SellHound App: Sell Your Fashion Fast and Easy! (eBay)
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SellHound App: Sell Your Fashion Fast and Easy! (eBay)

SellHound makes it easy to sell second-hand items in a few simple steps! You snap the photos, we do the rest. First, identify an item from your closet you’d like to sell. We recommend reselling items that are in good condition, have no noticeable flaws and either have a recognizable brand name or is a current style. Open the SellHound app and select the camera icon. Follow our prompts to snap photos of the front, back and label. back, and label. Select new or Pre-owned. You can add other details, if you like, including measurements or special colors. Hit Submit and you’re done! Our innovative “recommerce” engine will identify your item and search for it across the most popular secondhand marketplaces, such as eBay, Poshmark and Mercari and then creates a listing and accurate price that helps you quickly sell your item. Then, within a short period of time, you get a notification that your listing is ready for review. SellHound provides you with an SEO-optimized listing title, description, recommended selling price and estimated cost of shipping. You can change anything you want, click “post to eBay” and the item posts directly to your eBay account! Congratulations! You’ve now listed your first item on eBay using SellHound! Download the app today in the App Store or Google Play to get started.


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