Spinning HDPE Grocery Bags into Cord by Hand without Spinning Tools | Plarn Yarn Upcycle by GemFOX

I’ll be showing you how I made the cord
to make this bag. You may have seen in a previous video We made plarn roving from grocery bags. This bag is more like a basket. It’s firm and a little bit more
coarse because of the twist. So let’s make plarn twine or plarn cord. So now we have 16 loops. Instead of joining them together the way we did
for when we made the plarm roving I’m gonna do it a little bit differently. For this I’m going to
use a thin crochet hook. I think this is a 2.5 millimeter, and I’ll show you why
it’s good to use a smaller hook. So I take a loop, I insert the crochet hook
into one end, And I insert the butt of the crochet hook into the other end, And I anchor the midpoint. I’ll hold onto that pretty tightly. Then I just go ahead and twist. And I’m twisting clockwise. I’ll give that a tug to, uh, move the, the twist down. Keep twisting until it feels like
it’s about to kink. Then I’m gonna turn this around, still holding on to this midpoint here,
I’m still anchored. And I’m gonna twist the other side the same way. Twisting clockwise. Pull that a little bit. Okay. So now that it feels like it’s
about to kink There’s a little bit of kinking right there. Just give it a tug. Now we can ply this together. I’m going to go in the opposite direction. So ply counterclockwise. And that’s the beginning of your cord. Now to attach a new loop, just grab a new piece and pull it through with the crochet hook. The small crochet hook helps keep these loops nice and small Now you’re anchored right here. And then go ahead and twist one side
clockwise. Rotate this around. Twist the other side clockwise. Till it’s nice and tight. As you can see it wants to twist on itself,
that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. You can always go back and retighten the other side
if it feels loose. Okay. Ply counterclockwise. And as you can see,
the transition where these two are linked The transition is perfect.
There’s no knot. It’s perfectly even, and it leaves you with a nice smooth cord or twine. I’ll do one more for you in real time. Should take about a minute. The resulting cord has really great
tensile strength. Crochet with it, or even weave with it. Have fun with it.

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