Redland City Council Digital Service Case Study – Jadu
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Redland City Council Digital Service Case Study – Jadu

Redland City Council has a big push on tourism
we have 6 islands in our jurisdiction and five of those have residential capability
so our residents cant always get into the offices so having a digital platform to engage
is really great for us. We want to move as many financial transactions
onto the platform as possible and we want to also start delivering as many online services
as we can. Jadu bring experience of not just an Australian
market but also Local Government and eservices automation from Europe and the US as well,
so we take a lot of those things on board. So from our perspective it was great, we had
really good feedback from our external stakeholders both residents and business partners. They liked the look and feel, they liked the
fact that they could view it [the website] on multiple different devices and on all the
mobile platforms – which we really didn’t have before we also had very good feedback
from our internal staff members that it [Jadu] was easy to use – the interface was easy to
use, but also it would remind them that they needed to look at content and make sure that
was updated as well – so from that perspective it was a good win on both sides. What the future holds for Jadu and Redland? What the future holds for us is a growing
partnership in the move to e-services and ecommerce. Its a really important transition for the
organisation, moving toward a digital age – transactions are cheaper when done through
digital channels rather than in person or by telephone. Its really a big part of the strategy of the
council, not just the information management strategy. Right from the tender process I think Jadu
showed their pedigree in Local Government which is fantastic and gives us a lot of confidence
to kick off and take the dive-in with Jadu. There is no two ways about it, we a pretty
good implementation. There were a lot of challenges for us that
we felt Jadu worked well with us to deliver the outcome. Since going live we’ve had good feedback from
both sides of the fair, which is great. We are kept involved in what’s coming up and
I think there is a long business partnership forming with Jadu that we think will be around
for many years.

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