Steve’s Leaves Houseplant Haul!

Hello hello, hello you guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I am so excited to say that we are doing another plant haul plant Unboxing from the awesome Steve’s leaves I picked up a couple little planter rubies in here and we are about to open it and check out how they are what they are and see Just see them. So let’s get into it indeed. You don’t need to help me open the box. It’s okay I have tools I have to finish I have come prepared For the most part so actually I’ve done another False lash unboxing from Steve sleeve in the past. One of them was too hairy for the onion day you 3:09 It was the unidentified One anything actually see it back here If you’re interested in can kind of like an update on how those plans have been doing let me know because honestly like this one he’s doing amazingly well and so are all the other ones they have grown so much since you’ve last seen them so but without further ado with opening Thank you for your help in deep. Crap keeping on here we go. So this is what the inside looks like So as with all steep sleeves orders They have this little instruction guide inside of it kind of depicting how you should be treating your plant and how you should treat it after its survival basically saying unpack and immediately transition it to An area where it’s going to be happy and sort of like, you know in its lighting conditions, basically And then repot it. So let’s go there’s lots of paper. It feels rather moist in here into a DVD alright, so first up we have Let’s see I’m so excited. I also love how oh my gosh, Thursday. What is that thing called? What’s that the peanut the peanut comic there’s a peanut comic in here. The first one is Alright, so the first one coming up I’m going to put you the name So please just forgive me in advance, but it is a pillion Pube stains. I believe it’s called the more kind of Common easier to say name would be the silver cloud. And the reason why I was so drawn to it was because of the Beautiful metallic leaves, it looks fun look, but on the squish side, but I mean it was in packaging So it’s not anything out of the ordinary I’m just saying I think once it’s all fluffed up and pretty and transplanted. It’s going to be a metallic beaut Because look at that and piglia I think is another one of my favorite varieties that I have just come to find out recently I have a pillion Moon Valley back here and it blows my mind to this day because of how neon Fluorescent greeted him – with a contrasting black. I love it so much and I also got it from students. So This is the first one the Silver Cloud it is Beautiful and I cannot wait to pot him into a metallic little pot. It’s gonna be beautiful. Oh, I’ve been to my mouth Next up we have this one it looks like More paper, which is very exciting I’m sorry, Andy, you can’t play with the plants, but I’ll let you play with the paper Here we go Would you like to read about in India? It looks like a football one. Oh, I’m so pretty you’re gonna even have the paper but look that Even given coloring on this this is amazing So that’s happening right now I Know that’s what I was saying a man get your own plan. Oh, this is caught it. This is Discolored. Oh my gosh. This looks even more Amazing in person than it did online. Do you see how fantastic this is? Like where where in your life are you gonna find this one? Otherwise I can inner service. I eat go to nurseries quite often I have not seen this one before. Oh man But anyway say appearance is supposed to have these really dark forest olive colored leaves with that silver marking. I’m a sucker for Metallic silver markings. I think they are so striking and then the kicker is the underneath like holy Guacamole give me them chips and salsas, cuz the nacho bar is open With this plant like this is beautiful I am so excited to see what this one looks like repotted and its prime I Love this this is incredible beautiful beautiful plant move, and I’m I’m so excited. Are you excited? Oh, this one feels kind of hard. I don’t remember hitting a hard play it Don’t worry. Indi. I’ll let you get this paper too. Just as long as you don’t eat my plants He’s never eaten any of my plants amazingly enough But he seems to always love to sniff the absolute living daylights out of them Now this one is oh You just get so excited every single time I got This one oh my gosh listen This is incredible, maybe I’ll give him a moment of silence So this one is called the collie syrie pens, this is the gold version of it The reason why I was so drawn to it is because obviously the leaves are this beautiful kind of yellowy green color but then if you look at the stems and the underside of the plants this one is still Young but the underside you can tell kind of give off this purple Reddish hue that is why I was so excited about it. I have another Bolivian Jew oracle Issa rip ends here in my room area and it has I have never seen a plan to thrive so much before and so my theory is like if you know a plant that loves your area Get another or two or three because you know, it works and you know, it’ll be happy there. So it’s kind of like a Way to like expand your collection a little bit with the foolproof buffer. You know what I mean? So this is beautiful and it is so full. Do you see that? Oh, Like if I was a balding plant and I saw this homeboy walking around down the streets I’d be like we’re like first of all whatever genetics or where did you get them plugs? Because this is fantastic Ryan do you see this? Whoa? Yeah, whoa indeed like that’s the same one This one right here is the same one that we have hanging over there Remember huge I know he’s getting at massive because I was deciding between the variegated and the gold and I decided with the gold because I was like I Just I don’t know. I don’t know it just it felt like the right one and I think it was the right choices. This is beautiful love it and Last but certainly not least in this little box of happiness. Joy and greenery is Let’s find out Don’t worry you’re gonna get your paper. I know you are so oh This is amazing Indy as always here’s your paper And let’s let him rip again for another five seconds, oh My dear sweet boy He probably thinks it’s like Christmas morning cause this is what he does every year when I wrap this present He rips it to the wrapping paper to absolute shreds and sometimes I think he likes ripping the wrapping paper More than he actually likes the gift inside. Oh now he’s done. Okay, so we can come in the unboxing. So this Beautiful plan. This is a pepperoni half of money I’m gonna just call it the Hoff, you know like Kauffman, you know what I mean? It is a beautiful cascading variety of the peperomia with these amazing succulent leaves it is so lush and healthy-looking the other thing about the Steve’s leaves plant shipments is that all the plants without fail looks so Darn, happy and healthy It’s almost mind-boggling like how they can consistently produce that But then also there are packaged not raw rooted They have is an all plastic tub that they come in like a normal, you know in person nursery They have it in the plastic tub They wrap it protectively in this like little plastic bag a roomie So that none of this jodel kind of flops out and it can also retain the moisture because the soil is not dried out these Plants are not dry. They’re happy and my waste in their little environment as they travel to their happy new home This is beautiful. It’s so great. It looks like hair I Think it kind of works, right? Ryan would you still be with me if my hair was a All righty, so that wraps up this amazing plant haul and unboxing I hope you guys loved this place as much as I do and I hope you feel like I cream it of these Fantastic vines because a lot of things like I have never seen them in person before I live in a very nursery dense area So it is always so exciting to me when I can find at these other varieties that you don’t come across all the time, especially when they are in such amazing condition so let me know which one was your favorite and I will let you know which one was my favorite but I’ll have to do it when they’re not Listening because I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings Because they’re all amazing. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video If you did make sure to give it a thumbs up Make sure to hit that subscribe button because you know that we’re gonna do another one of these videos. It’s just it’s gonna happen It’s like breathing. It’s necessary Ha ha actually, these are really good for really they really purify the air But in any case I will see you guys in the next video

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