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– Hunties, Huncles, should we go to Toronto for Christmas? ♪ Whey oh whey oh ♪
(upbeat music) ♪ Whey oh whey oh ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ Whey oh whey oh whey oh whey oh ♪ ♪ No letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go, why ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s unconditional ♪ – Good morning, Hunties and Huncles. So, Samia and Zayn are hiding right now in my closet. So let’s go pretend like
we’re looking for them, okay? Samia? Zayn? Samia, Zayn? Are you on mommy’s side of the closet or daddy’s side of the closet? Hmm. Okay, let me check mommy’s side first. Hmm. Are you in there? No, I think I hear something. (loud thudding) Oh, I see feet. Whose feet are those? Are these Samia’s feet? (kids laughing) Oh, there’s Zayn. There’s Samia.
(children laughing) I found you guys, (Zayn squealing) So, you guys are hiding? – Yeah. – [Samia] In daddy’s closet. – [Latoya] You were hiding on
daddy’s side of the closet? – Yeah.
(laughing) – [Latoya] Oh, okay. That was funny. (Samia laughing) – I love you. – I love you. (laughing) – I want more breakfast, mommy. – What do you wanna eat? – I want more pancakes. – You want more pancakes? – [Samia] Yeah. – Okay. – And I want cereal, too. – Oh, wow. You are a big eater, you love food. – And yeah, mommy, I want milk in my cup. – What do you guys like
to eat for breakfast? – [Samia] Comment below.
– Comment below. So Samia, she loves pancakes. Don’t you like oatmeal, too? – Mm hm. – She loves oatmeal. What else do you like to eat? Sometimes you like eggs. – Yeah. – But she loves her chicken bacon. – Mm hm.
– Yes. – Pink in Spanish is rosa. – [Latoya] Is it? – Yes. – [Latoya] Okay. Who taught you that? – My teacher when I went to school. – [Latoya] Okay, pink, I’m
gonna Google this in Spanish. (coughing) Ohh, rosado. Yes. – [Latoya & Samia] Rosado. – Pink in Spanish is rosado, Zayn. – Yeah, – [Latoya] What’s behind your back, Zayn? Oh yeah. Give me this nail clipper. Give me this nail clipper. – [Samia] That is gonna cut you, Zayn. – [Latoya] Zayn. – Yeah? – [Samia] I wanna climb up this wall. – [Latoya] Do you like Spider-Man? – Yeah. – [Latoya] Show me what Spider-Man does. – Momma, I want to climb up the wall. – Spider-Man hit me. – [Latoya] Oh, no. Spider-Man hit you? – Yeah. – [Latoya] Why? What did he do? Show me, show mommy what he did. – He just bite me. – [Latoya] He bite you, too? – Yeah. – Can I have a kiss, Zayn? – Uh-huh. – Kisses? (audience awing)
(smooching) Thank you. Okay, it was funny ’cause
yesterday, Samia asked me if what? If God made– – If God made poo. – [Latoya] Yes. So you know why you poo? – Uh huh. – [Latoya] Okay, so when you eat, right? – Mm hm. – [Latoya] Your body, it takes all of the good things that you need from the food, okay they don’t care. – [Adam] Bruh. – [Latoya] They don’t care. Okay, so Zayn wants to show you guys how he brushes his teeth. Even though they’re already brushed. Okay. So tell everybody what you’re doing. – I brush my teeth. – [Latoya] Okay, so
what are you doing now? – Brush my teeth. – [Latoya] Okay you’re
putting the tooth paste on your toothbrush? – Yeah. – [Latoya] Okay. – Mommy can you help me please? – [Latoya] Okay one second. Give mommy your brush. – Ah. – [Latoya] Good job Zayn. I brushed them already, he just wanted to show you
guys him brushing his teeth. Good job, now scrub all of your teeth. – Scrub scrub.
– [Latoya] Scrub scrub scrub. Good job. Now your tongue. Good job. Okay. Now spit. (spitting) Good job, Zayn. (Latoya laughing) Spit again. (spitting) Good job, good-ses. – Get this, momma. – [Latoya] Okay. – Mommy. – [Latoya] Yes? – I can do it. – [Latoya] You could do it? Okay. Good job Zayn. He’s so independent. Mommy I can do it. – Here you go. – [Latoya] Thank you. Excuse me? Zayn, pick it up. Pick it up. Thank you, bolt. All the space on the
sofas and they decided to lay out the blankets, put it on the floor, stack it up with pillows, and have a picnic, Samia said. – What mommy? It’s lunch time, let’s eat our food. Let’s go get a ‘fridgerator. – Okay Samia, okay Zayn. I have a question. So do you guys wanna go to Toronto for Christmas? – Yeah. – [Latoya] And you wanna
see all your family? – Yes. – Hmm. Hunties, Huncles, should we
go to Toronto for Christmas? Or should we spend our first Christmas here in Atlanta? Comment below. My family, they have been
harassing me to come. And especially my grandparents. Y’all know my grandparents. She be crying every time
I talk to my grandma. Oh God, oh God, Toya I
miss the damn children. Like grandma, you just
saw them for Thanksgiving. And then granddad, Latoya
bring your children. I miss all ya. I love all ya. I love all ya.
(children laughing) I’m missing all ya. – You look like a granny
when you say that. – I look like a granny when I say that? I was acting like a granny. Zayn. Do you wanna go see grandma,
grandpa, auntie Julie, and uncle Warren, Miles, Milan, Lala, grandpa, Morgan, Paris, Quinton, Ethan, Uncle Jackie, auntie Kim? Who else is there? There’s so many more. – Yeah. – [Latoya] Yeah? Okay. – [Adam] What’s up baby? – Hey. Good morning Hunties and Huncles. – [Adam] Latoya’s in her element. – Yes, I love taking pictures. – [Adam] It’s so cold and look at you. – I’m a model. – [Adam] Brave heart. – I’m a model you guys. Comment below. – [Adam] That walk was supposed to determine your modeling? Oh alright. – Bounce with it, bounce, bounce, bounce. Anyways we’re here with Matthew. Follow him on Instagram. He’s a dope photographer. He’s from Jamaic-er. – Yeah man. – [Latoya] Yeah man. Big up, big up, big up. – We in Downtown. Taking some photos
today, Downtown Atlanta. It should be fun. I don’t know how Latoya is doing
with that mini-skirt, but– – [Latoya] We’re in Midtown. – Midtown. Oh, shoot. – [Latoya] We in Midtown ATL. – We don’t know nothing about Atlanta yet. Comment below some places
we should take photos. Latoya trying to get her
ass killed on these streets. You’re doing great baby. – We got the one. – You got the one, alright. (upbeat music) Time to feast. Hey Hunties, Huncles. What’s goodie? So we are at a Mexican joint. We were just feeling for some Mexican. Comment below if you guys love Mexican. We do. Hands down. These are the best– Whoa, steamy. Clean y’all up. Best nachos we’ve ever had. Super light. – [Latoya] So good. – [Adam] So good. Latoya’s going off, I’m going off. I got some fajitas, they’re sizzling. Ooh, I know y’all getting hungry. – [Latoya] I got tacos. – [Adam] Latoya got some tacos. – [Latoya] One chicken, one beef. So good. – [Adam] One thing about Toya, she always needs variety. That’s for sure. – Yeah, mm hm. – [Adam] Look at her bouncing. That’s the kid in her. – I love my food, I love my food. – [Adam] That’s the kid in her. – Don’t play with my food. – [Adam] So how was the photo shoot? Did you have fun? – Yes it was fun. – [Adam] I’m probably gonna try to show some photos of Latoya
somewhere around here. And me and her did a couple too. – Yeah it was cute. – [Adam] Anyway, I’m gonna
let you enjoy the food, let’s get going. Bon Appétit. – Well good evening, Hunties and Huncles. – What’s up Hunties, Huncles? So we about to paint or something? – Paint, I’m a painter. It’s called fashion, get with it. – Just because you wear a
paint hat once in your life, then now you wanna call it fashion? – Yeah. – [Adam] You late honey. – That’s what it’s called. It’s not cute? – [Adam] It’s nice. – Thanks. Okay, so right now we’re heading to my girl’s luxury trunk show. She sells vintage clothing. So you get unique pieces
and I’m excited for her. It’s her first show. Her name is Carrie Renee. And she’s the cutest thing ever. We met on Instagram, we had dinner. And she turned into my wife. Wifey.
(laughing) Hey Carrie, what’s good? Anyways, let’s go support my girl Carrie. Isn’t she so cute? – I actually can’t remember her because I picked you up at– – You met her. – I met her but I don’t remember. I don’t have a face. – Are you serious? – It was like five
seconds and that was what? I’m pretty sure she cute. – She cute, she real cute. Okay now let’s go see
Carrie and everybody. (upbeat Jazz music) – [Adam] We in Buckhead, yo. – Yes you guys. We’re at Shops at Buckhead. It’s so pretty here. I love it. Okay, let me do my
quick outfit of the day. So what kind of hat is this? I’m not sure what it’s called. – [Adam] We gonna call
it a French painting hat. – Yeah, I wanna go to Paris. I’m gonna wear this in Paris. Okay, this is from Pretty Little Thing. Then, my blazer is my grandfather’s. Shh, don’t tell him. Then, my little belt bag is from Pretty Little Thing. And then my boots, my sock
boots are from Ego Official. Oh, and my biker shorts
are from Fashion Nova. Let’s get it. – [Adam] Nice. (bouncy music) (people chattering) – Okay guys, so we’re at
the luxury trunk show. Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of my girl. So all of these pieces here are vintage. One of a kind, vintage pieces. So the great thing about vintage is you’ll rarely see somebody
rocking the same ish as you. Like, they’re so unique. Look at this, sequin top here. So cute, and Carrie,
she loves her blazers. Hence why I wore a blazer
today with a little belt bag over it, super Carrie. She’s so freakin’ cute. You guys are gonna meet her soon. Like look at these little
cute little pieces. I love it and her little,
some leather pieces here, some skirts, then we
have some longer skirts. And then we have some pants, more blazers. So cute. I love the pads in the blazers. Oh, oh my God. Sorry. Oh my God. Look at this, this is so cute you guys. I love it. Adam’s like the only guy
here and he’s like, hi. Oh my Gosh, I don’t know
if you guys can see these, but these are so cute. I’ve been looking for a really good pair of leather pants
and these fit so nice. They’re so snug. Oh my Gosh, these are
like quality leather here. Okay so I found some leather pants. Do you want me to get your– I mean let me get your credit
card is what I meant to say. I’m over here stuttering
for your credit card because you don’t even want to put– – I find it interesting that
you would turn the camera. Why would you turn the camera and ask me? – [Latoya] Aye. – You just ask me on camera? – [Latoya] Because I need Hunties
and Huncles to support me. I need them to support me. – How do you want support? – [Latoya] In my decision making. To make it easier. – Well let me see it. – [Latoya] Okay hold on. So Adam’s saying I should get
something more of a staple. A staple piece. But those leather pants,
well I’ll have them forever. All of mine are busted. I have pieces that I will keep forever. My designer pieces, those
are timeless pieces. – So now you want to get leather pants? – [Latoya] They are timeless – I just feel like you
have a thing for leather pants right now, that’s
why you wanna get them. – I really do have a thing for it. Guys I’m seriously obsessed
with this leather jacket, it’s so cute. Oh my Gosh, how cute is it? And it has a belt, love it. So here’s my wife Carrie. Isn’t she looking stunning tonight? – [Carrie] Thank you darling.
– [Latoya] On her big day. I have to get some pieces from my boo. – I’m so glad you were able to make it. – Thanks girl, of course. Anything for you. Okay guys look, I’m so excited. Oh my God. You have to follow me
on Instagram right now so you can see how I
style these pieces, okay? So make sure you follow
me at LaToyaForever. – [Adam] Rudy in the house. – Rudy life any thing now, aye. In the cold streets, only
Latoya can get me out here. – [Adam] Yeah, overdoing it
with these heavy jackets. Latoya was in a full blown winter jacket. People were messaging me
like, yo, how cold is Atlanta? And I’m like Latoya is just being extra. – First of all, I really
wanted to wear that coat. I really wanted to wear it. – [Adam] Okay, you just wanted to wear it. – I was sweating up in that coat, but this is good weather to me right now. – My boy calls me and he’s like yo, why is she in a rut sized jacket? (laughing) Is Atlanta that cold? And I’m like yo, you know Latoya man, she’s just overdoing it. – [Latoya] I’m overdoing it for no reason. – [Carrie] I’m from the island,
so I have to feel like this. I’m not from Canada, it’s bullshit. – I know right, we’re used to this. It’s negative 50 right now in Canada. – [Adam] Nah.
– [Carrie] You’re sweating. – I’m sweating up in here, geeze. I could be in shorts, well
I am in shorts right now. – [Adam] I was sweating when we were driving down, no lies. I had the window open a little bit. – This is nice, are you
seriously really cold? – Nah, not really. – Okay Hunties and Huncles,
we’re back at the house. Adam finally got his desk assembled. Congratulations. After one month, woo hoo. – That’s not bad. – Let’s give him a thumbs up. – I used TaskRabbit for the first time. – Woo hoo, I love it. Are we doing any give aways today? – No give aways, Sunday though. – Sundays, but guess what. – Something more important. – Something more important. Dance-Cember is happening this month, and we’re so excited. Every year we participate in Dance-Cember to help raise money for
children all around the world. We’re raising money for Save the Children. I’m excited. – We went to Tanzania. My background, my home, my country. Last year, with Benji and Judy, and we got to see first hand how you know, where the money goes. So this is a great charity,
we’re always excited this time around to support it. So, hit that donate button
Hunties and Huncles. Finish the year by, you
know, sharing your blessings. The kids need it and we
thank you in advance. So yeah, join Dance-Cember. – Yes, let’s do this. Let’s help raise money for children all around the world, support. – You got it. – Anyways, we’re heading out. I’m tired, I’m going to sleep. – You’re heading out and
you’re going to sleep? – I mean, I’m heading like signing off. I’m signing off the vlog. I love you, bye. (upbeat smooth pop music) ♪ Hey oh hey ♪ ♪ No letting go, no no no ♪ ♪ Oh, no letting go, no letting go ♪ ♪ No no no no no ♪ ♪ No no, no no no no no ♪


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