rebuilding my whole entire closet & wardrobe pt.1
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rebuilding my whole entire closet & wardrobe pt.1

Hello, I want a new wardrobe. I’m sure all of you are saying “dude, don’t we all” But, there is a way that I’m gonna make this happen So, this is gonna be like a new series on my channel I guess of kind of just getting my closet to be perfect. Perfect for me, perfect for my style. Perfect… just in general. Currently , I would say I wear maybe like 20 to 25% of my closet. Not good, I know. I have a few plans. So plan number one. I’m going to minimize… minimalize. Both, actually. I have realized that having more clothes in my closet does not mean that I’m going to wear them. Probably my biggest goal is to have a closet full of stuff that I will wear. That I will wear every single piece in my closet. Obviously, I know things can be seasonal. I’m not gonna be wearing like a jacket, a huge jacket all year. You know what I mean. I’m just talking about in general, every single piece of my closet I will wear. And I will have something to pair it with and it will be great So the first step to that kind of is to minimize my closet, take everything out. I have already taken out so, so many things. I have sold so many things on Depop. I have donated tons. Actually not tons, probably like two full trash bags of clothes. Style and clothes is something that’s super important to me and always has been. But, I just I’ve talked about this before, that the way I dress, my style… that’s just really personal to me. I really– I don’t even know how to explain it. When I am not dressed in an outfit that I am not confident in, it makes me feel not confident. And it crushes my self-esteem and then I feel bad and it’s just a really weird Thing and sometimes I just have a really weird relationship with clothes. So I just want to be happy in what I wear I don’t think I need a trillion million things in my closet to be happy with that I want less clothes in my closet but more things that I will wear That’s my first step is to clean out my closet again, hopefully for like the final time I just spit, sorry Hopefully for like the final time get everything listed on Depop sell it, donate it, do whatever I need to do to get those clothes clothes to a new home. This is my closet currently looks like it’s a mess I have clothes that I need to hang up and put away but I just haven’t really done it because it’s just clothes that I Might be donating so I don’t want to hang it up and do that when I’m just gonna take it off the hanger a few More things before I get started I have been doing a lot of research on sustainable fashion and the fashion industry and all that stuff Another one of my goals is to only buy from brands that have some sort of good impact on the environment fast fashion like forever 21 in Brands like that or just so so horrible for the environment and I just do not want to support that I am not perfect. But the problem is that sustainable fashion is really really expensive and it’s really not accessible to everyone That is why doing things like thrift shopping and going on Depop or Poshmark or whatever second hand apps are really great for the environment because then you are not buying from companies like that that, who are just overall not good. You can obviously do your own research on why those types of companies are not good Whatever clothes I do buy I do want it to be from brands that are a little bit more ethical and sustainable So just keep that in mind I will obviously be sharing brands like that in future videos because today I’m not going to buy anything I am just actually getting to start the process of cleaning everything out. Let’s get started. So Here is my Depop pile My mom has been begging me to get rid of this pile of clothes and even tech accessories forever and today was finally the day for me to Donate /Depop all of this to get rid of it. I Honestly can say I really like shoes and I am like interested in them But I’m not the type of person to like buy a ton in a ton of shoes I’m more like that with like shirts and pants and stuff like that. I wouldn’t say I have like no Okay, I do I do have a lot of shoes but like not like a disgusting amount. I don’t think… So, I keep my shoes in these boxes right here. I have two of them and they are overflowing. I have a few more pairs back here Here is all of my shoes right here Actually, I have my Balenciagas up there… not tryna flex, but that is my last pair of shoes So I’m gonna start by going through all of these and talking about them I guess I’m gonna make it fast because I kind of do have a lot of pairs. Pair number one I don’t think I have ever worn these ever I think I got these for Christmas like two years ago for the winter and I just haven’t won them because I’m not the type to wear slippers. So um, these are getting donated. My platform Doc Martens. Definitely keeping, I wear these all the time. White Doc Martens, definitely keeping. These new shoes are not something that I wear all the time But I do wear them for like special events and stuff are just kind of when I want to dress like a little bit fancier So I am gonna be keeping these because I have worn them recently so the way I’m kind of deterring the way I’m to turn them the way I’m determining whether I should keep these or not is like I’m trying to think about the last time that I actually wore them so for Example these adidas tennis shoes are these adidas? I have not worn these and literally so long because I just have other tennis shoes that I wear now So I am going to be donating or selling these. My white Nike Technos, I’m definitely keeping I really think a pair of white chunky sneakers or tennis shoes as a staple. Black high-top converse. I wear these all the time, especially when I’m skateboarding so keeping these as well. These vans actually just barely bought because I want another pair of just easy shoes to slip on especially when especially when I’m skateboarding. So keeping these as well. These green tennis shoes… I really like these, I just never ever wear them ever. When I first bought them I wore them a few times, but I just never wear them anymore and I feel like someone else would much rather have them so donating. Quick disclaimer when I say donating I mean donating and/or depop it just depends on what condition the shoes are in and all that other stuff These orange heels from Nasty Gal I think are so so cool But I just never ever ever wear them ever. I’ve had them for a while and I’ve never worn them before. Also I know Nasty Gal is not the most sustainable brand. Same with these shoes, I think they’re so cute. But I just never wear them but I might keep them because I’m gonna try and start wearing them I’m gonna get these shoes a chance see how much I wear them. These super old and ugly tennis shoes I am gonna be keeping because when I go hiking and stuff, I wear these. Another pair of Nikes These are really old I think they’re kind of rare and I do wear these sometimes so I am gonna be keeping these. Nike Air Max, I got these in New York I never wear them I used to but they’re just not really my style anymore. Adidas superstars These used to be my go-to white sneakers and now they’re just not anymore So I am gonna be donating these.These high top Vans same thing- used to be my go to a sneakers and now they’re just not anymore. Pastel pink converse I want to start wearing these more because I think they are so cute I’m gonna I’m gonna keep these I have not worn them in a while but I’m gonna try and sell right no more these butterfly Air Force Ones. I Think they’re cute. They’re just not really my style. So I’m gonna be donating these. Black and white polka dot heels I don’t really wear these that much but I think it’s nice to have a pair of like black fancier dress-up shoes So I think I am gonna keep these. These pink gingham shoes. I do wear them and I think they’re cute. Love them I’m gonna wear ’em more. Same with these pink Nike Technos. I think they’re super cute. These shoes from ASOS… I didn’t even know that I had these…probably will never ever wear them again Don’t even remember the last time I wore them. Same with these shoes they’re kind of similar to the pink nude heels that I saved so I am gonna donate these. Slip on white shoes, I never really wear these. Slip-on black shoes, never wear these. These white heels I do think they’re cute, and I just haven’t worn ’em because it’s been winter So now that it’s spring I’m actually gonna wear them. These Steve Madden heels, I got when I went to my sister’s wedding I don’t think I’ve worn them since so those are my shoes. I’m gonna put the ones that I’m saving back in these baskets It’s been a few hours since I started filming this video I needed my camera to charge for a little bit. Now, I started listing things on Depop. The next thing I’m gonna do is obviously continue listing things on Depop I have two different bins I’m gonna sort them into a donate pile and a Depop pile because not everything sells on Depop So I don’t want to waste my time posting if I am positive it’s not gonna sell I’m listing all my things for very inexpensive because this Honestly is not about actually getting money even though this is a great way to make money like I said but it’s just making sure that my clothes actually go to a new home because even if I do donate them and they go to a thrift store say they don’t sell it the thrift store Then it goes around to a few other distribution places And then after that it just ends up in a landfill if no one buys it I’m definitely trying to be mindful of Donating my things because some people actually do need these things that I was fortunate enough to have and buy, but yeah So, oh you can’t see them. I have my bins back Sorry, I was watching 90 day fiancé. For some reason whenever my phone rings now and it goes to my computer it will play whatever it was on so if I’m like paused on a Youtube video it will like play that or if I’m watching Hulu or something it will play, I don’t know. Anyways, I’m gonna sort these huge piles of stuff that I have into these bins *music*
Do my teeth look good? Is my Invisalign working?
*music* So, when it comes to actually Depop-ing my stuff here’s how I do it: I literally set my phone up, right here, and just do self timer photos It’s really not that hard. I also make sure that it’s always on square because Depop photos are squared There you go, it’s that simple. so I’m gonna be taking your photo in this shirt This shirt is really cute, but it’s a little small for me. So I feel like it would be better for someone that’s a little bit smaller than me So another update, I’m on my vlog camera now just because it’s easier to you know, This is the dent I’ve made in my clothes. It really doesn’t look like that much. This is my donation bin I have just like some nicer pair of jeans, some regular like long-sleeve nice shirts I also have just some shoes, some workout clothes that you can’t really see, and then this is my Depop bin so everything I’ve listed on Depop is in here. And then I also have some packages over there I’ll send these out tomorrow just need all of this to sell and then I’m going to take this to the donation place tomorrow But, I think that’s all for today I think that’s all for today until I see you guys tomorrow because I have literally been listing stuff on Depop ALL day I was actually planning on like cleaning out my closet today, but I just never even got around to it I cleaned out my shoes and that was basically it. The rest of the day I’ve just been listing stuff on Depop. Listing stuff on Depop is so much more work than people actually think. This is what my closet currently looks like. It literally looks the exact same besides now over here all of my shoes I just cleaned Some of this is actually clean laundry that I need to hang up So, I will see you guys tomorrow when I’m actually shipping all the stuff out and I actually go to donate this stuff *music* Hi. Update it’s the next day and I have done so much. This is the original pile of clothes that I had It was literally stacked so high all over the place. I’ve got it down to that much This is all the stuff that I have listed on Depop. There’s a ton of stuff in here. You can’t really see it But all of this is for sale on my Depop right now. Then out here this lighting is horrible. But this is everything I have decided to donate. I also have this whole, okay I also have this whole bag full of packages to send out. I’m going to send that out soon I’m just waiting to see if anyone else will buy this stuff and then I’m gonna list all that. Sorry my room is a mess. The rest of my plans for this video is finish that pile, make it gone, donate it, list it, whatever I need to do and then, oh my gosh, shut up And then I’m going to ship all that stuff out, take that stuff to the donation center And then that’s part one of my video. You guys or that’s part one of the series. You guys have no idea how long this pile of clothes has been sitting in my room. — Literally for months and months. So, I am so happy that it’s finally going away My nose is runny.
Little update. This is my last update before I actually go and ship things out. I Started with so many of these just like Manila envelopes to send clothes in and now I’m on my last one literally never thought the day would come that I actually use all these. I have so many packages. Thank you to everyone who bought something This is truly such an amazing way to shop because it’s so much better for the environment after I package this last one, I I’m gonna go to the post office and ship everything out.
Just because I have shipped a ton of stuff though does not mean that I am out of things to, put on Depop, if that makes sense I’m sure by the time you guys are watching this. I still have a ton of — oh hi I’m sure I still will have a ton of things. So make sure to go check. Once again, thanks to everyone you brought something I’ll show you guys all the packages that I have because I have never ever shipped out this many.
So I am editing right now And for some reason I never showed all of the packages together but this white bag that I showed you guys earlier was completely full like I could not have put another, like a single other package in there because there was just so many. So yeah I taped my tripod down and it’s not sticking because my car is so hot.
It is that time I’m going now to the post office. Sorry if you can hear the air, it’s 92 degrees outside. I’ll do a little live video Donation stuff, my Depop orders. This bag is so big and it’s literally full. There you go Hey, maybe
I just dropped off all of my packages and stuff, and I really decided to go down. They all my stuff I look naked, I’m not. Literally the worst time because it’s 4:30, so it’s rush hour because everyone is going home from work and Now I’m stuck in traffic, but it’s fine, ’cause I’m gonna go donate all my stuff You just do an A Okay back there. Debating if I should get a burrito after this I really want one but I’m tryin to eat healthy and I also don’t like feel that good and I know no one cares so I don’t Even know why I’m telling you this *music* Ok, I’m back home. I just got rid of all of my clothes I’m so glad. I’ve been waiting to get rid of that big pile of clothes for so long So, this is basically the end of this video. Let’s reassess my goals. My first goal was to get rid of that big pile Mmm, ok pass did that. My second goal is to clean up my closet, which I failed Um, and that was basically it. I got one for two Ok, my third goal is to get a burrito and I did obtain a burrito, so I’m gonna go eat this Thank you so much for watching if you liked this video and want to see more like this I am planning on turning this into some sort of series or make another video like this. So, um, thanks for watching Thank you to everyone who bought my clothes. I really appreciate it. Peace out. Sorry this lighting is freakin awful And I also look ugly because I didn’t get ready today. Bye mwah *music* “oh we’re livin’ in the present But all mind is in the past past Not knowing what we lose Don’t know what we’re last”

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