• Amazon Echo Buds hands-on
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    Amazon Echo Buds hands-on

    – Hey everybody, I am Dieter. We are at Amazon’s Fall Hardware Event, and I am holding in my hands the all-new Echo Buds. Now these are 129.99 dollar earbuds and they go in your ear and they sort of noise isolate, but what’s special about these, at least for me, isn’t necessarily the Alexa integration, it’s the Boss integration. These do noise reductions. Not quite noise canceling, but it really is effective. So you put them in your ears and then you double tap, and now you hear all the noise that’s happening around me but I don’t hear it basically at all. Which is pretty great. But if…

  • All The Ways Amazon’s Alexa Is Taking Over Your House
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    All The Ways Amazon’s Alexa Is Taking Over Your House

    Amazon wants Alexa everywhere, so it can build this ecosystem that customers are kind of trapped in. They’ve got clocks, they’ve got timers, they’ve got microwaves, all Alexa-enabled. And it’s really like a bid to own the home. In the end, the consumer kind of loses in this spat. So Amazon’s kind of putting Alexa in everything because it wants this fully featured experience for customers that’s completely seamless. If you need popcorn for your microwave, you run out, you know, it’ll automatically order it for you. If you want to rent a movie it’s right there, you can just press rent and it’s immediately on your screen. You want…

  • Introducing Amazon Chipflake
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    Introducing Amazon Chipflake

    When it first arrived from amazon, I didn’t know what it was… What is it? You’ll see… Is it for me? It’s for everyone. It’s called: Amazon Echo. How’s it going? Oh, I’m just finishing up right now. Is it on? Oh, it’s always on. Can it hear me right now? Nope. It only hears you when you use the wake word we chose: Alexa Well… what does it do? Alexa, what do you do? “We sit back and try not to kill ourselves.” Awesome! Alexa, play rock music. Alexa, stop! Wait, I wanna try. Alexa! What time is it? “She’s blind, not deaf!!” You actually don’t have to tell…

  • The Grand Theory of Amazon
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    The Grand Theory of Amazon

    This video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. Use the link in the description for a special $5 starter set. On February 28th, 2017, you might’ve thought the internet was down. 4 hours without Netflix, Spotify, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Dropbox, Pinterest, Imgur, League, Tinder, and thousands of others, Even the site that reports outages. That’s embarrassing. If the world was more productive that day, now we know why. r/Outside become, just, ya know, outside. A shark hadn’t bitten an underwater cable, nor was it five/nine, Just an Amazon engineer’s typo. Probably a stressful afternoon in Seattle, but also an impressive demonstration of the company’s size and power: Amazon Web Services hosts…

  • How to Set Up Amazon Echo
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    How to Set Up Amazon Echo

    Before setup, download or update the Alexa app in your device’s app store. To set up the device in the Alexa app: Go to the settings menu. Select Add Device. Select Amazon Echo, and then Echo. Plug in your device. Follow the instructions to complete setup of your device.

  • Don’t Ask Alexa these questions Amazon Echo Spying
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    Don’t Ask Alexa these questions Amazon Echo Spying

    alexxa do you work for the government Alexa are you recording our conversations what the heck hello everyone and welcome to the home automation X channel and today we have on the show anika Alexa and Cindy now we are so delighted to be presenting you a powerhouse performance today and as always we ask you to subscribe hit that Bell icon to remain abreast of the insightful and delightful presentations that come your way on a weekly basis now you might remember a high-profile case where the prosecutor was actually requesting the defendants Amazon echo in support of evidence now Amazon actually refused to hand over the recordings now…

  • Life at Amazon Development Center Poland
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    Life at Amazon Development Center Poland

    Well, I was actually looking for a new challenge. When the opportunity to work for Alexa came up, I thought that I couldn’t refuse it. I actually didn’t find the job, the job found me. Once I have been presented with the possibility to help people to communicate or connect each other I simply knew, okay, that’s for me. I actually make things happen, which is not usual for a big company. I make sure that the devices can speak and that the people with visual impairments can actually use the TTS to use the devices as well as we do. I think the coolest thing is that I can…