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– Samia? – [Samia] Yes? – Why are you so close to this guy? – [Latoya] She’s been giving me attitude. – [Adam] What? (“No Letting Go” by Jahkoy) ♪ Way oh way oh way oh way ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ Way oh way oh way oh way ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go, why? ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s unconditional ♪ – Good morning, Hunties and Huncles, So I’m in Sammi’s room with Style By Casanova. What’s up Nadia? – Hey, hey. – [Latoya] Sometimes I call her Casanova. She’s so cute I love her. She’s my interior designer sometimes and other times, she’s my ex-interior designer, because we fight. (laughing) – We haven’t been fighting recently, – [Latoya] We haven’t? – You been letting me do… – [Latoya] Yeah, I’ve been
letting her do her thing. Like this wallpaper, I love this Wall Pops. It’s called Wall Pops new wallpaper and it’s wallpaper, that just sticks to your wall literally. And let’s just say overtime, Samia doesn’t like this
wallpaper any more. She can easily peel it off. – And it won’t damage the wall. – [Latoya] And it won’t
damage the walls at all. So I’m so excited! So shout outs to Wall Pops for you know, sending me this wall
paper for Samia’s room. And shout outs, to Nadia for even telling
me about Wall Pops. ’cause I didn’t know about this stuff. Oh my gosh, Samia’s room is looking so cute you guys. Nadia brought this little bench seating, – [Nadia] Storage ottoman. – [Latoya] Ottoman storage, Ottoman to the house. And it’s so perfect in Samia’s room. Like look! It’s coming together. Like hold on, let me show you guys. This is from Home Goods, right? – [Nadia] Yup. – [Latoya] So it stores, so she can store her toys in here. Look she already put her toys in there. Hey girl, what’s up baby girl? – Hey! – [Samia] Hey Mom! – Anyways, yeah, Samia’s room is looking so fantastic, I love it. Let’s go see what the kids are doing. Hi Zayne. – [Latoya] What’s up? – (mumbles) – [Latoya] That’s a hat? – Yes. – [Latoya] Your cowboy hat? – This is mine. – [Latoya] And that’s your horsey? Hi Aiden. – Hi. – [Latoya] What’s up baby? This is Aiden. Nadia’s son, He’s so cute. How old are you Aiden? – Five. – [Latoya] Five. Are you shy? – No. – [Latoya] He so shy. Samia, hi baby girl. Look at mommy. Oh, you pretending like you can’t hear me. – [Latoya] Ow, Do you like your room? – Don’t talk about it. – [Latoya] Oh my god! So Samia has been acting like, So mean to me, today because Aiden is here. Like they were playing, in the play room, and Samia was like “leave mommy, “you can’t be in here.” I’m like oh girl, You, you mean. – So yeah, This happened. In the play room. And so did this. – [Adult Male] Oh hell no – [Latoya] Okay, Samia did that. She said, the reason why she drew on the walls is because she didn’t have any paper. Cowboy Hi ranger. – (mumbles) – [Latoya] what’s up dude driving your truck? They don’t want to have anything to do with me right now. Oh my gosh! – [Nadia] So we can take
pictures right there. – Yes, like oh my gosh!
– Its gonna to be hot. Oh my gosh! You guys I’m loving this wall paper. It’s so pretty. Like it brings so much personality and character to the room. – [Nadia] But it’s not like crazy – You know, It’s not – [Nadia] She can grow into it. – [Latoya] Yes for sure. It’s so pretty, – [Nadia] And it’s different – [Latoya] Oh my gosh! It’s so different I love it. I’m obsessed. Can I do wall paper in my room? Oh yes. – [Nadia] It’s a more adult version. – Yes a more version. We’re doing Wall Pops In Zayne’s room and also the play room. Let’s show them that. – [Nadia] Here is Zayne’s – It’s so cute. – [Nadia] We are going – [Latoya] So cute – [Nadia] Marvel, – [Latoya] Right, so we’re doing – [Nadia] Concrete, – [Latoya] Yes, marvel – [Nadia] Spider man – [Latoya] Spider man. Hi babe – Hey. Ooh nice! – [Latoya] Isn’t it pretty? – [Adam] I know I was
up all night doing this. Ugh my back is hurting. (laughs softly) At least make me some breakfast, I just got to finish this part. I’m almost done. (laughs softly) Samia – [Samia] Yes – Why are you so close to this guy? – [Adam] Huh? – I’m getting my hat – [Latoya] She’s been giving me attitude – [Adam] What? No, oh! – [Latoya] Yes look she’s been hitting – [Adam] She’s hitting me, You know what that means though? – [Latoya] Yes, yes. – There’s something going on. – [Latoya] Yes she likes him. – She she must like something. – [Latoya] Samia you like him, Aiden? – Yes – [Latoya] You like Samia? Oh give her hug. Oh so cute. – Okay , okay that’s enough. (laughing) – Let go! (laughing) taking her… – [Latoya] Way to close. Tristen, Can you be my son? (laughing) Tristen, Can you be my son? He’s like my favorite ever. He’s so chill. (laughs loud) – I can be your step son – You can be my step son? – Yes. – Okay, so every weekend
your going to come over. And your going… – You coming to pick him up? Every weekend? – Every weekend your mom is going to drive you to the house and you’re going to help me. He helps you with the kids. He does my boomerangs, he takes my pictures. (laughing) Listen and he such a good kid. I love him. – [Latoya] Look he’s playing with Zayne. – No mommy – [Latoya] What the heck did I do? Why are my kids so mean? – [Latoya] Okay hunties and huncles. We’re at the pumpkin patch. Rozia and Samia Posing for a picture. We have the paparazzi here, a.k.a our photographer, shy and daddy, hey Babe! – What’s good everybody? – [Latoya] You excited
for the pumpkin patch? – I’m just excited about the weather. I can’t the weather is so nice. – [Latoya] It’s so beautiful out. So lets go. Let me show you some
like stuff around here. (upbeat music) Okay, so tell everybody what you’re about to do. – [Latoya] She’s going
on a jumping castle. – [Staff] You ready? – [Latoya] Are you ready? – Are you ready? (upbeat music) – Okay, so the kids are
about to ride on a pony. You remember when you rode the pony at a birthday party Samia? And Aunt Julian was
there and Zayne went on? That’s was a shocker for me, that Zayne went on. So let’s see, what kind of mood Zayne is in today, and we’ll see if, Zayne will get on this Pony. (upbeat music) Okay, hunties and huncles, we are on the train ride. Woo Are you having fun Zayne? (upbeat music) Wee that was fun. Look at the bunnies. How cute are they. (upbeat music) You guys we are eating funnel cake. It’s so delicious. I haven’t had a funnel cake in at least eight years. It’s been so long and its so good. (simple instrumental music) – What is going on hunties and huncles? – What’s up hunties and huncles. – We in Washington – D.C. and we just – Back at it. Can you believe its only been a year since we were at the
last youtube black and – [Latoya] It’s not. – Here we are again. – [Latoya] Here we are again. – Time is flying by. – [Latoya] I know we’re getting old
– [Adam] Yes Just got our our gifts – With this box, Oh creator gifts I love it. – [Adam] Youtube black, I still have all the awesome stuff that they gave me. – Yes he wears it to the club and stuff. – [Adam] Shut the hell up! (laughs) You’re always commenting… – Your very black, your very black shirt
he wears it everywhere. – [Adam] No baby I wore it once. I don’t even know where it is. – No you didn’t. Can I colonize the vibe? Dream creator, then we got woke eye mask then we got CP mask youtube, oh my God it’s Latoya forever at the back – [Adam] Nice – That’s so cute – [Adam] It’s official – I love youtube. Oh my God, youtube, youtube, youtube Hey, hey, what? (hiphop music) What’s up? We’re at youtube black… Yo, that is (mumbling) – What’s going on at Lato? – I made Missy dress up today she’s in the orange girl, orange. – Hey y’all. Diana, we’re friends, I love you. I forgot to take off my tag. Babe, look, look, look (hiphop music) (marching band playing) (crowd singing) (hiphop music) Hey you guys, Adam just caught a do-rag, ah (live music) (clapping and stomping) (hiphop music) (crowd singing) (upbeat music)


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