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Good morning, Huntys and Huncles! My bun is so high that I can’t
even get it in the frame. Anyways, what was that noise? I’ma go ahead and do a
quick outfit of the day. So I got this two-piece set
from a store online called, Oh Polly, and this black
cardigan is from Zaful. I really like Zaful because
everything on there is cheap. And then I’m rocking
this outfit with my Uggs, my dutty Uggs. Yeah, I’m from Canada. This is where I live so it’s Ugg season. Anyways, my uncle and I
started assembling this dresser last night. Okay, my uncle did 100
percent of the work. I just watched him. (laughs) It took about three hours to get this far. He’s coming back today
and then I’m actually assembling the shelves for each side. So I’m putting a black shelf
there and a black shelf there. I’ll show you what I’ve
accomplished, so far. And this is my work yall. This is the shelf that I’m assembling. I spent 30 minutes on it,
and I just gave up because I got way too tired last night. So I’m gonna finish it
once Samia gets home. Do you think she’ll do this for me? Adam’s so lucky he’s sick
’cause I would’ve made him do this. Y’all, I have to lower my
seat ’cause my bun is right on the roof of my car. Okay, let’s lower it. Let’s lower it. There we go! Now I’m too low. How am I gonna drive? Why am I screaming? Anyways, how am I gonna drive y’all? I have to be high. (laughs) High, Just kidding. Well actually, no I’m not. Alright, let’s make a move. I’m at the grocery store. Samia loves to cook. She loves cooking so I
thought why not grab a pizza, you know grab the crust,
get some sauce, get some toppings like you know
cheese, beef, pepperoni, um mushrooms. So that she can make her own pizza. Make it super cute and fun for her. The other day, Samia took the
ranch sauce from the fridge, and some fudge syrup and
she just started putting it in cups and she got it
all over our computer and the keyboard. I had enough, okay. So I have to give this kid
some things to do, you know what I’m sayin, around the house. So we’re gonna make a pizza today. Samia supposed to have
the time of her life. I cannot wait to record her doing this. And then I got a mixed salad. As a matter of fact, Samia
is gonna make Adam and I some dinner. Yes, you gotta train
them, you know, young. Where did she get this whole
I love cooking thing from because I cannot stand cooking. I cook because I have too. Do y’all like to cook? It’s so annoying. I have to be in the mood,
you know what I’m sayin, to cook and that’s rare. Hmm, that’s so cute like a
Vaseline mixed gift for 6.49. That’s really good. Whom I gonna give this to? Who has dry ass lips? I know one of y’all got some
dry ass lips, you know what I’m sayin. Not really. I should just gift it to myself. (country music) – [Samia] I’m stuck. Behind the scenes of Samia
making pizza, with Zayn. Zayn! Is it good? Uh oh! Is Samia stuck? I’m not stuck. – [Latoya] Are you ready to
put the pizza in the oven? Yeah! Hey y’all. Listen, every single time that I turn this camera on, kay. Anna. Hi. Get your nephew! – [Anna] Come on. He just wants you to want him. (screams) – [Latoya] Momma mia, momma
mia, a pizza, pizza, pizza. So Samia made pizza today. Samia, it was so good. Thank you so much. You are a very privileged
child, but now you wanna do makeup now. Yeah but I only have
like five more minutes. I’m gonna go on a date. Awh! So you’re going on a date, huh. Hold on. Hold on. I need to hear about this date. Where you guys going? We’re going out for dinner.
Okay. – [Adam] And yes, he’s African. And yeah he is.
He’s African. No, no, no listen y’all. – [Latoya] No. – [Adam] Get yourself an African. (laughs) – [Latoya] Don’t get yourself an African. Look at Zayn. They’re terrorizers. Just kidding. I love my Africans. African. N, no s. So, what does he look like? Uh, He’s like this tall. – [Latoya] Uh huh. Cute. He’s dark skin. – [Latoya] Cute, aye! Them chocolate boys. Some chocolate bringing that melanin. He looks really good in
pictures so like (mumbles). We’ve been dating since July
so do you have any relationship advice or tips for a lasting relationship? – [Latoya] Communication is key. And if you have an issue
with something, I feel like you need to address it
right then and there. Don’t have anything build
up and fester inside. Yeah. – [Latoya] It’s important
to address things so you can just get it off your chest
and I feel like that is what is important in a relationship. Yeah, I think a lot of
things get lost in self, you know like how you perceive
what someone else is doing. Yeah. Just by the clarity and not
come to your own conclusions. That’s right. So if you gotta problem make
sure you address that shit. How bout that? – [Anna] If I have a problem,
I’ll just call you and– Well call me and I’ll address it for you. Well we are experienced. (laughs) Okay go. No, your experienced in working
through your problems, like every other couple. – [Latoya] Exactly. We’re not perfect. No one is perfect. – [Latoya] What are you eating? Cookies. – [Latoya] Why do you love Oreos so much? Because you give me
Oreos and you eat it all. – [Latoya] What does it taste like? Like Oreos. Mommy, Can I show my babies? – [Latoya] Okay you saw your baby? Okay. This one. – [Latoya] There you go. Oh wow, Zayn. How’d you get up here? Walked. – [Latoya] You walked? Okay, are you making salad? Just a hot mess. Do you like cooking like Samia? I love you. I love you mommy. – [Latoya] I love you too baby. What do you wanna do for
the rest of the evening? I want to make pancakes and eggs? – [Latoya] Oh my gosh, Why
do you guys always want breakfast for dinner? Because. – [Anna] Breakfast for dinner is fun! – [Latoya] But everyday. So have fun on your date, girl. I will, thank you. – [Latoya] You look cute. Thank you. But I have to change. It’s not my real date outfit. – [Latoya] What are you gonna wear? You know, something a little cute. Thigh highs, big boots. – [Latoya] Cute, a little
lower cut top, you know what I’m sayin. Get some free dinner. No, I’m buying dinner tonight. – [Latoya] Wait! Hold on! Why the heck are you paying for dinner? ‘Cause it’s my turn. – [Latoya] It’s your turn? Okay, so you guys take turns? Yeah. – [Latoya] Okay so when Adam
and I first started dating, he paid for every single dinner. He’s paid for everything
since like July so I figured I can take him out for once. – [Latoya] Yeah, that’s nice. Ladies, what do you think about that? Do you think that, okay, if
you’re going on a date with a dude, right. Should he pay, or should you go dutch? Should you split the bill? Should he pay or should the woman pay? I feel like.. – [Adam] I feel like
going halfway is so whack. Yeah you can’t go halfway. – [Anna] No. How do you know that today, you’re paying? Like that’s been or you said
like I got the next meal. No. – [Adam] ‘Cause I never knew
that the person was gonna pay the following time. – [Latoya] Yeah. Okay so, our birthdays are one day apart. So last time that we went out, he paid. So I’m like okay, next time
we go out I will treat you for your birthday. – [Latoya] Yeah. Do you think that it’s the
man’s duty, when your first starting to date someone, to
just fork up and pay the bill every time? ‘Cause that’s what you
did when we were dating. I don’t even remember paying a bill. Thank you so much for that. Maybe I’m just wired different. – [Latoya] You’re from
a different culture. Men pay for everything, don’t they? I can’t even cosign that. I think it’s just like in my nature. That’s just who I am like I don’t care. I’m good. I’m gonna pay it. Or maybe, maybe it’s the
idea that yo you shouldn’t be dating who can’t pay for people’s meals. I don’t know. – [Latoya] But I feel like
if she offered to pay, you wouldn’t, would you be like
no, I got this kinda thing? Nah, not really. – [Latoya] Yeah, you’d allow it. But I don’t have expectations. I always, wherever I go,
I don’t have expectations. And here’s something too: If people invite me to places,
I always keep the food I get, because I don’t depend
on people to feed me. She knows that. – [Latoya] Yeah like barbecues and all. Like going to dinners. Like going to a barbecue,
I’ve just had too many bad experiences going places. – [Latoya] Waiting for
like hours for damn food. So I don’t depend on nobody to feed me. So I don’t have
expectations wherever I go. I’ll go to a wedding and
I’ll be like I’m still eating ’cause there’s gonna be like
three, five hours till I eat. No, you’re so right. But also, I feel like some
girls will go out and be like I’m not gonna bring my
purse or my wallet and– – [Adam] Wow. He’s gonna pay for me. And then you go out and he
ain’t payin for nothing. Well that’s never happened
to me but I know some instances where that’s happened. What if he forgets his wallet? – [Latoya] I just think on
the first date, the very first date, with somebody. You have to pay 100 percent. I’m not going dutch. I’m not paying for you. The man has to pay. If you don’t feel like you
wanna spend a lot of money, you can go for a drink. We can go for coffee. We can go to the park. It doesn’t have to be like
you take me to a five star restaurant, where we
spend two rocks on dinner. But you need to pay for the first date. – [Latoya] What’s your
dolly’s name, Samia? Baby Nya. – [Latoya] Baby Nya? Yeah. – [Latoya] She looks like she
is in a cocoon ready to hatch. Ready to turn into a butterfly. That is so funny. Zayn! She in timeout in here. – [Latoya] So she in timeout right now? Yeah. – [Latoya] Oh no! Her’s crying. – [Latoya] She’s crying. Wah! Wah! Take me out, Samia! No! – [Latoya] You’re mean to me! No, you’re not coming out! – [Latoya] Why am I in timeout? Because you’re not listening. – [Latoya] What did I do? You, you hit mommy. – [Latoya] No, mommy, mommy,
I’m sorry for hitting you. So auntie Jillian is coming to pick you up and you need to pack your bag. Just you. Zayn is going to sleep. So what you’re gonna do is,
you’re gonna pack your bag. Yeah. – [Latoya] You’re gonna get socks. Yeah. – [Latoya] Pajamas. Yeah. – [Latoya] And a pull-up, okay. Yeah. – [Latoya] So what are
you gonna go get upstairs in your room? Socks and pull-ups. – [Latoya] What else? Socks. (Zayn crying) – [Latoya] Okay go get it. – [Grandma] Hi babe. It’s grandma! Hi it’s grandma. – [Latoya] He said he’s drinking his milk. – [Grandma] I love you! Bye! – [Latoya] Let him talk to grandad, now. – [Grandma] Okay, hold on. – [Latoya] He’s kissing the phone. – [Grandad] Are you comin over? No. – [Grandad] You’re not comin over? No. Bye! – [Latoya] He said bye
and he kissed the phone. Bye grandad. Open up the damn door. You must think that it’s summer. (doorbell rings) You think it’s nice and
beautiful outside here? It’s cold as hell and you
looking like it’s summer. – [Latoya] Hey girl. Hi pumpkin. – [Latoya] Do you like my hat? What does it say? Really. Yeah Dee-Dee sent it to me. Dee-Dee live in Jersey?
Yeah. I can’t wear this on the streets. – [Woman] You can wear that in the states. What do you think these
Canadian people would say? We don’t have no reason
to un eff ourselves. If y’all want one of these,
all you gotta do is go to Love the Undoing on Etsy. Okay and it’s Dee-Dee’s herself? – [Latoya] Yeah. Okay then y’all need to go buy one or two. (laughs) – [Adam] Don’t try to put the volume down. They know you ratchet,
watching this stuff. (laughs) So real housewives is ratchet? – [Adam] What y’all think,
comment below and let us know. Listen, okay I need
some new shows to watch. I’m struggling trying
to find shows to watch. What is a show you really love? I finished Insecure Season one and two. It was really good. Recommend something. Sorry I have a lisp because
I have my Invisalign in. So I have a lisp. Anyways, Adam just threw out the garbage. – [Adam] Took like 40 minutes. I’m sweating buckets. Yeah, you were out there for a hot minute. We produce so much
garbage in this household. It’s unbelievable. At least, three garbage bags a day. I’m not even joking. I threw out about three
garbage bags today. Where does all this garbage come from? Anyways, I’m assembling
a shelf for our bedroom. Do you like this? – [Adam] I don’t know. Let’s see the final product. It looks like white one we had. We had a pretty chill day, today. Pretty relaxed. Nothing crazy happened today. Which is life. That’s just life sometimes. Some times life’s just
gotta be turned way down. You’ve been turnt down
all day, poor thing. Been under the weather. I hate seeing you like that. – [Adam] I’m good. Took a little 40 minute
nap, during the day. How do you feel now? – [Adam] I feel alright. That’s why I’m just trying to get busy and burn some calories. I’m hungry. – [Adam] I’m hungry too. What you gonna eat? Anyways, check out our
throwback Thursday video. I almost poked my eye
out with this, wrench. Is this a wrench? It’s a screwdriver.
Screwdriver. Anyways, the featured Hunty and Huncle are (sensual music) I still got some more calories
to burn so do you have any ideas of what I should do? I mean I already have an idea. Goodnight. Hey guys, so I’m about to prank Adam. Oh my god, it’s gonna be so hilarious. Wow. Wow, Wow. I’m scared to like go inside. This is my first time in
like a two point five million dollar car. This is my first time in a Bugatti. This is so nice. – [Adam] Super Dope. – [Latoya] I love it. Oh my God, it’s so crazy. Oh wow. It’s so sexy. Yo, although it is hard to get out. Yo, this is the sexiest
car I’ve ever been in, huh. Holy car. Babe you should take a
picture in front of it. – [Adam] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah take a picture. And then put it on IG. Did that window just go up? I don’t know. That’s nuts. Alright, I’m gonna take a picture of you. Alright. Stand over here. Take one in the middle. Okay. Oh, that’s sick! Okay, move over to the this way. Yeah. (clicks) Boss! Okay, now put your hand on the
front like you own this car. Like yo I own this car. Yaas! Look here. Babe! Babe! Did you scratch the car? That’s my fingerprints. Did your watch just scratch the car? Where at? No, your fingerprints are on the car but there’s a scratch there. Look. Adam. Chill. There’s a scratch there too. Will you fuckin chill? What’s wrong with you? Just chill. You scratched the car. Will you shut the fuck up? I don’t know what we’re
gonna do about the car. You scratched the car. What you snitchin for? – [Male] What happened? Ain’t nothin happened. – [Male] Everything okay? Yeah, everything’s alright. Um, I don’t know I think somethings. We good, we good. I think, he kinda like. Let’s go baby. Let’s go. Like his fingerprints are on the car but. You guys can wipe the fingerprints. But I think he kinda
scratched it, right here. I don’t know, his watch. I mean, I don’t wanna be
responsible and reliable so I’m just trying to make it
be known that you scratched the car, kinda thing. No, No! Like I don’t want them to– – [Man] What’s happening over here? (R&B music)


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