Sephora ONLINE In India – Fake OR Real??? | NNNow Website Review | NYX Haul
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Sephora ONLINE In India – Fake OR Real??? | NNNow Website Review | NYX Haul

hi guys I hope you all are doing great
this is me pankhurie and welcome to style talkies so today I’m doing an unboxing
haul video but it’s also kind of a review of a website from which I
recently shopped so because it was the first time I was picking up stuff from
there so I thought why not review it because I’m sure that many of you would
be interested and excited to know about this one
so when Sephora first launched in India everybody got very excited but since the
stores are limited to only Metro cities right now it was not really benefitting
the small town girls but now it’s a thing of past
as now Sephora has launched online in India and right from your benefit to
burt bees you can order just about everything from the comfort of your home
as it’s just a click away all Sephora products are exclusively
available on a website called this now has triple Ns so you type and you can get just about everything that Sephora has to
offer in India so how cool is that girls you don’t have to tell your cousin’s who
live in the metros to get you stuff or you don’t have to actually go to bigger
cities to get whatever your heart desires since this was the first time
that I was buying from this website I stuck to the basics I did not buy
anything too high-end or very expensive because I was a little skeptical whether
they are selling original products or not but only towards the end when I went
to the payment gateway did I realize that yes this is the official website of
Sephora in India and they are selling authentic stuff because when I went to
the payment gateway they asked me if I want the products delivered to my
address or if I wanted to go to the Sephora store and pick them up myself but
me being me I am very lazy and I did not want to go to a store and I thought that
waiting for the product would be easier but then yes I can now confidently say
that they are selling authentic so I bought some products from NYX and
they came in these two packets so it has nnnow written all over it
but I would have preferred if they would have come in a cardboard packaging
because it just makes one more barrier I’m sure that it must be nicely bubble
wrapped inside but I just prefer cardboard packaging for my makeup so I
place the order on December 27 and they told me that I should expect the courier
by January 11 and I thought that they are taking too much time but the order
came to me on January 2nd yeah I feel it came on January 2nd so after the New
Year’s holiday when I came back to my office I got Sephora so with out
further ado now let’s open this and find out what all is inside okay so I take my words back they have
indeed sent me this packed in a cardboard box so now this one has got
hundred-percent marks as far as packaging is concerned because I was
just wondering how can they send makeup in a plastic bag
just like that these guys are really careful with the
packaging because there was bubble wrap outside the box and every product is
also wrapped very carefully inside a bubble wrap film so yes they have taken
extra efforts to make sure that you know none of the products get damaged the
first package contained all the lip products that I had ordered the first
ones being the cult favorite soft matte lip creams and I ordered these in three
shades 0 7, 0 1 and 0 5 so we have a beautiful pink shade here and then zero
one is a beautiful deep red color and this one is a very pretty nude and these
retail for rupees seven hundred and ten each then I also bought a bullet
lipstick like this is a proper lipstick this too is matte and this is in the
shade 0-5 it’s called indie flick and this is also for rupees 710 and I will
swatch it for you right now the next thing that I have with me is an eyeliner
it’s called the super skinny marker and let me just take this out from the
packaging and show you how it looks it looks like a sketch pin and this is
in the shade carbon black and it retails for rupees 1070 the last product that I
have with me from this package is an eyebrow pencil and it also has a
highlighter and it’s called the i-pro push-up bra because it instantly lifts
up your eyebrows this retails for rupees 1190 now let’s open the second package the last thing that I have with me is a
black liner again it’s matte and this is how it looks now I had also called for a
satin finish but they cancelled the order because I think the product was
not available this retails for rupees 710 and this is how it looks
so that’s all I have for you today other than that one cancel product I had a
great experience shopping from this website you also go through it and find
out if anything interests you and if you’ve already shopped from this website
do let me know if any of your orders also got cancelled till then you can
follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and you can also follow style
talkies on all these social media platforms until next time this is
leepung Curry signing off and do not forget to subscribe


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