you heard of unicorn popper wars? Well, now you have. Guys, these can shoot up to 20 feet, and you have six rainbow
balls that come with it. But warning, don’t shoot at
anybody’s heads, or animals. (dog whimpering) (upbeat pop rock music) Guys, what do you call a smart unicorn? An acorn! (laughing) And let me tell you, this is
one smart unicorn right here, because I used this magically
awesome duct tape right here to make me an even more
magical pencil holder. (squeals) (upbeat pop rock music) Hey Kamri, what do
unicorns eat for breakfast? I dunno, what do they eat for breakfast? Lucky Charms. (laughs) (upbeat pop rock music) Bag of Unicorn Farts. I don’t really know how
I feel about this one. It says that they’re 100%
magical, majestic and mythical, but I’ve never met a majestic
or mythical fart before so we’re just gonna have to see. (upbeat pop rock music) Oh look, we get another bag. It’s cotton candy! I think I’m really gonna
like unicorn farts. (upbeat pop rock music) I would like you to meet my friend Stuart. He likes to hold my pencils so
I can draw magical rainbows. He also likes to dance on
rainbows and eat sprinkles. We interrupt this video
for an important message from the unicorn council. Unicorn parking only. Violators will be turned into rainbows. And that is a true story. (upbeat pop rock music) Hmm, what unicorn item
should we show next? (upbeat pop rock music) Need a throw pillow for your bed? This one’s super cute, and
it’s soft, and it’s magical. Bam. (upbeat pop rock music) Now everybody knows that unicorn snot is beautiful and sparkly. So it just makes perfect
sense that unicorn snot would be the perfect
gel for face and body. (sneezes) (upbeat electro-pop music) Need a gift idea? This unicorn poop soap will do the job. It’s made with avocado oil, olive oil, glitter and happiness. Nothing like washing your
hands with pure magic. (upbeat electro-pop music) What are these you ask? Why these are my colorful
rainbow leg warmers. Let me just show you. Awesome. Majestic. And magical. (upbeat electro-pop music) Inflatable unicorn horn for cats. I wonder if it would work for a dog? Well, I’d say it works. I hope this video produced rainbow smiles for each and every one of you. If you wanna watch my other
videos then click over here, and if you wanna join my Kamricorn club, then comment down below
with the hashtag Kamricorn. See you soon, bye. (upbeat pop rock music)

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