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good morning hey guys welcome back today
we’re going to the museum or at least that’s the plan
last night we saw the new Jurassic Park movie I don’t remember what the name of
it is zari was so excited about the
dinosaurs I was like why don’t we try to find a museum and of course it’s two
hours away so we’re going to the city really love with my little outfit today
is super casual this little bird-like top from Target and like my denim shorts
that I wear all the time and today I have on my converses my old trusty
that’s the kicks that everybody gets on me about but I love them
oh you guys I had to let you know two weeks ago I ordered some super cute
dresses online and they are so cute but all of them are too big except one I
tried to contact the company for two probably two and a half weeks you guys
it’s been two and a half weeks and I cannot nobody is responding this is what
I most I like hate about ordering clothes online on these overseas website
websites it’s like they don’t want to help you get your money back or all I
wanted was an exchange anyway Poshmark reached out to me and they wanted me to
work with them to show you guys how you can sell and buy clothes on their
website so I was like yeah that would be perfect because I’m gonna put those
clothes in my Poshmark store camera is so heavy I still don’t have a vlogging
camera using my 80D and if I don’t sell them on Poshmark
then I’ll just donate them to my local shelter so let me show you the dresses
and talk to you about Poshmark a little bit and let me know in the comments if
you guys have sold anything or bought anything or poshmark because this is
my first time I think they have anything cute on there for you my so to get
started I downloaded the parsh mark app and you guys can do that for free using
the link in the description now I’m gonna show you a few items inside of
my closet and you just saw them earlier I’m also gonna show you like ten random
fashion items that I’ve found while scrolling through this app so first you
see the white dress and it was super easy to just take eight shots and then
upload them but I will tell you depending on what size camera you have
like my I think the frame was too big for this use your iPhone because I
think the dimensions fit perfectly in the Poshmark app all right so let’s just
scroll through some goodies on this website so you just go to the shop
button just like I did and I just picked some like random brands that I was
interested in and it tailors your feed to whatever brands you like and these
are all the items for sale on Poshmark buy the brand Nike you know it’s pretty
easy so if you see NWT that’s a new width tag
not worn not use oh that’s super cute alright let’s check out another brand
let’s go – lets go to Mac you cannot sell used makeup on this website so all
of this stuff should be brand new or just like swatched or something you want
to promote your posh mark stores a link it in the comments I think later on you
guys I am going to add more stuff to my Poshmark store I have some shoes that I
would love to sell and again if I don’t I’ll just donate them and really quick
I’ll just show you how to sell something you click on the sell button in the
center then you upload the images from your phone then you have the details
section what are you selling describe it you see the required sections and you
just press next after that but you guys get the pitch press next and then
you know your listing and then you can also have the option to share your
listing is Sunday today’s Saturday with you were super close you ready
where did you get your romper from and so we’ve never been there before but
we’re going to the discovery cube in Orange County California right side
a little one you ready to go
when you walk that’s the we’ll take you guys along for
the ride and there was the Wow who was that what’s that sorry is that a raptor you’re not afraid you’re not afraid
are you afraid sorry what is there you look like a little rest a’right now sorry this looks like daddy’s toenails I you have the best good job baby one yeah which one look how long ago Papa bear’s going into target PCs head
it’s right right there all right guys we’re
traveling home and trying to get hit we have two hours to go so
to the house hey nothing here for you a good girl
are you happy to see us we’re so happy to see you peaches hey buddy are you a good boy oh good boy
look what I just ordered for sorry you guys this is for the pool we went and I
saw all the little kids you know you wanna show them this one too let’s turn
it around oh the kids had these little vests on that plus my cat my cat my
friend cat told me about these and I decided to pick some buffers sorry sorry
are you gonna go splashing some puddles let me see stop following me oh you look
so cute let mommy see stay right there oh you
guys this is one item that I got from man how nice is that right you
can like put into a circle so with 16 dollars that’s pretty good deal sound of
good money hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with
us if you did thumbs up this video Oh join the fam by subscribing and
we’ll see you next week next Wednesday okay same time do cell folks you wanna
do the peace out


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