SIX FIGURE DROPSHIPPING IN 2020 (updated guide to dropshipping profitably)
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SIX FIGURE DROPSHIPPING IN 2020 (updated guide to dropshipping profitably)

In this video, I’m going to show you how
I’ve created and run my six-figure dropshipping store by firstly going to
the back end of my store and showing you the statistics and revenue and secondly
guiding you through how to properly run and structure a store to ensure that you
succeed and hit that six-figure mark too so let’s get right into it instead of
boring PowerPoint slides I’m going to visually guide you through by going
through each of the platforms are used in real-time this video will be crammed
with information so if at any time you’d appreciate more information on this
specific part of this video pop in the into the comments below and let me know
so starting off is my sales data on the platform so you can see the store is
indeed on track to six figures and beyond this year and this is all set up
on WooCommerce plus WordPress and there’s reasons for this which I’ll talk
to later in this video let’s go ahead in the meantime and I’ll show you
year-to-date today is the 28th of july 2019 if I go back to January 1st 2019
and go all the way through to today the 28th of July I’ll show you the gross
sales in this period this is revenue so it’s just refreshed $48,000 almost
$50,000 so we’re basically right in the middle
of the year and we’re at $48,000 in sales I’m a pretty confident that we’ll
hit beyond that six-figure mark and beyond so you know just to give you some
more context on this this is a story I’ve been running for a couple years now
I have made videos on this store we’ve easily surpassed the six-figure
mark but just to be transparent because I feel like this some confusion these
days in the industry when I show you these figures this is of course a gross
sales this isn’t pure profit this isn’t $48,000 in profit obviously but just to
give you some context so you know I’m not misguiding you here so that’s the
traffic that’s the conversion data that I wanted to show you so now you’ve got
some sort of an idea of the revenue that this store is
generating I wanted to talk to you know traffic because acquiring the right
traffic is half the game when it comes to e-commerce and drop shipping if you
want to be building a six-figure profitable dropship shipping store
acquiring the right traffic at a low cost is of course extremely important
but it’s difficult to acquire qualified traffic and engage shoppers at a low
cost and here’s how I do it with this specific store and again there’s reasons
why there are so little orders yet such a high conversion value and again I’ll
be speaking to this in a second but let’s get into how I acquire traffic for
this specific store with this specific strategy so starting off my snap ads
manager now when I go through each of these platforms I will link each of
these platforms and different videos that I’ve done on these platforms to
guide you through how I set this up because obviously there’s a lot of
platforms I need to go through but if you want more in-depth details on the
strategy and on the platform itself take a look in the description box below so
snap ads this is very important and it’s a good way to drive a lot of traffic to
your store using the max reach ad format so that is the max reach ad format
paying per thousand impressions now this is obviously just dummy account I don’t
have any data in here and watch that tutorial on snap ads if you’re
completely new to this but this is the initial method that I potentially use
sometimes to drive a lot of traffic to the site because it’s it’s such an easy
platform to use and also on top of that it’s easy to acquire very cheap
impressions essentially beyond that the next platform that I do use is of course
Google for retail and other words Google Shopping now you’ll need to set up
Merchant Center for this and basically with this it is getting your products
onto the shopping feed of Google again very low costs underutilized and drop
shipping space and also extremely high conversion rate now I’m going to be even
more specific about this you know over a quarter of all my cells go through
Google Shopping dynamic retargeting okay is where it’s at
made a video this again so go check it out I’ll link it in the description box
below but super easy targeting options first
and foremost and secondly low competition and cost and you can also
test without losing much money all you need to do is make sure that your
product and description matches the product on the Google Shopping feed now
what’s the flip side to all of this I’m making it sound really easy but the flip
side is it’s far more difficult to set up Google Shopping ads in comparison to
Facebook ads which is very beginner friendly and again I have another full
tutorial video on Google Shopping to help you get started which I place in
the description box below but if you’re not already on Google Merchant Center or
you’re not using Google Shopping ads then you should be it’s more tailored
towards ecommerce stores that are actually gaining sales first and
foremost hence dynamic retargeting dynamic
retargeting isn’t useful if you’re not getting any data through to your store
but the next thing ok and this is the OG this is where the vast majority of my
conversions comes through is of course Facebook Ads now with Facebook ads you
know the past few videos that I’ve made past four videos for the past month now
I have been running a Facebook Ads challenge if you don’t know already if
you’re interested in the exact strategy I’ve gone through each and every
strategy in the past couple videos but today is again the 28th of July I
started the ads on the 8th of July so going through you can see once I updated
that the website purchased conversion value is at fifty seven thousand dollars
almost sixty grand which is absolutely insane and the amount spent was only
about 9 grand so pretty stoked about this the vast majority of conversions
come through Facebook Ads it is still such an important platform even though
some people might be you know questioning the fact that the cost of
Facebook ads are increasing it’s been coming more competitive
however again I always preach that if you know how to manipulate traffic pay
traffic and utilize it properly then you’re always going to be winning on
Facebook ads and watch the previous couple videos because I explained the
structure and scaling strategies on top of that
if you’re interested go be sure to check out the links down below because I will
be adding in the social marketing mastery program that I’m working on
right now if you’re interested now beyond this ok beyond all the paid
traffic that I just mentioned another really important form of outreach I
should say is direct outreach rather than just paid ads I use organic methods
as well I’ve spoke to this about once in this specific video so how I made
seventy three thousand dollars online with drop shipping he’s held with the
full strategy it was an organic method when I say organic I reached out in
terms of a wholesale technique I won’t get into the details of the strategy in
this video because it is a hot obviously a whole another 16 minute video in
itself but be sure to check this video out because I’ve given away a lot of
value in this in this video and basically every video that I make or I
like to think I do so be sure to check out this video if you’re interested in
this wholesale direct outreach strategy it is extremely useful for those who
have a winged product on their hands and that can cater towards different
different very cools different b2b industry so to speak but this is how I
get large large bulk orders through the store so if I go back into the store and
go into the order section so I’m obviously gonna have to blank out a lot
of this because there’s confidential data here but somehow I’m going to blank
out all of this and show you that some of these orders are huge as you can see
here there’s some really big orders here and there’s a reason for that now this
is the wholesale direct outreach strategy but of course this is all
supplemented by ads as well now that’s all important or and I’m just spoken
about the exact traffic strategies to maintain and scale to a six-figure drop
shipping store but what about your brand what about your marketing brand what
about your website now like I said earlier in this video
there’s a reason why I have why I have a wordpress WooCommerce store and you know
there’s differences between Shopify and WooCommerce but with this specific store
I like to use a custom template I don’t like the stock standard Shopify store
sometimes depending on what I’m selling depending on the entire brand and
strategy but branding is extremely important and I highly recommend people
looking to WooCommerce depending on how technical technical you
are and also what you’re trying to aim for so with a specific store I’ve used
Elementor which is a wordpress plugin so think about it like this the Brett the
base is WordPress elements whore is an add-on where I create the website itself
and then on top of that an addition layer is WooCommerce for the e-commerce
functionality so that’s how I do it I highly highly recommend elements or I
can’t honestly I loved I love this software I love this piece of software
it’s basically free if you want four elements there’s a paid version but the
free will get you through no problem whatsoever there’s a lot of things I’m
going through in this video and I’ll link everything in the description box
below so check that all out but Elementor is great in terms of creating
a very robust website and then on top of that adding WooCommerce functionality
ecommerce functionality onto your store and the point of all of this you might
be asking wondering why I go through such long lengths to get to this point
in terms of the website and differentiating yourself is because I
don’t want to look like a drop shipping store you know in a time when everyone
has a drop shipping store everything looks the same looks really amateur we
need to start thinking outside the box and really you know build a store that
is professional first and foremost now I’ve been saying this for a while now
I’ve said this last year as well when I said drop shipping is changing you need
to make sure that you don’t look like a drop shipping store because it is rather
saturated but just because it’s saturated doesn’t mean that’s you know
there’s no room for revenue there’s no room to gain
sales if anything there’s it’s it’s a better time than ever to dropship and
establish incomes through drop shipping but it’s just such right in the sense
that there’s a lot of people who don’t know how to do it and they’re building
really poor stores unfortunately but with that said of course Shopify and
still a place in time for Shopify and I always recommend shop fire for those who
were just starting out and there’s you know a whole bunch of resources out
there supporting Shopify the only feedback that I would give free shop
file people using Shopify is to go above and beyond with a website don’t just be
lazy and you know copy another dropshipping store or just throw in some
random products and just hope hoping your work shop fire is great for those
who are just starting out and do have time to build out a nice-looking store
but yes I do highly recommend Shopify links down below for a free trial for
those who are just getting started now so going recapping on what I’ve said so
far I use a wordpress website with elemental on top of that with commerce
and that’s and all the traffic that I’ve driven so far really makes up for that
six-figure store now you’re probably wondering about product at this point
now product is a multi-level strategy and you’re probably wondering what the
hell I’m talking I’m saying but if you’re interested check out this
specific video how to start your own successful brand how to white label and
private label products now that’s a big part of a winning product to me in my
experience white labeling and private labeling and the store that I just
showed you is predominately a white label private label product but there is
a bunch of dropshipping Aliexpress products within that store as well it’s
again a multi-level strategy like I said but white labeling and private labeling
is extremely important go ahead and check out this video because if you
really want to succeed and really get to that six-figure and beyond mark six even
seven-figure mark you really need to start looking to
white and private labeling beyond just drop shipping Aliexpress products or
Amazon products or whatever it is that your drop shipping so with all of that
combined you can see how I’ve been able to achieve let’s go back onto the report
section you can see that I’ve been able to achieve relative success with this
store and its ongoing success as well as you can see this is a relevant time
frame the last seven days with almost 20 grand in sales so that’s that’s the
technical side of things if you have any questions so far pop them down in the
comment section below on top of the hat when the really big aspects to any
entrepreneur really in this game is mindset you need to surround yourself
with like-minded entrepreneurs now a quick plug but this is all completely
free anyway so go ahead and join this group that’ll credit if you haven’t
already it’s called mastery it’s a digital marketing e-commerce and
entrepreneurship community we have about four hundred five hundred people in this
group so far and it’s great because you just want to surround yourself with the
right people with the right people in the same industry and build up your
mindset because half the game as well is mindset beyond just being technical and
knowing how to drive traffic it is having a mindset of not giving up to
push through challenges because you’re gonna expect a lot of challenges when it
comes to building is six to seven figure shop shipping store it is challenging
let’s be serious here but if you’ve got the mindset you’ve got
the technical skills and you add it together you are going to win no doubt
about it okay I see a lot of common I see this
being very commonplace nowadays is partnering I get a lot of people hitting
me up on Instagram DMS and emails asking me to partner up with their e-commerce
venture and and store and Shopify store and now this is all good and dandy and
I’m not saying that I’m totally against a but okay personally I don’t get into
partnerships and there’s a big big reason for this and it is extremely
important when you’re first starting out I’m sure many
you are going to be attracted to wanting to get into a partnership for various
various reasons now I’ll explain why you shouldn’t get into a partnership in the
next video next week if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up and like I
said in the next video I will be going through why you shouldn’t partner up so
watch out for that video in the meantime keep hustling and thanks for watching


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