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Recent Thrift Finds | Thrift Haul + Try On

Hello everybody, welcome back to my
channel. Today I’m gonna be showing you everything that I have thrifted recently.
Mainly charity shops but there’s a couple of other places I got stuff as
well. By the time you’re watching this I will be in Australia so a lot of this
stuff I’ve been buying over the last couple of months in preparation for my
trip, but some of it is just general stuff that I saw and wanted to buy. So
let’s get into it. I think I’ll start with clothes first. There’s mostly
clothes and there’s a couple of little bric-a-brac bits at the end too. So this
first thing is probably the coolest thing in this entire video. I just am so
in love with it. I went to Glasgow at the end of May and stayed with my friend Jo, and
she took me to this vintage kilo sale. I’ve been to one before but this one I
feel like, because I was with another person, we had like double the chance of
finding the good stuff. Personally I find settings like that really overwhelming
when there’s just so many clothes, so many people rifling through things.
I find it really hard to actually get to the good stuff because there’s always
people pushing in the way. I just want to politely wait my turn but that’s not how
these things work. Anyway, I went to this vintage kilo sale with Jo and I found a
couple of things. I ended up getting five things from there and it came to about
£12. It was so cheap. But three of those things I have since got rid of
because this was a few months ago now and like I said, because I get kind
of overwhelmed in those environments I didn’t want to queue up and try things
on in the changing room. I just thought like these things are so light, they look
like they’re gonna fit me. So I got three different cropped blouses and none
of them fit, so they went straight to the charity shop.
It must have only cost a couple of pounds at most because they were all very
light. But the things that I have left… number one is this amazing skort. So I believe
this is actually a size 8 and I’m a size 10, but I kept going back to check on it
to make sure that it was still there, so I just thought like I need to buy it, so
I bought it. I’m just gonna move the button along very slightly so it’s
slightly less tight around my tummy and then it will fit fine. The other thing I
got from that kilo sale in Glasgow was this grey plaid shirt.
I don’t know how vintage do these things actually are. I don’t know what they
class as vintage but I love this. I’ve been looking out for something like this
for so long. In one of my most recent videos, it’s the decluttering my
wardrobe one, I got rid of my one-and-only plaid shirt because it was just way
too small for me, it was really tatty. And even before I got rid of it, I’ve been
looking out for a replacement for a while because I wear these all the time
to gigs and festivals. They’re good to kind of just throw on, on top of a band
t-shirt. If you’ve ever been to one of those kind of vintage sales, you’ll know
they just have racks and racks of clothes by category,
and they always have so many plaid shirts. I was kind of overwhelmed and
I couldn’t choose which one because there were so many different
patterns and colours. I’m not a fan of burgundies, I’m not a fan like dark blues,
dark greens. Just not my thing and they wouldn’t go with the rest of my clothes.
Yeah, I just wear this all the time. It’s good to just throw over basically
any outfit and just keep you a little bit warm. So those are the two things
that I ended up keeping from Glasgow but then when I got home my friend Jo who I
was staying with sent me this in the post. And she said that she’d seen it in a
charity shop and thought I might like it. So technically I didn’t thrift this
because Jo did, but it came from a charity shop so I’m including it. This is
a really cute little cropped blouse. It’s originally from Primark, which normally I wouldn’t buy from a charity shop, because the quality’s not gonna be that
good. It’s not gonna last. But so far I’ve worn this a lot and it’s not gone all
bobbly yet, so that’s a good sign. I love the little polka dot detail and the
yellow flowers. Are they buttercups, maybe? And the buttons as well! Chloe, if you’re
watching this, as soon as I saw this I thought of you! It’s quite cropped, so this literally comes down to the bottom of my ribs, and then it’s got the peplum-y bottom and then it’s got ties as well, so if you want to tie it up and cinch it
in a bit you can do that. So that was technically not thrifted by me, it was
bought for me by my lovely friend Jo, so thank you Jo. I got this little blouse
from a charity shop. There’s a charity shop next to my dentists and every time
I go to the dentist I console myself by going to the
charity shop afterwards because it’s such a good charity shop. It’s massive, it’s got
so many clothes and they’re always reduced. So this was reduced to a pound.
This is a really cute pink floral blouse. Kind of my theme right now is
pink floral blouses. This one’s very nice and lightweight, it’s very see-through
which I’ve only just realised. Holding it up to the window I can see right
through it which is potentially an issue but I’ve been wearing it and it’s been fine so far. I like that it’s got this tie detail at the front so you can
adjust the neck line accordingly. I’ve literally done it as tight as it
possibly goes and it’s still a bit out of my comfort zone sometimes, but I’m
trying to push through that. I don’t know how to show this best but the bottom
half I’m slightly less keen on. Originally when I tried this on in the
shop, I was planning to just chop it off, just have it cropped and do a little
adjustment to it, but I like that I can tuck it in like this. So I for now I
haven’t chopped that bit off but I’m sure at some point it will start
annoying me too much and I will just get a pair of scissors and just go *slicing noise*
Okay, and then these things are my most recent purchases. I went last-minute emergency
dash round the charity shops the other day when I was like “aaaah, I don’t actually own any
shorts I’m going to Australia!” I got two pairs of shorts. I wasn’t particularly
fussy at this point about like the style or anything.
Ideally I wanted some more loose flowy ones because I want them to be as
lightweight as possible but these ended up being the only shorts which I could
find which fit me. They will do for now and I can always buy some more there if
I need to. So these ones are like a blue denim, originally from Topshop. They’re
very high waisted and they’re like the Levi 501s where they’ve got the five
buttons all the way up. I haven’t done them up to show you. I probably
should have done. These were only £2 which is why I bought them even
though I’m not 100% in love with them. I do like them but… there’s probably a
proper fashion term for this but they’re kind of puffy. The way that they’re
tailored they kind of just go out around the hips and the top of the thighs, which
isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s just a different style to what I’m used to I
think. They’ve got a nice bit of stretch to them which is always a plus for denim
shorts and when I tried them on in the charity shop I did the sitting down
test and they didn’t ride up which is such a rarity, so I thought I’ve got to
go for them. I need some shorts to wear and these ones do not show off my butt,
so that’s good. The other pair of shorts I got were also from Barnardo’s. These ones
were £2.50 and they’re these black denim shorts, originally from H&M. To be honest
they’re probably not denim at all because I owned a pair of these shorts
in pale pink, exactly the same style, and they’re like super stretchy, they cost
less than £10. So I don’t know if you could actually class this as denim
or not but they fit very nicely, they’re very flattering.
The only thing I’m not too keen on which I try and avoid when I’m buying clothes
is these rolled up bottoms, like either on sleeves or in shorts or
something, because over time when you wash them they start to unroll
themselves but the bits which are sewn in stay rolled up, so then you just get
really uneven rolls at the bottom of your shorts or whatever. So I’m not
loving that but at the moment that’s not a problem, so they will do for now.
I got this little stripy crop top for £2 from another charity shop.
This one’s kind of off the shoulder. I really liked the fit, I thought was very
flattering and, again, this is originally from Primark, so I’m not expecting it to
last forever but the way I see it is it’s already kind of in the waste stream,
it already existed and already was unwanted by someone, so I’m rescuing it
from landfill for at least a little bit longer. And even then I never send
clothes to landfill, I always recycle them, there’s always a way. The final thing from
that little charity shop run was this little blouse. It’s originally from Zara.
I’ve never bought anything from Zara. It’s a little polka dot blouse. This time
it’s kind of…I think that’s like a crepe material would you say? Maybe. When I
bought this it did have a hole in so I’ve done a little fix there, sewn that up
and it’s basically good to go. I think I might actually take this with me because I am
planning on going further south. I’m going to Brisbane first to stay with
my family for a bit but it’s their winter going into spring. It’s getting
a little bit warmer. In Brisbane it’s still like mid-20s whereas I think
further south it’s actually cold. Mainly I just like that this is nice and
loose and flowy and I can’t just kind of throw it on with some jeans or whatever and
I’m good to go but still look a little bit put together, if
you know I mean. This is the final item of clothing I’m going to show you. I got
it at a car boot fair and it’s this really pretty denim pinafore. It’s kind of hard to
show it all at once because it’s a bit longer it comes down to my knee. So this
was originally from Missguided. I got it from the car boot, like I said, and I just
couldn’t find anything good at the car boot. Normally the car boot is like a
gold mine of just really cool stuff but there was nothing. I was literally on
the last row of cars and I saw this so I was just like “yeah I’ve gotta buy it!!” So
I bought it for £5, which I think is a lot more than you would
normally buy secondhand clothing from a car boot fair. I’ve already worn this so
much that I’ve definitely got five pounds worth out of it easily by now.
The other thing I liked about it is the back bit. My mum says this is called a
yoke but we’re not particularly sure if that’s true or not. It’s the bit kind of
above the waistband that connects the the skirt bit to the top bit. It comes
quite high up and it’s a nice flattering tailored shape, which I think
makes a change because with a lot of pinafores and dungarees there’s often
so much excess material and it’s not tailored tight to your body, that
you can just like look down, pull your dungarees to the side and you can
see your pants. Moving on now to more random bits and
pieces. I got this cutting mat from the charity shop near the dentist. I paid
quite a lot for this like about 4 or 5 pounds I think. I just saw it sitting in
the charity shop and thought “that is exactly what I need” because I’m always
stealing my stepdad’s one, so I’m glad I finally have my own. Then there’s two
bits of filming equipment which I can’t really show you because.. um…you are them.
So first of all I got a new tripod from a car boot fair. You know like… I don’t want
a stereotype here but those old people who are really into photography and you
see them at National Trust places with those cameras with the massive
telescopic lenses, that you can tell like they’re invested in photography as a
hobby and a pastime. They just have loads of equipment, and it’s all
nice quality not like your cheap stuff that they’ve bought on Amazon. So I found
this little gold mine because there was an older couple there who were obviously
really into their photography and they were selling loads of old camera gear so I
decided to get a new tripod because my one broke about a year ago
and I just never replaced it. This is in perfect condition, it had
never been used. It’s clearly sat in their garage or shed or something for
years because it was covered in dust but it was still in the wrapper. I think
I paid five pounds for this and it’s already just made my life so much easier.
I’m no longer having to stack books up. I have got smaller tripods and stuff that
I’ve been using but usually the small tripod goes on a pile of books or on a box, on a
bookcase or something. Like, it’s never just like put the camera down and
film. Whereas now this kinda just stays put up in the corner of my room and I
can film when I want to film which is just so handy and so much less of an
effort. And the other bit of equipment is my new lens which I’m filming right now,
which I am in love with. I knew it was the next thing that I wanted to sort out
about my camera setup because I was always just using the kit lens that came
with my camera and it was ok but this is so much better. For sit-down videos,
talking to a camera, filming my face, this is perfect. And I’m super overexposed now
so I can’t be like oh yeah and look how great this lens is because you can
hardly even see. It’s the Sigma 30mm lens. Normally they’re £400+ but
I was just doing casual search on eBay and I found one which had bids starting at
like 20 quid or something ridiculous, so I went into frenzy mode and I had a
little bidding war and I got it for £126, which is super good. I’ll put in a clip
now of what my kit lens looks like, just so you can see the actual difference.
I didn’t realise how different, like how much better quality this is compared
to my other lens, it’s ridiculous. I’m trying to get used to like focusing it
and then staying in one place because if I move just slightly forward or
something, I’m blurry. My camera I’ve had for like 7
years so it’s not like the one which can autofocus whilst I move it’s just
I have to do it manually. And I often film without my glasses on so this is just
like a game and I just have to hope for the best that it’s in focus. Then these
two last things seem really trivial and pathetic compared to this
really expensive lens but here we go. These were from my most recent charity
shop crawl. My sister picked this up because it was in the children’s section
and she wanted to move it back to the adult section, because it’s not a
children’s book. This is The Girls by Emma Cline, which is a book about cults
so didn’t belong in the children’s section. As she picked up to move it I
was like oh I actually want to read that book so I got. It was only 99p and I think
I’m gonna take this traveling with me because the thought of not having a
for two months is too much, but this is already a bit battered, like it’s not a
beautiful condition book, so I’m not too fussed if it gets ruined. If I finish it
there and leave it there that’s fine too. And then this is the final thing. I’m
really excited about this but everyone else seems to think that it’s a bit
weird, I don’t know, but this is a candle. 50p. Smells really nice. But I just wanted
the tin. I don’t know how you would describe this art style, would you say
that’s watercolour maybe? Don’t know. It’s a really cute painting of a peach and I
thought this would be the perfect tin to keep my pills in, and then I opened up
and there was a candle inside so it’s like a bonus candle with my tin. But once
I’ve burnt the candle I’ll keep my pills in there, cos at the moment
I keep my pills in this heart-shaped tin, but the lid just falls off really easily.
It’s not the most secure place to keep my treasured, treasured drugs. It’s really
silly but this is probably the thing I was most excited about buying on my most
recent charity shop adventure, but it’s the little things in life, you know. So there
we go, that’s all my thrifty finds from the last couple of months. Thank you all
so much for watching, like the video if you liked it and I will see you very soon.


  • C

    The first item, it's beyond beautiful💙 Couldn't adore it more. The same with the third, such a sweet bluse!💐 (Thanks Jo!) Shorts, so practical, and goes with everything, smart move. Stripes, an essential! The dot bluse is so elegant😍 Such a nice haul!🎀 Thank you for sharing!

  • Anomalous Chloe

    I've been meaning to go to one of those kilo sales for AGES, love the pieces you picked up! That Primark top is the cutest thing ever 😍😍 VERY me! Haha
    Love how many great second hand pieces you're able to find!

  • On A Shoestring

    Second hand hauls are my absolute favourite videos (to watch and create!) I love the skort its giving me real clueless vibes! The shorts look amazing on you! I have the totally wrong shape for shorts haha and for £2 thats amazing! The denim pinafpre is definetly the best find!!

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