REVEALED – How To Earn $300 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online)
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REVEALED – How To Earn $300 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online)

hey guys how you doing jet all bring
here and welcome to the channel listen if you’re brand new please hit that
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will keep us rocking and rolling on here so today in this video we’re going to
talk about how you can make 300 dollars a day online typing names and yes this
is legit this is real and people are doing it so now understand this is a
trading time for money job now you can do this from home you can do this
anywhere you want you can do it on your laptop you can do it on your cell phone
wherever you are in the world you can do this but it’s a little bit of a trading
time for money because you have to go in here do your research and you know what
I’m gonna show you here is you know enter in the different names and the
logos and things like that that people are asking for and if you get chosen
then you make money so this is so it is a trading time for money job okay you’re
not guaranteed the money unless you win the contest now if you want to learn how
to make more passive income online which is having systems work behind for you
from home where you’re not trading time for money and this is what I do I will
put a link below for you guys so you could check out my number one recommend
render a recommended system for making money online from home something that
I’ve been doing for several years as a stay-at-home dad and I love it so check
out that link below let’s get started guys I’m going to keep this short and
sweet because it’s pretty self-explanatory but if you haven’t
heard of this site it’s called squad help now this is a site that is being
used by major companies all over the world you have where do we go here
okay here we go so you have companies like Phillips Dell NuSkin Nestle
Stanford Siemens Kraft Liberty Mutual Hilton Company these are big companies
these are legit this is a legit website and it’s free to join and in a nutshell
what you’re doing is companies are going here if you’ve ever heard of a
crowdsourcing site like for logos like I get my logos on a place called 99 design
and what I do is I go in and I say hey here’s my idea and then I’ll get like a
hundred entries back and I picked winter and I paid the winner 200 300
plus bucks for the logo same thing here except the difference is people are
looking for you to help them name a brand to come up with a tagline to come
up with a startup company come up with a name for an app all kinds of stuff and
there’s all different industries so the beauty industry the business industry
right insurance e-commerce you name it there’s something in here that’s going
to match with your skills or your interest so if you have a little bit
creativity this is a great great place and it’s free and you can do it from
home you can do it from your phone your laptop anywhere in the world you’d need
a PayPal account to get paid but it is squad help and you can see here pretty
straightforward if this is the business side so if I was looking to start a
contest I’d go here and these are names also for sale so if you’re looking to
buy a domain you can come up you can come here and buy a name for your
business so that’s kind of cool now on the back end this is if you came in to
to login and be somebody and actually come up with name ideas so you can come
in here it’s a simple four step process you submit your ideas for naming the
slogan and then contest holders are going to rate your ideas they’re gonna
give you feedback on it and then you can earn rewards they pay anywhere from 100
to 300 dollars for your idea and then you earn badges and points as you go so
the more you do the more you win you become a little bit more popular and you
have better chances of making money and obviously the more names you submit the
more chances you have of making money let me show you what it looks like here
so this would be how a contest would run people would come in here you’d be on
your back-end as a creative and it would say we need a name for a party event
planning business and you click on the button and then you go into here and it
would give you all the details so the key thing here is make sure that you
read everything here so that when you provide them with the tagline or
whatever they’re looking for the name of the logo you have completely crossed all
your t’s dotted all your eyes like this one here says we want it com URL yes
which means when you come up with the tagline you better make sure the slogan
or whatever it is you better make sure there’s also a URL for it so I recommend
you go to a place called lien domain search it’s free you can type in your
idea see if the donate domain is available so
when you submit your name you can say something like hey I checked and this
domain is available so read everything here because the people that just kind
of willy-nilly and just start throwing out names throwing out names they’re
gonna get pushed to the side but if you take just a few minutes to do your due
diligence read the profile you have a great chance of making good money look
these guys pay 200 bucks for this and these are all day every day so every
morning log in you can search you can filter by business industry and you can
start entering contests and the more you do it the more chances you have to make
money and you can make a hundred two hundred three hundred dollars a day
doing this it just takes a little bit of time again it’s trading time for money I
hope that helps guys I want to keep it short and sweet it’s pretty
self-explanatory head over to squad help it’s free to join and start going
through and enter some contests and see what happens now if you want to learn
how to make money passively like I do working from home setting up systems on
the backend guys doing YouTube videos like this from my laptop here I’m
actually sitting in my kitchen you can do it I’ll put a link below to check it
out it’s my number one recommended system I’ve been doing it for a few
years I love it I love it and I wish you guys all the best have a

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