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– Okay, huntys and
huncles, I have a surprise. Yes. (upbeat music) ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s all you need to know ♪ Good morning, huntys and huncles. It’s ya girl, LaToyaForever,
back at it with another vlog. You guys, I’m so excited, okay. Because a few days ago, Uno, Uno messaged me. Oh my God. Do you guys remember that card game, Uno? My brothers and sisters and
I, we would go in on Uno. Well, it’s finally on mobile. You guys, I’ve been
playing Uno on my phone. Okay, you guys have to
download it right now. I swear to you, you will be addicted. You can play against your
friends, your family, you can compete in tournaments, you can top the leader boards. You guys, you have to download it. It’s on the Google Play Store. It’s on the App Store. Oh my gosh, I am so excited. Do you understand what this means? It means I’m not leaving
the house this week. And okay, forget friends
when you have Uno. Make sure you guys download
the app because it’s so fun. Okay, I’m obsessed. I will leave a link in
the description box below. Oh my God, you guys. I grew up on that game. That’s why, when they reached out to me, and they were like have you heard of Uno? I’m like what do you mean
have I heard, I know Uno! I be playing Uno, okay. It’s on mobile now. So, make sure you download it right now. Seriously though. Good morning, huntys and huncles. What’s up? Okay, so, we are walking in to the gym. And Samia has a little dance class today and then they’re having a pajama party for the kids where you can leave the kids for what, three hours. Woo-hoo!
– Three hours? – So, we’re gonna have a party
without the kids (laughs). Look at how huge Samia’s bow is. I love your bow, Samia. It’s so cute.
– Can I have a Christmas? – Yeah, do an outfit of the day. – So, I have a shirt. And I have a Christmas dress for the ball. – [LaToya] She dressed herself, you guys.
– And some pants. – [LaToya] So cute. And your rain boots. – And my rain boots. – [LaToya] So beautiful. – And they’re wet. – Christmas theme.
– Daddy! (upbeat music) – [LaToya] Okay, it’s time
to put your pajamas on. – Yay. – [LaToya] Okay? Ready to put your pajamas on? ‘Cause you guys are about
to have a pajama party! – Yay!
– Yay! – [LaToya] Okay, you guys
ready for the pajama party? Zayn, are you ready? – Where’s Daddy? Where’s Daddy? – [LaToya] Okay, let’s go find Daddy now. (upbeat music) Okay huntys and huncles,
I have a surprise. Yes. She flew all the way from Dallas to see me.
– Hey guys! – Missy in the building. She in the ATL. – Yes, trying to get these wigs together. – I know, right? Oh my gosh, we just installed my hair. Jah, Jamaica.
– Hey! (laughing)
Oh my God, this is my girl. Make sure you follow her on Instagram. – Yes.
– Listen, she knows how to lay. – Okay. – Your hair, like she’s bomb. – [Missy] Yo, that is bomb. – It’s bomb, right? It really looks like it’s
growing out of my scalp. We got this hair from The Bell Spot. – Yeah, it’s like a new company. – I know, what the heck. – And the hair is so thick, look at this. – The hair is so thick. I honestly feel like it’s the
best hair I’ve had so far. – Mm-hmm, I like it, it
feels really, really good. – It’s good, right? – Yes.
– Wow. Anyways, Jah’s teaching Samia how to install a frontal, because Samia knows the difference between wigs and weaves, okay.
– Mommy, Mommy? – I want to wear a wig,
but you don’t have wigs. And you say, can you get a weave, and it’s like um, no. (laughing) – [LaToya] I think I like your hair better than this wig, to be honest. With your bow.
– The wigs are so long. – [LaToya] With your big ole
bow taking over your head. – [Jah] So pretty. – [LaToya] So pretty, I love your big bow. And then there’s Zayn. Missy over here trying
to tell him to behave. – He better be good!
– Right? (laughing) Drop down and give me three push-ups, boy. I’m just hosting my girl, Missy. Little does she know, she’s
about to be babysitting these kids for the week. (laughing) Get some practice in. – You know what? – [LaToya] You should. – And you tell (laughs).
– That’s a good ass idea. – [Jah] That is a good idea. (upbeat music) So, I’m here with my girl, Missy. – Hey. – Hey. And Lakia, La-La-Lakia. – [All] Cheers to life and girlfriends, – And seeing each other again. Life and success. – And fucking shit up in 2019. – Right, yes, that’s how we do it. Woo-hoo. So, Caesar salad with fried
okra and homemade croutons. I’m such a foodie. Like, I’m done and look at Missy. And look at Lakia. Oh my gosh, the fried
chicken looks so good. The collard greens, the mashed potatoes. Oh my gosh, everything, ooh. – [Missy] That’s right,
don’t it look bomb? – [LaToya] Ooh, that look real good. Let me get some of that girl. That looks so good. I’m excited to eat, y’all. Y’all know me and my food. Yeah, bomb, you guys. You have to come here. So, right now we’re taking pictures. We’ve been spending so
much time taking pictures. It’s been so bad you guys, that look, I ripped my pants. So, I’m chillin’ in the car, because these girls are going into Phipps. And I’m not going into
Phipps, the bougie mall, with my pants ripped. – [Lakia] I know. – So, Lakia’s over here talkin’
bout, we can get some tape. – [Lakia] And tape up your pants. – [LaToya] Bye. – What the hell? – [LaToya] And then I changed
my boots into some Fila’s. So, I’m definitely like 100%
not gettin’ up out of this car. You guys, I can’t, hold this real quick. – [Missy] Let’s rip the other side. – Goodnight. – [Lakia] No. – [Missy] LaToya. (laughing) – Okay, you guys, so I’m at Topshop getting a new outfit
because my pants are ripped. So, this is cute. Okay guys, I don’t
wanna take off my pants, so we are here, about
to, what are we doing? – [Missy] Take the censor off. – [LaToya] Yeah, we’re
taking the censor off. Wait. (upbeat music) Okay, oh my gosh, you got it. Praise God, thank you so much. You saved my life. We have Nitra in the building. – Hey.
– Yes, y’all know Nitra B, make sure you check her out. She is so cute. Hold on, Daniel, Daniel. – My floor, I don’t wanna get in your way. – Yeah, you were trying to,
he trying to get in my way. – Right, right!
– I’m not! – I’m trying to be featured with LaToya. – Listen, okay. Your family is so cute. – Aw, thank you. – I love you guys. Look at her son. Hi. Look at how cute he
is, huntys and huncles. Look at his smile. I love him. Anyways you guys, I’m about
to buy some house shoes. Daniel, okay, let’s
show everybody watching. – Here we go, this is
the slippers right here. – Should I buy these house shoes? – These not house shoes, everyday shoes. – Okay, let’s do it, let’s do it. Okay, let me try them on. – [Missy] Can she wear them when she goes back home to Toronto? – Easily.
– In the snow? – Easily in the snow? – [Daniel] You gon’ skate, but. – (laughs) Me gon’ slip
and slide up in here. – [Missy] Yo, she got those
Gucci socks to go with them. – Ooh, jeez. – [Daniel] You need them Gucci socks. – We got the Gucci socks over here? – [Daniel] I gotta order it for you. – No, no, no, we don’t do orders, ‘kay? – I’m sorry.
– ‘Cause I’m like, a woman that just needs it now. Okay, let me try the
other ones, thank you! – [Daniel] All the guys
will be attacking you. – So, Daniel, he’s a Jamaican mon. – [Daniel] Yeah mon. – So, we island and ting, where
me discount and ting, boy? – Soon come, no worry. – Soon come, no worry! And look, ‘kay, yeah, we’re getting them. – Oh, those are cute. – [LaToya] Lakia. 100%? – [Together] Yeah. – [LaToya] Okay, we’re doing it. Huntys, huncles, are we doing this? Okay, let’s do it. Daniel, me gettin’ it boi. Oh God. This is my early Christmas
present to myself. Okay, huntys and huncles,
we’re in Louis Vuitton. And we bought a bag. Okay, we got the Neverfull bag. Y’all wanna see, hold
on, what it look like? Right here. – It look like this.
– This is the bag right here that we bought, okay? And listen, we are giving it away to one of you lucky contestants. So, make sure you guys follow
all three of us on Instagram and enter the contest. I’ll leave all the details
in the description box below. We are giving away this bag, okay? Enter.
– Right before Christmas! – Enter right before Christmas, okay. – Right before Christmas. – Right before Christmas, okay, thank you. Let’s get it. Let get it. (upbeat music) ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No no no no no ♪ ♪ No no ♪ ♪ No no no no no no ♪


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