Self Publishing on Amazon in 2019 | What you NEED to know!
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Self Publishing on Amazon in 2019 | What you NEED to know!

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, Emeka coming at you from My Self Publishing Blueprint and in today’s video I want to talk and give you kind of what I wish I knew when I first started Kindle Publishing. Hey, so my name’s Emeka and
I’m the founder and creator of the publishing course called
My Self Publishing Blueprint. I have been a self publisher
since August of 2016. My very very first book went up on Amazon and well let’s just say
that book kinda crashed. But over the next few months I
slowly started getting better and better at my craft. And I’m happy to report
now that the business, just the publishing business
alone does five figures every single month. I have an assistant who runs it. Meaning I spend very little time and focus on my publishing business
that now generates six figures a year. There are certain things
that I really wish I learned a little quicker. In the beginning when I first started my self publishing journey. So I’m gonna take some
time and talk to you about those right now. The very first thing I wish I knew was publish my books on all platforms
no matter what they are. When I first started publishing, I only kind of published e-books. What happened was my
book that really took off started doing really well with e-books like we’re talking $600 over
two weeks just in e-book sales. But I had no paperbacks. And paperbacks allows you
to make a lot more money. ‘Cause nobody gets into this business to make $2 e-book sales. We’re looking at making
$6, $7, $10, $20 royalties off paperback sales or
off audiobook sales. And I was neglecting
paperbacks and audiobooks for quite some time. And so publishing on all three platforms does a couple things. It one, it gives your customers
a chance to buy the book with whatever method they want. Some people only want audiobooks,
some people want e-books, some people only want paperbacks. So don’t neglect the other people who want those platforms. But it also turns one
book into three assets. Meaning you’ll get paid for e-book sales, you’ll get paid for paperback sales, and you’ll get paid for audiobook sales. So make sure you publish your
books on all three platforms. The second thing is don’t think you know what the market wants. Only publish books that
are already proven. So what I mean by this is
a lot of new publishers including myself, they’ll
come up with this great idea thinking, “Oh you know what,
it’d be really great to come up with a book like this,
because I know I like it, I know I’m interested in it, my friends and family
are interested in it”. And then what they do is
they publish a book on it and it flops. Because here’s the
deal, your market is not you or your friends and family, your market is all of
the millions and millions of people on Amazon. That’s who you have to please. You’re not writing a book to
please your friends and family. At least not if you wanna make money. So you have to publish
books that are already selling well on Amazon. That is key, if the book’s
already selling well on Amazon you know there’s a market for it, you know people are buying that. So you just have to basically mimic, model what’s already working
really well on Amazon, publish a book on that,
throw it up in the platforms, better title, better description, better cover. And take that traffic away
from that other top-selling, whoever it might be. So just always publish with what the market is already asking for. The third thing I didn’t actually realize until about a year and
a half into the business and that was make friends in the business and grow with them. What I mean by this is find somebody who is not doing as well as you, and find somebody who doing
a lot better than you, and start having weekly calls with them. It’s like weekly, I think we use Skype. We chat every Tuesday morning. As soon as I did this
check out what happened. My income went from
$3000, and keep in mind, my income was about $3000
for about a year and a half. $3000 a month, and then
after making friends and connecting with other publishers, I actually connected with who
ended up being my very first $10k a month student and
I started talking with him I showed him my books, he gave me tips on what I could be doing better. Within three months I
had my first $10k month. But I attribute all of
that success to the tips and the advice I was getting from people who were doing a lot better than me. So I know it can be one of those things especially in this type of business where you don’t wanna share your niches or your key words or any of that, and you don’t have to share them publicly in groups if you don’t want. But find one or two
people, or three people that you connect with, that you jive with and get to know them and share with them and talk to them on a weekly basis. All of your incomes will increase, and it’ll increase significantly faster than doing it on your own. This is probably the
number one regret I have is not figuring this out sooner and doing it after my
first few months publishing versus my first year and a bit publishing. So the next point is keyword research. Now this is the secret
to keyword research, you know once again, probably took me about six,
seven books to figure this out, but in order to get really
good at keyword research, you just have to publish books. You might be like, “Oh well I wanna make sure
I have the right keyword”. But guess what, you’re
not gonna know you have the right keyword until you
publish a book on that keyword and that book does well
or doesn’t do well. You can do all the
criteria checking you want, you can use all of the
tools and this and that. But publishing the book is
the most important thing in the keyword research stage. Because by you publishing the book, you’re going through the process, you’re gonna learn how it works, and that book’s gonna
flop or it’s gonna do well and then you’re gonna
publish the next one, same keyword, different keyword, whatever, and that book’s gonna do well
or that book’s gonna flop but you’re learning how to
start looking for things. It might sound like, “Yeah but I’m gonna be
burning through money”. Well guess what it’s business, and you’re gonna have to spend some money to make some money. You’re gonna have to use some courage to make some money here. And that involves publishing books that you’re not 100%
sure are gonna take off. I still publish books
today that don’t take off. It still happens. And I’m like a, how long
have I been doing this? What? Two years? Two year veteran. And I’ll still, you know, just a while ago we got
into a niche and it totally, like a couple of the books just boom, they just flopped. And it happens. But by you publishing more and more books, that’s the fastest way to learn how keyword research actually works. Kinda ties into my next point, and that’s your first
few books are gonna suck. Don’t get paralyzed in
thinking that you want your first book to be this best book, this is gonna turn your life around all of the great things
that you’ve read about and you’ve watched online are gonna happen because you publish this first book. It’s not gonna happen. Reality is gonna slap you in the face, kick you in the balls,
it’s just not gonna happen. Your first few books
most likely will suck, now there’s always gonna be stories where, you know I’m thinking one of our students, his first book did $3000 his first month. What?! Unheard of. Doesn’t normally happen. It took me four books. It wasn’t until my fourth book
that I started making money. I always tell my students,
it’s book four or five that usually starts clicking. It’s book four or five that
things start turning around. Because remember this, it takes
one book to turn a profit. That fourth book, it
profited and it wiped out all of the debt that I put
in for books one to three. It just takes one book. The next point is the ROI for your book, your return on your
investment for your book, so when are you gonna get your money back from the book that you put in doesn’t have to come right away. It doesn’t have to come
within the first six months. It could really come eight,
ten, twelve months down the road totally okay. Don’t get caught up in thinking that you need to make an ROI right away. That is not the case. Most businesses don’t turn a profit for the first three to five years. Now it’s not gonna take that long, and if it is you’re probably
doing something severely wrong. But if your first book
doesn’t turn a profit within it’s first few months, don’t panic. Publish your next book. Publish the next one after that, and track what’s going on. I used an excel spreadsheet for my first probably ten or twelve books. And every month when I got the
royalty reports from Amazon, every month it was, you know if you probably
search on my channel, if I remember I’ll link it. But I’ve showed the sheet
that I’ve used before, and it would track how
much I put into the book, the cover, the marketing, the promotion for it, getting it written, and then how much it made
on e-book, paperback, and audiobook. And I was tracking that for
the first ten to twelve books. And sometimes the don’t
take off right away, sometimes they take months
to make their money back But hey, in the end,
they’re assets on Amazon that are gonna be around for
years and years and years so eventually, they’re
gonna turn a profit. And kinda rolls into
the next point here is in the beginning you’re gonna
throw in a lot more money than you’re gonna get out,
and that’s totally okay. You’re running a business now, okay? So if you have to invest
six, seven, eight hundred, a thousand, two thousand
dollars into the business, and now let me be clear,
not buying courses. Some of y’all just keep
buying everybody’s course and you’re just spending money that you shouldn’t be spending. I’m talking about spending
money on books, okay? You’re investing in your books,
and you’re like a thousand, fifteen hundred dollars
deep in these books, and they’re just getting
going, don’t panic. Track your expenses, track
how your books are doing, ask for help, and you’re gonna make your money back. If you follow, like if you’re
following either my course, the Blueprint, or whatever. As long as you’re following
a specific program that’s been proven to work you will turn a profit eventually. And that’s key. I see a lot of students kind
of getting hung up on the fact, “Oh I’ve put in like $600.” It’s like, well you’ve published what? One book so far. Well yeah it’s probably gonna
take you a couple more books, so let’s spend a bit more money before you’re gonna
start making your return. Invest in help. Get help. Pay for coaching, after three books. If after your first three books you’re not figuring things out or you feel like you wanna
move a little faster, invest in coaching. And invest in coaching
that you can afford. I have a couple different programs, I have a $4000 program,
I have a $150 program. Invest in the programs
that you can afford. Because, what paying an actual coach is, is all you’re doing is you’re buying time. What I mean by that is, instead of taking, you know six months to really start turning a profit, having a coach helps you do it in three. So it shortens your learning curve and lessens your learning tax. That’s why, you know,
look at any of the greats. They’ve all invested in one,
masterminds and in coaches. So definitely consider that. Of course you can do it without it, but if a coach just speeds up
the learning curve for you. Anyways, I just wanted to
make a quick video here, and offer a couple, like
I said, thoughts on things I wish I knew when I first
started the publishing journey. You know publishing has
completely changed my life and my families life,
we’re buying a home now with our publishing income. Which is so cool, we’re documenting it. I’m not sure when this
video’s gonna go up, but we’ll have videos on this channel about documenting that
process each and every month. But you know, I’m excited for
you to kind of dive into this and if you’ve got questions,
hit me up in the comments, let me know what you need stock with or what you’d like to
see some more videos on, or of course dive into
our Facebook groups, there’s a whole bunch of resources in the description of this video. ‘Til next time everybody, I’m Emeka. Hope you’re all having a great day. Speak to y’all soon, take care. (upbeat music)


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