Retail Dropshipping on Poshmark Full Tutorial [Implementing the Business Model from Start to Finish]
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Retail Dropshipping on Poshmark Full Tutorial [Implementing the Business Model from Start to Finish]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I thought I’d go over yet another example of me drop shipping on
Poshmark how to implement it and start to finish right so like A to Z now in
the last video that I covered it was five Poshmark seller tips that are gonna
help you sell more on the platform that said you don’t always actually need the
inventory ahead of time to actually make sales on the Poshmark platform right you
can get all the added benefits of the automation software you know basically
utilizing all that’s your advantage and the Poshmark customers but then upsell
other items from other platforms as long as you’re doing it within their Terms of
Service so the great benefit of that is you don’t have to purchase inventory
ahead of time you can just lists and lists and lists and lists and lists for
free and then when you make sales you get added profit and there’s literally
no financial risk on you at all right then you want to replicate what works
and throw out what doesn’t so if I list like 20 things right and I start to
notice that like over a month span two or three of them sell really frequently
and a lot and like maybe one or two of them gets like a sailor – every week
maybe and like the rest of them are complete duds well guess what I’m gonna
do I’m not gonna focus on pushing the rest of them I’m strictly gonna focus on
replicating and listing very very similar items to the ones that are
selling so what is trial and error but it works very very good if you’re
willing to put the work in and you’re willing to go through the trial and
error to list so let me take you through the entire business model right before
we get into exactly what I’m gonna drop ship which obviously here is bathing
suits because here where I am currently in PA it’s about ninety nine degrees out
and it is the heart of summer so a lot of people are buying bathing suits and
obviously there’s more women on Poshmark so I’m going after women’s bathing suits
so it’s a trending item it’s perfect for this time of year and I’m basically
putting it to the the target market that’s actually on the platform willing
to buy because there’s probably I don’t even know what the numbers are but I’d
say there’s probably 90% women to 10% men on the platform if not more okay so
that said how are you gonna be able to drop ship within the term service on the
Poshmark platform specifically well on the pass mark platform specifically how
you drop ship within the Terms of Service is they have a specific clause
in their Terms of Service that says you’re not allowed to facilitate the
sale from like a third party site to a customer so the third you can’t base
listen item that you don’t have and then have the the website that you listed it
from ship it to the customer but they don’t say anything about ordering it to
you first and then shipping it to the customer while you listed it ahead of
time so that’s exactly how you dropship right because in posh marks Terms of
Service it says you have three days to initiate the shipment to the customer
right three days that means that if you order from a site like Walmart com that
has free shipping and ships to you in two days
boom you can list their items ahead of time and then ship them out once you get
them same thing with Amazon where if you have Amazon Prime it’s free two-day
shipping and it’s all and it’s free one-day shipping a lot of times now
because they made a really big push to one-day shipping and then you get the
added the added benefit of getting the free shipping and it’s very very fast to
your door so you can then go ahead like I’m gonna show you here and list you
know ten things 20 things a hundred things a thousand things for free and
then make the profit margin literally every single one of them it’s trial and
error and it’s no financial cost to you whatsoever so to recap before we
actually jump into the example right you’re going to list Amazon items for a
markup and then when somebody buys them from you you’re gonna order them from
Amazon to your door within a day or two package them up really fast they’re very
very easy and then you’re going to ship it out to the customer okay so that’s
the business model and a nutshell now so that you can maximize your profits on
Poshmark you don’t want to be ordering you know you don’t want to have to buy
boxes you don’t have to need shipping supplies so if you go to USPS calm
because on Poshmark everything is Priority Mail you can get shipping
supplies 100% free so you can get boxes 100% for free you go to quick tools free
boxes and boom they’re all there for you so if I sort this really fast obviously
you can go ahead and just order a bunch of them to your door I have so many over
there I have like boxes of all shapes and sizes and I also have padded
flat-rate envelopes which are my part of my my favorites specifically trying to
find them for you here they are right here so you’re getting a nine and a half
inch by twelve and a half inch by like two three inches
you know because it can stretch a little bit padded flat-rate envelope it’s
perfect for throwing things like this in there and then literally all you do you
come to your house you throw it in the padded envelope close it up and
drop it in into a post-office bin one of those blue things so it’s very very easy
to do it’s free shipping supplies and that’s what I suggest that you do so
what I’m gonna do is like I said before I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna pre
list stuck on Poshmark that I don’t already have yet and then when somebody
orders it I’m gonna make the mark up in price now if nobody orders it doesn’t
really matter that much because I can continue to list other things there’s no
financial risk on me but I know from firsthand experience that bathing suits
sell well on Poshmark especially right now in the summer so what I need them is
I need a high-quality looking bathing suit right with good product pictures
and a good product listing that I can then copy and put it over on Poshmark
but it has to be cheap enough as well so that I can make a margin on it and mark
it up on Poshmark to make money right so if this sells I can’t just mark it up a
little bit I have to mark it up enough so that when Poshmark takes their cut we
both make money so I went ahead and search through a little bit and I went
ahead and you know you’re gonna have to play around that with different you know
different price points and different items obviously like I said initially
it’s trial and error but this is one of the these are two decent ones that I
thought that I could probably push so let me take you through the process of
actually uploading them you’ll see that they have good product pictures this one
$21.99 this one has good product pictures it’s got a decent listing I can
copy obviously and it’s 1699 so I feel like I can mark them up fairly easily so
what I would do them is let’s take this first one as an example if I can I hate
this some of them you can uh some of you can just copy like you right-click save
and some of them they’re gonna play little games with you you can’t
right-click save them so what I need to do in this specific example and usually
there you can just like literally right-click save or or you know it’s
really easy but I’m gonna make it they’re gonna make me snip them out so
you know I guess I’ll snip them out this can take a little bit more time but it’s
still super easy so I’m gonna save this as is I’m gonna go through before I
actually say this I’m gonna come up with good keywords because one of the things
that a lot of people overlook is what they save their pictures as on
e-commerce platforms right that adds more metadata and gives that specific
platform more information on what that actual listing is so that they can
suggest it and push it out to the right people
so that when people type in the search bar you know summer bathing summer gray
bathing suit this pops up and not something else right so or this pops up
higher in search results so I’m gonna say like women’s string two-piece
bathing suit gray bathing suit right that’s gray
yeah gray so I’m gonna save this as 4 to get the Matt it metadata right so
women’s string two-piece bikini bathing suit stuffed full of keywords gray or
maybe grey bathing suit that would work probably better bikini gray bathing suit
no let’s put thread before that so we’ll go to peace so there we go
women’s string to peace gray bikini bathing suit and we’re gonna save it as
one save that as boom and now we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna take nup
picture number two right and we would do this for every single picture and just
snip them out so save this as number two right and then we’re gonna do one more I
don’t want to do them all to waste your time but we’re gonna do one more and
we’re gonna do grab this one and the pictures are gonna sell your listings
more than anything else guys so make sure that you get the pictures right and
also make sure that you’re saving it as metadata now what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna come into Poshmark and I’m gonna upload these and remember
I don’t have this inventory ahead of time so I’m gonna take all these product
pictures and just throw them in there and boom now obviously I would do this
for every single picture right so I’m not just gonna leave all these other
ones out I’m gonna add these as well if they’re good product pictures um but you
know I’m not gonna wait I don’t want to waste your time so I’m gonna add the
title in there so what was it again it was oops let’s go
send download snows and pictures so women’s strong women’s string two-piece
gray bikini bathing suit boom and it fits perfectly we only have one
character left so that’s a great you know title and now we have our product
pictures so now and obviously you can do this so much faster if you’re not like
slowing it down to explain it to an audience which you won’t be doing but so
I can go through and list like I don’t like like ten and ten minutes it’s super
super easy to do so I’m gonna take this out I’m gonna go high quality material
features of the bikini and one of the bent that one of the drawbacks of
Poshmark actually is that they don’t have enough you know there’s not that
many characters available in your description so you do have to play
around with it to get the most bang for your buck so I’m gonna take high quality
material here I’ll leave that actually and I’m gonna take features of the
bikini and then we’ll that’s pretty good I’ll see if there’s another little
keyword to throw in there may be like suitable occasions we’re like summer
how about perfect for summer boom done now we optimized our our description
utilize all the characters have some great keywords in there while also
people can read it and figure out exactly what’s in there I don’t know
what these are looks like maybe those are an signs 86 percent polyester 14 percent where is
it where’s the percentage percent Alice teen okay so now we have that now we
need to categorize it right so women all right so it’s gonna be in women swim
then and then we’re gonna go with bikinis now we’re gonna go add multiple
items because remember I don’t have this so I can just list multiple items and
then what I’m gonna do is so I’m gonna list it as like what was the size again
it was so small fits four to six small we’ll just list it as a small and then
I’m gonna list like five of them and what will happen is if for whatever
reason you know I run out of stock I’ll just increase the quantity again because
I don’t have the person right here has the quantity and I don’t have it right
and then I’m gonna add it to my boutique and I’m gonna say I don’t not gonna save
it as a branks it’s a private label brand and it is indeed gray now the fun
part now we need to focus on the pricing so how can we make an up sale and the
pricing now the great thing about listing products on Poshmark is they’re
gonna tell you exactly what your earnings are if that sells and they’re
gonna tell you what their cut is so I can’t list it at 16.99 I can’t even list
it at $17.99 because posh Mart’s gonna take their cut I probably can’t even
list it at $19.99 because I’ll still be if we just
at 20 I’ll still be under so I’ll only earn 16 bucks so I need to list it over
20 because poss Mart’s gonna take a $4 cut at that listing and then I’m
negative so I need to list it maybe let’s try you know $25 and then I would
make 20 bucks right so every time someone came in bought this it would be
a $3 margin now what I could do is I could list this as 29 which is probably
more realistic for me and then it would make 23 20 every single time someone
bought this with the ability to make offers to likers every once in a while
to make some more money and I have a little bit of wiggle room so if you
don’t know about offers to Lakers and why that promising you know more sales
check out the last video that I did like I said linked in the description it’s
basically my five Poshmark seller tips they’re gonna help you sell more on the
platform one of them is to list it higher than you know you would expect to
necessarily sell it I actually expect that people are gonna buy it at $29 but
it’s listed higher in case I want to another one of the tips is to make
offers to likers it’s it’s listed higher as well to also make potential offers to
like her so that’s linked in the description that video and then I would
go ahead and I would list this so that’s number one that’s how you drop ship on
the platform and then every single time somebody bought this right I would go
ahead and make what is that 23 20 so I’d go ahead and make about 620 or 621 every
single time someone bought this so that’s how you drop ship on Poshmark
that’s how you implement it now don’t forget to save the actual URL a lot of
people do this and they’ll be like oh someone bought for my listing and I have
a hundred listings I don’t remember what exact product it is that’s a problem
don’t do that so what you want to do we’re not actually on my e-commerce
computer but I would do this if I could so we’re gonna go to new folder and then
make this so we’re gonna say like Poshmark DS listings and we’ll save them
all in here so that I know exactly what items are which okay so I’m gonna save a
shortcut to this URL and I’m gonna save it as the exact title slide in X out of
it yet as the exact title that the listing is so that I know when somebody
comes through and they buy the women’s string two-piece gray bikini bathing
suit well then obviously I would go ahead and purchase from the URL that
says women’s string two-piece Vikki gray bikini bathing suit and throw it all in
the same phone just build this folder up so that I can
come in and know exactly where those URLs are at that current time period now
one of the other questions I get is how do I focus on you know how do I keep
track of the price changes well a lot of the prices we won’t change if we change
Believe It or Not but what I do do every once in a while is once or twice like
maybe like once a week I’ll go through and I’ll check the listing prices to see
if they all still check out and to see if they’re all still profitable that
said even if I skip a week or something or an overlooked one it’s not like eBay
or Amazon right on eBay or Amazon if you list something and then you cancel
orders and after a customer makes a sale they penalize you hard right you’ll need
to do that like once or twice or maybe three times and then you’re gonna get a
suspension because they don’t like that on Poshmark it’s not like that they
don’t they don’t crucify you for canceling an order from time to time if
you’re selling like ten orders a week and you know you even if you’re selling
like 50 orders a week with tens a relatively low number if you’re selling
like five orders a week even and you cancel one of them every once in a while
they’re not gonna penalize you for it as long as you have decent seller metrics
right so you’re it’s not like Amazon it’s not like eBay we’re gonna get
crucified for canceling orders it’s okay every once in a while so to answer that
question specifically in two different ways
I usually go through that folder and check my prices against my listings
maybe once a week on a Sunday when I’m bored but even if you don’t you overlook
it you can cancel the order and then you’ll find out that way and then once
you cancel the order you just up your price again right so that’s how you
handle that that’s pockmark drop shipping in a nutshell and that’s how
you drop ship within the terms of service on Poshmark
to make more money with less inventory and actually not even any inventory at
all not even less inventory so hope you like this video guys remember online
arbitrage Pro Oh a launch sale is coming to a close it’s only gonna be open for a
few more days so make sure to act now that link is the first link in the
description for online arbitrage Pro use the coupon code Oh a launch for a
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