Selling Products On Amazon Australia – AMZ Easy Automation Reviews A Product
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Selling Products On Amazon Australia – AMZ Easy Automation Reviews A Product

hey everybody Alex here so today’s video
I’m going to talk to you about what these are called blue light blocking
glasses so what they are essentially is the driving glasses for night times when
you’re out and about you’re driving at nighttime and you kind of want to see
better people use these glasses for driving they also use it for when you’re
on the computer so if you’re on the screens a lot of computer screens these
are these are much easier on the eyes and these sort of that they were
invented by were started by this other police guy in America I can’t record his
name it was source connection cause that’s escaping me alright but he
invented them because it’s what we call a biohacker right so these sell on
Amazon and they’re doing okay figures when it first worn these days is gone
down as a few more sellers on this particular product right but it is still
relatively like what ish well that’s right but just
be aware that you’ve got to do some sort of branding with it you’ve got to make
it stand out a little bit more maybe Brandon may be fun to look or do
something different right but it is still real to be line I’ve actually got
a sample right Dean this is a this is how it comes from the Chinese
manufacturer I thought about it like three four hundred of these about six
months ago and it comes already polybag you’ve got protective placing there to
protect the lens right it’s actually quite quite nicely presented and all you
need is a barcode on that and it’s Amazon ready we can actually sell this
on Amazon now remember God I think these actually cost me about like 30 cents to
buy 30 or 40 cents or so but they were retailing for about 2995 at one point
that they’ve gone down now a little bit a little bit less right but a very
simple product it’s not gonna explode as no glass this is simply a plastic lens
run and but it is a product that was relatively relatively hot and it still
is silly all right you just got to make it stand out and that’s something that
we teach a lot is is really about making your products better and product to get
involved in making it stand out making it differently bundling for something
improving it maybe marketing it a little bit better than the everyone else there
could be images right you can have a better room
better headline to be a better description or body text or bullet
points right you could bundle this with maybe something else is actually not
just yellow there’s actually a clear screen blue light Locker blue light
blocker as well so you’ve got a lot of various different products that um get
the same sort of range all right guys enjoy the video and
hopefully you learned something from this I remember guys simple products
just be a first product on Amazon making really simple really basic right don’t
start doing ceramics don’t try and stay away from glass right and get products
within the blind range of anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars retail price
drugs anything it sells for $30 to a hundred dollars that’s kind of the
retail range you want to be in and you focus on simple products this is
lightweight right this probably weighs about 80 grams it’s so so light right
this will get you some cost nothing for ship it will cost nothing to store in
the Amazon warehouse it’s a relatively simple product have a great day for
coffee will soon you

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