Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!
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Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!

Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse Today I want to talk about Why, if you have an eBay business, you should at least consider having one or more spare eBay accounts? The first reason is insurance, so peace of mind for a better word. The same reason with car insurance just in case, what if something goes wrong
with your main eBay account. What if something unforeseen happens, you suddenly get random negative feedbacks
or defects? Approximately 40% of all eBay buyers will leave
feedback and the other 60% simply won’t leave any feedback
at all. Most eBay buyers do the right thing and if they want to leave feedback, the feedback they leave is normally positive. However, some buyers, maybe having a bad hair
day, had an argument with their spouse, or something could be wrong with the product, and they’ll simply leave a negative feedback. If and when this happens, and this happens
to us all We ourselves will do everything we can to have the feedback reversed. However, this does not always work and sometimes the customer will refuse to remove the feedback no matter what. This happens to every seller over time and it simply comes down to the law of averages. And eBay knows the average and they expect every professional eBay seller to get negative feedbacks and defects. Normally for most eBay sellers, out of all their
transactions, they’ll get less than 2% negative feedbacks, and less than 2% defects. However, we all know, there’s somebody out
there, and sometimes unfortunate thing happen which can be out of our control. For these things, we need to have some sort
of insurance. The simple solution is to always have a spare
eBay account or multiple eBay accounts. The spare eBay account simply sits around
collecting dust and is simply there ready if you need them. And you can use it for multiple things as
I’ll show you. If you set up spare eBay accounts, use them to initially purchase items only. This way you can rack up some positive feedbacks from all the items you purchase. And the spare account is only used for purchasing
items and therefore can only receive positive feedback. Back in 2014, eBay stop sellers from being out
to leave negative feedback. If something goes wrong with the main eBay
account or you suddenly get too much negative feedback you can immediately shut down those listings and move the listings to the spare account. After 12 months, all the negative feedback will automatically drop off and you can then again start selling on the original
main account. The advantage from spare account sooner than
later is the gaining of history. And the history comes in two parts. First is the date you open the spare account, i.e today or 6 months ago, whatever Buyers prefer to purchase from accounts that were not opened this month. And the 2nd advantage of having a spare account, sooner than later is you can start racking up some positive feedback now from purchases. Buyers prefer to purchase from sellers with at least 20 feedbacks, preferably more. The more feedback you have, the more social
proof you have. However, any over 100 doesn’t make a
huge difference. To accumulate feedback on the spare account, simply start purchasing items which we’d normally
be purchasing from other locations like the shopping mall,
etc. Also, get your spare, kids use the spare account to purchase items. There’s no need to go and spend money that you were going to spend
anyway. Instead of dropping to the local mall to purchase, say, office supplies, birthday presents, knick knacks around the house, etc consider purchasing them using your spare
eBay account. Very often with eBay, of course, there’s a better range, and normally cheaper and they’ll get delivered to your door. You’ll also get the added bonus of getting feedback to your account. A point to note though is if you’ve been suspended by eBay for any reason including repeatedly breaking the rules or a defect rate greater than 5%, a spare eBay account in your name might
not help you as eBay can block all the accounts. Another reason to have multiple eBay accounts so that you can run each business separately with separate financials. For instance, our import business is totally
separated from our drop-shipping business. And also the overseas business is also totally
separate. They all have the separate accounts. The 3rd reason to have multiple eBay accounts is simply to say you can sell off eBay niche
businesses. If you have an eBay account that sells anything
and everything, you take out all of a particular niche, say gardening and then put in your spare eBay
account and then you can simply rename the spare eBay
account, get a graphic artist to create a new logo,
listing template, etc to match the niche and bingo, you have a new sellable eBay business. There are ton of buyers out there who prefer to pay a premium, buying an existing eBay business rather than building one themselves from scratch. That’s all for this week Please, if you’re running an eBay business
and do not have a spare backup account, please stop what you’re doing now and create one. It will only take you less than 5 minutes and it’ll cost you nothing and I’m sure it’ll give you great peace of mind. That’s all for this week If you’re watching this video anywhere else
besides my blog, please come over to for more eBay hints, tips and goodies. Please give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down, I don’t mind either way. Please click on the Share buttons below, everybody loves a share. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you’re up to. Let me know you’re alive 🙂 Until next week, list more sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.


  • Ricky Chilcott

    Can you have a ebay accounts in,, and if you live in Australia?
    I can't workout how you can do free shipping with drop shipping in the US with an Australian account.

  • Deb Brooksbank

    Thanks Neil. Great information. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went and opened another account. Really enjoying watching your video's and learning all the great advice you share.

  • representing50plus

    I don't understand this at all 04:09 how do you sell your ebay business.

    I've had a second acct for years. I use to use it for purchases only. This was to keep people from knowing what I was buying. But then ebay changed it a few years ago and made it a little more difficult to see who was buying what by changing the buyers names it feedback by adding asterisks to the name.

  • ali abid

    How to open multiple stores on eBay ?and how to open PayPal different accounts?should we open with different names?or can we open with same ?

  • I. M.

    1. How do i open a second ebay account, and 2. can it be a free account? I have had a basic store for aprx 6 months and just upgraded to premium last week.

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