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– Since your dad doesn’t
know how to teach you I’m gonna teach you today. – [LaToya] Teach her what? – You hear me? ♪ I’ll be waiting ♪ ♪ Won’t give up on you, you ♪ ♪ I am waiting ♪ ♪ Always waiting for you, you ♪ – Hey guys today I’m making paint – [LaToya] Yeah where’s Zayn, Zayn? – What? – [LaToya] Come here, come paint. This morning they’re gonna
paint a pretty picture. What are you gonna paint Sammy? – I’m gonna paint a mermaid. – [LaToya] Okay Zayn what
are you going to paint? – Cup. – [LaToya] A cup, okay come paint the cup. Ooh. – Now I’m gonna do this one. – [LaToya] The paintbrush take the green that’s green, say green. – Blue. – [LaToya] No say green. – Boon. – [LaToya] Boon? Say green. – Boon. – [LaToya] Say green. – Boon. – [LaToya] What is that word? Okay now let me see you paint. – No. – [LaToya] Okay, you do it yourself. – Look mama. – [LaToya] Oh wow and
Zayn is painting with. – Boon. – Zayn. – [LaToya] Oh wow look at your
hands they’re getting dirty? Are you getting paint all over your hands? – No. – [LaToya] Okay, you’re hand painting? – Yeah. – [LaToya] Okay, let me see
you smack it on your painting. (smacking) Ooh. So tell everybody what
you’ve been doing, Samia. – I’m painting the Samia’s life. – [LaToya] You’re painting your life? – Yeah my Samia’s life. – [LaToya] Oh, it’s colorful. You live a fun life. – We’re all painting, la la la. – [LaToya] Daddy’s going to the gym. Say, “Bye Daddy.” – Bye daddy. – [LaToya] Zayn say, “See you soon.” – Soon. – [LaToya] Zayn’s painting. Very nice. And there’s Samia’s painting. Oh, that’s beautiful. You even painted your hand
purple, your cheeks orange. Zayn has a green and red shoulder. Zayn, what are you doing? (Zayn babbling) – [LaToya] Okay. Painting? (Zayn babbles) [LaToya] Oh, look at this mess. Who’s gonna help mommy clean up? – Not me. – [LaToya] What Zayn are you
gonna help mommy clean up? – No. – [LaToya] Y’all I wonder
what animal this is? Five footprints? Oh, that’s freaky! What animal is this you guys? Comment below if you know. Are you taking this too far? Lubriderm okay lotion she
put lotion in the paint. All you’re going to daycare today. – I don’t wanna go. – [LaToya] Okay, okay, no daycare. (upbeat music) Say hey babe. – What’s up y’all what’s goodie? I’m so immune to vlog cameras. Like you’d be vlogging I don’t even like. – Pay attention. – Yeah I don’t even pay attention/ – You should though. – It’s so normal to me. I’m past the phase of oh the
cameras on it’s like whatever. – Anyways we’re on our way
to see Aflah, Amanda, Zara and their new baby, Mia. – I’m so excited too. – You’re excited to see Mia, too? – Yeah. – [Adam] Samia, are you
gonna hold the baby? – Yeah, you’re gonna hold Mia? – Yeah, I’m gonna hold Mia. – Okay so Samia’s gonna hold Mia. And Zayn are you going to hold Mia too? – [Samia] I’m gonna carry her. – Oh I don’t think you can carry her yet. – Why? – Because she’s too little. – Samia, should I talk to the police? – Anyways we’ll see you at Uncle Aflah and Auntie Amanda’s house. (relaxing music) – [LaToya] Okay we’re
at Uncle Aflah’s house. He’s on the phone right now
I’m not gonna disturb him. And Daddy’s giving Zayn a line up. Praise God because his
hair was out of control, so we’re givin him a line up. Hi, Zara. – [Uncle Aflah] Say hello. – [LaToya] Hi, princess. Hey Uncle Aflah. – Hey. – [LaToya] How are you doing? – Good, how ’bout you? – [LaToya] Good. I thought you were going to cut his hair. – No, no. – [LaToya] Listen, did you see what he did to my son the last time? He cut it too low. We’re going to grow his hair
out and I’m gonna braid it or put it in a ponytail. – Come here, let me cut your hair. – [LaToya] Let Uncle Aflah cut it. – Sit here for me. – [LaToya] Oh gosh don’t mess
up my son’s hair line now. – See if we can get a proper line up. – [Adam] Don’t go deep. – [LaToya] Don’t go deep, bruh. – Aflah, how’s life with a newborn? – Life is good. – [LaToya] Life is good? Are you tired? – So tired right now. – Right, does she keep
you guys up at night? – She does, but she’s so
much easier than Zara. – Really? – So much easier. – Yeah. – But maybe ’cause we’re
like used to it now. – Yeah, I think that Samia was
definitely harder than Zayn. Even now she’s harder
then Zayn in the night ’cause she always comes to our bed. Zayn goes to sleep at 7:30
p.m. and wakes up at 8 o’clock. – Since your dad doesn’t
know how to teach you, I’m gonna teach you today. – [LaToya] Teach her what? – Do you hear me? I’m gonna teach you Swahili. (children cheering) Swahili’s from your dad’s motherland. That’s where he’s from, okay? Do you understand me? – [LaToya] It’s a language. You’re gonna learn how to
speak another language. – So lets start counting in Swahili. Moja, say moja. – Moza – No moza, moja. – Moya – Moya, moja. (laughing) Mbili. – Mbili. – Tatu. – Tatu. – Nne. – Nne. – Tano. – Tano. – Yes. – [LaToya] Good job. – You counted up to five already. Now I’m gonna teach you how to say hi. – Okay. – Okay, in Swahili. You wanna say, “Hi, Mama.” (speaking in foreign language) – Say mumbo. – No say mambo. – Mumbo. – Vp. – Vp. – Mama. – Mama. – Yay. (LaToya laughs) – [LaToya] Everybody
meet Mia she’s so cute. – [Samia] Can we hold him? – [LaToya] It’s a her. – You have to wait okay baby? – [LaToya] Oh my gosh Mia
look at all your hair. – [Samia] Can we hold her? – You want to hold her? – [Samia] Yeah. – Okay you have to sit down careful. – Okay let me fold her. – [LaToya] Pardon. – Let me fold her please. – Say hold her. – Fold. – Hold. – I said it. – [LaToya] Hold her. – Fold. – Hold. – Okay. I said that. – You say hold. – Fold. – Say h-h hold. – H-h hold. – Good job. – Can I fold her now? – [LaToya] Zayn you see the baby? – [Samia] I want to fold her now. – Who is this? Want to give baby hug? – What’s this? – Yeah this is her. – Hi Mia you’re so sweet. I missed them this small. Now mine are walking,
talking, and giving attitude. Come hold her. – I did. – [LaToya] Come here, come here. – So should we expect
anytime soon or what? – [LaToya] Are you out of your mind? – No I’m serious. – [LaToya] There’s no way. – [Aflan] What do you
mean there’s always ways. What you mean there’s no way? – [LaToya] I’ll get my tubes
tied before that happens. – I’ll just go and untie them. (babble) – [LaToya] Hello everybody. Zayn’s enough. We’re chilling on the couch
we’re bout to watch a movie. Amanda and them like
thrillers, like scary movies. – Adam and LaToya are being
a bit gram and grandpa. – Yes that’s it I don’t
want to watch It I’m scared. I hate scary movies comment
below if you like thrillers, scary movies, ghost I
can’t do that kind of thing because I’ll have nightmares. Oh my gosh. Is it just us Adam? – Just you guys. – It’s just us comment below. Anyways, momma Amanda you’re finally. – I’m not watching no kiddy movie babe. – You’re finally on my
level with the two kids. (laughs) How is life? – Don’t ask. (laughter) – Going crazy as you can see. – No it’s crazy. – It’s hard. – [LaToya] It’s hard. – I can’t wait for her to
be older like this one, she’s so easy – [LaToya] Yeah. – She’s not easy, but
she’s easier than this. – [LaToya] Wait hold on
who’s easier then what? – Zara. – [LaToya] Zara’s easier I know. – I guess you don’t have
to carry her around. – [LaToya] Yeah for sure. – You’re not holding her. – [LaToya] And you know
when Zara’s Samia’s age she’s gonna take such good care of her. – Yeah oh I know. – [LaToya] Because Samia takes
care of Zayn it’s so sweet. Was she jealous when Mia first came? – No not at all she just would kiss her. – [LaToya] Aww. – Yeah she’s really really good with her. – [LaToya] That’s so sweet. Zara you’re so sweet. – Oh my god we were watching
a movie the other day. – [LaToya] Yeah. – And it had like a kissing
scene or sexing scene. – [LaToya] Yeah. – Him joking around he
would cover her eyes. – [LaToya] Yeah. – She like moved his hand
like she was so into it. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. – Good luck good luck with that. (LaToya laughs) – That is hilarious. – It was so funny. – I’m bout to write down all
these movies so we can watch them because Adam and I
like we’re starting to watch like movies together and it’s so cute. Adam is so rude he just threw
the diaper at me you guys. – [Amanda] Throw it back. – [LaToya] Like throw it back at him. Hey y’all we’re about to
call it a night it was fun. See ya later family love you guys. – [Amanda] Love you too get home safe. – [LaToya] Zara love you baby. You trying to come with us? – Alfah just gave Samia a
fork to eat with the yogurt. I’m not making it up. – [LaToya] Right. – [Adam] I could not make that up. – [LaToya] That’s real, that’s
what you gave our daughter, a fork well that’s all good
at least you have utensils to eat with bruh. All right have a
goodnight give Zara a hug. Hug, give Zara a huggie. She’s running. Go give her a hug. Hug. Aww that’s so nice. What’s up Hunckies and Hunkles
I’m here with my bestie Dom. – What’s up guys? – We’re going to a Nyx event
it’s like a makeup event, y’all know Nyx right? It’s uh makeup line and a beauty line and so we’ve been in the
car driving for a good how many hours? – Over an hour? – First of all you missed a turn. – When I missed the
exit the time went down. – Yeah. – Okay girlfriend the time went down. That was a good thing. – We thought it was downtown and we were driving through
downtown we passed downtown. Where the heck are we now? What we need to do is
get out of this damn car because we have been in
this car for too long. I have to pee and I’m hungry. – I’m embarrassed that we’re
showing up at this event like an hour. – Yeah. – Before the event ends. – The event was five to
eight and it’s 6:55 right now and the arrival time is seven o’clock. – Yeah, but that keeps going up. Every second time I look at
this it keeps just changing, so I don’t actual know
if we’re getting there or what’s happening here, but
yeah this is what we’re doing. – And you guys I’m so hungry. Anyways y’all, we’ll
see you at the Nyx event hopefully it’s lit. – Watch everybody be gone. – Gone, it’s just gonna be us two. – It’s gonna be us two left. – Wit crickets. (voices) – Miss Mosh Posh, oh my
gosh she’s gorgeous listen. – I’m serving Kim K realness. – She lost so much weight
oh my gosh you are so fire. Look at this girls outfit so popping. Her boyfriend, y’all are so cute together. I love it yas! So this is the Nyx event
here that we’re at. Guys we’re super late they
were teaching a class earlier and we missed it, but this it here. (upbeat music) can we take a moment and just
appreciate my besties body? Oh my god, what the heck y’all! Can I get some? I love it. I need some of that ass girl. Gimme some of that ass. I’m starving honestly. Dominique and I ate all
of the hors d’oeuvres. We were standing by the table
and eating them one by one. – [Dominique] One by one. – We cleaned off the plate and they didn’t come
out with seconds bruh. I’m like, yo where’s the seconds? Now what are we gonna eat? – I don’t know. – [LaToya] I’m trying to eat bruh. We ate up their food, now it’s time to go eat
up somebody else’s food. (rhythmic music) Ok bestie. – I’m so tired after all we ate. – I know we ate so much food
just now and I forgot to vlog. – Yeah, sorry guys, we were so hungry. – We were just so starving
we weren’t even thinking. I left the camera in the car bruh. – We weren’t thinking at all. – Anyways y’all, I hope you enjoyed. – I did I had fun. – Today’s vlog and I
hope enjoyed the events. – Yes I did it was pretty cool. I’m still mad we didn’t get
the mirror, but you know. – Oh my gosh, so yeah you guys. We didn’t get the mirror and like they do makeup
classes with those mirrors so. – That is what we just felt bad. – Yeah, just take it and put it in our bag and then a light our
bag will be lighting up. – So yeah. – But yeah. – I’m excited that I’m going
home and check out this makeup – Yeah right you should do. – And these jelly beans
you better take them. – Zimi’s makeup with your
new with your new palettes. – I’m going to. – That would be funny oh my gosh. – Take your jelly beans. – This is my dessert. (Dom laughs) My jelly beans and my smarties anyways. I’ll give it to Samia and Zayn. – Give them kisses from me please. – I will babe I love you. – Bye guys. – Say bye Hunties and Huncles. ♪ Pretty brown eyes ♪ ♪ I’m fallin in love ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

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