• What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
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    What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

    Question for the group. Hey welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. I’m glad you’re here because today we’re going to talk about something that I’m doing, that I didn’t know I was doing, but it’s good, but I…I learned something new. You guys know that I am selling my first product on Amazon and it is exciting, every time I make a sale I’m like “yay!” but I also am selling the same product on eBay because I have the product here in my house that I did not go ahead and ship into the FBA ware houses and I thought, well, I’ll…

  • Choosing an ecommerce platform –  Q&A weekly
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    Choosing an ecommerce platform – Q&A weekly

    Hey everybody! It’s Wes from Printful. This week’s question in our Q&A series is “Which ecommerce platform is best to integrate with Printful?” Printful integrates with a lot of different ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Each one has a different audience and kind of a different feel for it. So it’s really up to your personal taste and the type of audience you’re trying to reach. We’ve made an ecommerce comparison chart on our website and also a video that’s super helpful, so be sure to check those out and it will help you make your decision. If you have any questions you would like for us to answer, just leave…

  • How to fulfill orders using importify
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    How to fulfill orders using importify

    Today I just want to make a quick video illustrating how easy is to fulfill orders using Importify on our new dashboard if this is the first time you’ve installed importify, make sure to go to Shopify dashboard Settings, Checkout Scroll down and have this bubble filled in, Do not automatically fulfill any of the order line items. So, once you get new orders coming in simply click the order list from the side menu On this page you will find unfulfilled orders pick one of these orders to fulfill and click the order button. The Importify will automatically pick the variation and redirect to the checkout page. On this…

  • eCommerce Tutorial: Get a Domain Name and Payment Platforms
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    eCommerce Tutorial: Get a Domain Name and Payment Platforms

    – Hey there it’s David Mister ECommerce for SnapShop, the smartphone app that makes product photography easy, and I’m answering a question today about, it’s a very basic and beginner question but still it has to be answered, because we all are beginners at some day in our life. So the first question that I’m answering today, is where to purchase a domain name? I would suggest you to to go to Godaddy.com to purchase your domain name. There are a few reasons for that, one they’re pretty reliable, two the offer the DNS servers free of charge, and it’s easy to manage, and three they’re affordable. Also, your next…

  • How to start an eCommerce Business – eCommerce Can Still Work in the Right Industry
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    How to start an eCommerce Business – eCommerce Can Still Work in the Right Industry

    I’m kind of running through here and everyone’s like what is she doing you know the whole streaming on facebook is still obviously so brand new but yeah you can sort of see over my shoulder and a kind of walk and talk like this you know there’s a lot of the mattress dealers here kinda walking through that part even used to make sort of down in the in the appliance side of things but there’s mattress and furniture, coaster retail connect we’re gonna walk past that. That’s really big so, for the people who say wow you know I really like to have like an online store right…

  • Should You Sell on Platforms Other than Amazon?
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    Should You Sell on Platforms Other than Amazon?

    – Hey there everyone, Jamie Davidson here with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves. Myself and my two fellow co-founders, Jason and Brad, did over $75 million selling on Amazon last year. This year, we’re on pace to do well over $100 million, and one of the most popular questions we get about selling on Amazon, and e-commerce in total, is whether you should sell on Amazon only, or whether you should also consider selling on other e-commerce platforms, and if so, when? So it’s a really good question, and I’ll share our take on it. We’re strong believers that you should really prioritize Amazon for a long while.…

  • How To Get 95% More Customers in Your Ecommerce Business
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    How To Get 95% More Customers in Your Ecommerce Business

    well hey there what’s up, it’s Scott and in today’s brand building tip, we’re gonna be talking all about your market but we’re also gonna be talking about how to get more of your market to buy your stuff not just the 5% that are ready right now so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in today’s video so if that sounds interesting stick around that’s what we’re gonna be covering on the whiteboard all right cool so Before we jump in let me just remind you if you have any questions or if you have any comments drop them down below let me know I’d love to hear…

  • #1 Marketing Platform® For eCommerce Stores!
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    #1 Marketing Platform® For eCommerce Stores!

    – Hi, this is Patrick Tam, Strategic Partner Manager with Google, and I’d like to give you some insights on our partnership with Marketing 360. Marketing 360 is a premier partner that provides tech enabled e-commerce marketing software, and fully manage marketing and design services for e-commerce stores. Using a partner like Marketing 360, you can be assured that your store will have the in-depth expertise for your market, and Google technologies that support advertising performance to drive qualified traffic to your business. In addition, you’ll get the marketing guidance and support to help you actively manage your online marketing programs, making it easier for you to focus on running…